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Madonna - Latin Chant

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Madonna - Latin Chant

  • Latin Chant - Madonna
    "Respice, quaesumus, Domine Famulam tuam Evita In infirmitate Et animam refove, quam creasti Ut castigationibus emendata Se tua sentiat medicina salvatam Per Christum, Dominuum Qui vivit et regnat Per omnia"
  • Latin Chant - Antonio Banderas And The Choir
    "Antonio Banderas And The Choir Miscellaneous Latin Chant Latin Chant lyrics by Tim Rice, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Choir:) Respice, quaesumus, Domine Famulam tuam Evita In infirmitate Et animam"
  • Madonna - Cocorosie
    "Miss madonna won't you give me a kiss One of your soft sweet lagrimas Miss madonna won't you give me a kiss One of your soft sweet lagrimas Oh miss madonna won't you please give me a kiss Give me"
  • Madonna - Drake
    "Breathe through, ride through Damn, girl, oh man, I don't know Pilled up, filled up Damn, girl, I'll be gettin' back to you for sure Laced up, dripped up, sauced up Damn, girl, I wanna ride with you Waved"
  • Madonna - Sparks
    "While the symphony played I was starting to fade 'Til I woke to a cymbal crash I turned to my right You were gone, that's all right These platonic things are such a burn I walked out on the street While"
  • Chant - Slapshot
    "Boston, Mass. is the rippen'ist town Don't smoke, don't drink, don't fuck around Kill anyone with a beer in their hand 'Cause if you drink you're not a man straight-edge, straight-edge in your face You"
  • Chant - Maleo Reggae Rockers
    "Od dnia gdy urodziłem się Do dnia gdy stąd odejdę Wszystko jest w twoich rękach Jesteś ze mną wszędzie Czy słyszysz ten głos,głos który woła nas Czy czujesz w swoim sercu teraz jest ten czas Jaki cel ma"
  • Chant - Spoken Love
    "So this is ... sun black Circle between her belly depths We were supposed to look back Her silence… show me that … you built that … When you give love It’s sounds vulnerable … So this is when we started The"
  • Madonna - Era
    "Samie samietto ino catepo Samie todesanto Parole Impera imperamine dovi me canta polge Dorime dorimetto samie todesanto Te dii amore, To pera omen, to di amosen, samiyo peca omen, to di amosen Samie samie"
  • Oh, Madonna, Madonna - Robbie Williams
    "I don't miss you Just who You used to be And you don't ring true So please Stop calling me Your "I love you"'s Are ten a penny You're dropping clues Like you've got any You got to choose There's been so"
  • Latin Lover - Chayanne
    "No s que tendr, no s que ser Pero pasa y enamora Todos te dirn que es algo especial Que su cuerpo les provoca Latin lover, latin lover Latin lover, latin lover Viste como un rey y el pone la ley Sabe"
  • Latin Lover - Gianna Nannini
    "Sangue caldo profumo da sballo Medaglioni sotto la t-shirt Marlon Brando questioni di tango Mette in vendita il tuo sex-appeal Ogni notte cambi faccia cambi stile cambi parole Latin lover, latin lover Sigarette"
  • Latin America - Quiero Club
    "Yes I know what happened, the last time I drove. Yes I know what happened, I can't sing no more. So.. Latin America is hot. Latin America is hard. You and me are hot dogs. You and me are sick fucks. Latin"
  • Latin Lightning - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * To the hilt Latin lightning strikes again Wilder than a hurricane He's counting on the dollars of you wealthy mothers Look at that gigolo go He's a devil no pity no shame I'm gonna"
  • Latin Girls - Black Eyed Peas
    "Mira mira mira mira mira.... Mira mira mira mira mira.... Mira mira mira mira mira.... Mira mira yo quiero Cuban girls, Cuban girls, I like em' Puerto Rican girls, Puerto Rican girls, yo quiero Mexican"
  • Latin Lover - Articolo 31
    "...adesso ci mettiamo in vendita...e allora ci sono i saldi... il "latin lover" Spazio Uno... J Ax "amante latino"...vai Jad... Vita dura per un latin lover in quest'era di Take That, i tipi indossano"
  • Latin Fire - Fancy
    "I'll never be the same I'll never win a game so easy I feel I go astray I feel I lost my way I'm freezing Saw her standing on the rail comin' out a firey hell Black as coal her latin eyes her look it"
  • Quartier latin - Charles Trenet
    "Si Montmartre est moins jeune, Si Montparnasse est triste, Si les Champs-lyses ne brillent plus la nuit, Si, dans les bals musette, on n'voit plus de touristes, Si, place de l'Opra, on n'entend plus de"
  • Latin eyes - Sailor
    "Don't touch me, don't tempt me, I'm burning up with love inside Your perfume, your body, you're standing way too close tonight Can't you see what you do And all this pain you put me through? I'm a simple"
  • Latin lightnin' - Golden Earring
    "Latin lightning strikes againWilder than a hurricaneHe's counting on the dollars of you wealthy mothersLook at that gigolo goHe's a devil, no pity, no shameI'm a gonna get his picture framedWhen he takes"

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