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Made was

  • Knocked Down, Made Small - Was Not Was
    "(Treated Like A Rubber Ball) My daddy took a look On the day that I was born And said he looks like corn And his feet are made of clay And then he walked away And when I began to crawl He knocked my head"
  • Hell Was Made In Heaven - Helloween
    "There was a time eating your mind Eating your heart and your soul Down to the bone always alone Nobody waiting at home Now allow that we unite our fires Shout it out Give yourself to me Yeah, yeah, yeah Hell"
  • Before The World Was Made - Van Morrison
    "If I paint the lashes dark And the eyes more bright And your lips more scarlet Ask if it'll all be right And it's mirror after mirror No vanities displayed You're just looking for the face you had Before"
  • I Was Made For Dancin' - Leif Garrett
    "You got me rollin' like a wheel on the road Turnin' round and round, nowhere to go I've got to find out if you're feeling it, too It's hard to tell, so here's what I do And everytime I want more I'll take"
  • I was made for dancing - Queens
    "You got me rolling a wheel on the road Tourning round and round, nowhere to go I've got to find out if you're feeling it too It's hard to tell, so here's what I do And every time I want more I'll take"
  • I Was Made For You - Chris Cagle
    "C'mon baby, won't you take my hand? I wanna walk with you a while And tell you what's been on my mind I know this life can get so crazy sometimes And we forget about the most important things And I know"
  • I Was Made For You - She & Him
    "I was takin' a walk When I saw you pass by I thought I saw you lookin' my way So I thought I'd give you a try When I saw you smile I saw a dream come true So I asked you, maybe, baby whatcha gonna do? 'Cause"
  • I Was Made For You - Rivers Cuomo
    "Little one, how long I've waited here Waited for so many lonely years Nobody ever could make me smile 'Til you came 'round with your pretty style And I will love you so And I will love you so 'Cause"
  • Before the world was made - Carla Bruni
    "If I make the lashes dark and the eyes more bright and the lips more scarlet or ask if all be right from mirror after mirror, no vanity's displayed: I'm looking for the face I had before the world was"
  • I Was Made For You - Zooey Deschanel
    "I was takin' a walk, when I saw you pass by I thought I saw you lookin' my way, so I thought I give you a track When I saw you smile, I saw all dream come true So I asked you maybe...Baby what you gonna"
  • The way i was made - Chris Tomlin
    "Caught in the half-life, Im caught aloneWaking up to the sunrise and the radioFeels like Im tired of whats holding meJust praying today will be the day I go freeI want to live like theres no tomorrowI"
  • The Way I Was Made - Griffin House
    "I was born, and I was made by the hands of marmalade. Ive got legends in my blood; Ive got Indians in my veins. And in the year of 44 grandpaw went away to war. He went to Hitlers house and kicked in the"
  • The Day I Was Made - Silkk The Shocker
    "(Intro) Today, we have a serious decision that needs to be made for our family There's a young cat out here that's growing old Quick and fast in our organization And today he must step up and be made And"
  • I Was Made For You - Page Martin
    "Take this man who comes to you Take me to your side I throw away my soulless days I need you in my life In the doorway of my heart The presence of you shines So put your face to my window Trust what you"
  • What I Was Made For - Big Daddy Weave
    "I used to think that I was never good enough to cut it I bought the lines that they were selling time after time But when You opened up my mind and I refused to shut it You brought me to a place where"
  • Mad - Lou Reed
    "Mad, you just make me mad I hate your silent breathing in the night Sad, you make me sad when I juxtapose your features I get sad I know I shouldn't had someone else in our bed but I was so tired, I was"
  • Mad - Dave Dudley
    "I got about half high so I spent the whole weekend out I got home Monday morning tore up like a can of Kraut My only suit was layin' on the steps I just picked up and run and I ain't been back there since Well"
  • Yesterday, When I Was Mad - Pet Shop Boys
    "Darling, you were wonderful, you really were quite good I enjoyed it, though, of course, no one understood A word of what was going on, they didn't have a clue They couldn't understand your sense of humour"
  • Mad Max Was An Amateur - Ghost
    "Raise up the anchors and seal up the cracks Self hate and microphones, we'll re-trace the maps A beat up guitar and an amp I got for free I compile blurred still frames from the blacktop seas Weary bodies"
  • I Was Made To Love Her - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Wild Honey I Was Made To Love Her (hey hey yes i was made to love her) I was born in little rock Had a childhood sweetheart We were always hand in han-an-an-an-and I wore high-top shoes and"

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