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Magdalena Tul - 'SO GOOD

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Magdalena Tul - 'SO GOOD

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Magdalena Tul - 'SO GOOD
  • Magdalena Tul SO GOOD (feat. Sound'n'Grace)
    "I’ve never, never felt so good! I’ve never, never felt so fine! I’ve never, never realized that I’m looking for someone Who’ll give me some joy Who’ll give me much more Who’ll show some respect Who’ll"
  • Pixies Magdalena
    "I needed something to eat I took a walk down the street I came to 318 Saw my sweet Magdalene Magdalena, you're the meanest, oh Magdalena, you're the meanest, oh Magdalena, sweet Magdalene I went down"
  • A Perfect Circle Magdalena
    "Overcome by your Moving temple Overcome by this Holiest of altars So pure So rare To witness such an earthly goddess That I've lost my self control Beyond compelled to throw this dollar Down before your Holiest"
  • Frank Zappa Magdalena
    "Mark Volman (lead vocals) Howard Kaylan (lead vocals) Ian Underwood (woodwinds, keyboards, vocals) Aynsley Dunbar (drums) Don Preston (keyboards, mini-moog) Jim Pons (bass, vocals) There was a man A little"
  • dEUS Magdalena
    "You drive too fast can you please shut up I'll call the police if you don't stop. You're just trying to scare me you want me to know that you're not this precious little thing you hold. You're afraid"
  • Model MT Magdalena
    "Tutaj nie ma smutnych chmur, tylko błękit cichych fal, odrzucimy zbędny wstyd, który wciąż ogarniał nas. Wiatr obejmie nasze twarze i zaśpiewa słowa te: Magdaleno, spójrz, to jest świat tylko twój, dla"
  • Don McLean Magdalene Lane
    "The angels are lost in the city of stars Wise men are down on their knees And the Fruitman of Freeway will sell you his cars When he's sure that you can't find the keys And the ladies on Magdalene Lane All"
  • Rob Zombie Magdalen
    "Hey, miss magdalen girl sympathy mind hey, miss magdalen girl power. power off, yeah grant a flesh show meek inherit nothing but death song queen sex go-go moving like a bad dream promised so lo O blessed"
  • Boston Magdalene
    "(Scholz-Foulke-Sikes) I, I know I'm a dreamer It's easy to see I want to be a believer And fly right through the air Now I'm wide awake I want you to take me there The things that you told me I don't"
  • Jaromir Nohavica Magdalene
    "Dont you cry Magdalene please wait for me I wanted to offer a shoulder to lean A road waits ahead through a thicket of thorns If I left you behind Id rather never be born Just a shirt on by back and"
  • Moonspell Magdalene
    "Have you ever loved a woman who should be that little intruder in the one that you should be Share the snake with us, swallow the snake for us... Have you ever loved a woman who instead of give or take would"
  • Korpiklaani Tuli Kokko
    "Tuli kokko, iliman lintu, Havukka, tuolt' tuulten plt, Litti lintu, syksy sksi, Sinitaivon selnteilt. Siivet sil' ol' suuremmoiset, Hvhenkarvat hurjanlaiset, Nokkanuoli kovin kopra, Silmpari salamoiva. Kuni"
  • Renaissance Tyrant-Tula
    "It is nothing to live as we do Day to day we roam Heart without a home of our own Dust and passion lay in our throats Revenge in each word that spoke Childrens eyes fill our minds as we smoke Chorus: But"
  • Magdalena Tul Give It Up
    "Since i was a child Serching for inspiration I belived i could Shape the fade by affirmation Till the adulthood Made my life so jumpy Dreams so far away And the road so bumpy Lost in the crowd Looking"
  • Magdalena Tul I am who I am
    "I'm driving this car You're passenger Stop telling me when I should go back Look at yourself don't get me wrong Who gave you right to jugde me so implicitly Biznes is mine while i'm on board I decide"
  • Magdalena Tul Closer (feat. Chesney Snow)
    "closer and closer to you all the time closer and closer through we’re still so far we’re still so far even when you doubt the daylight receding the sorrow take a look around with sunrise your star will"
  • Cracker Sweet Magdalena
    "I have lost the one I love to someone else She lies beside me, but she's not here, she's far away She's talking softly, she's talking sweetly about a dream Sweet magdalena, my misfortune, where are you"
  • A Perfect Circle Magdalena (deutsche)
    "berwltigt von deinem Bewegendem Tempel berwltigt von dem Heiligsten aller Altaren So rein So eine seltenheit Einer so irdische Gttin zu bezeugen Dass ich meine Selbstkontrolle verloren habe Nebenbei gezwungen"
  • A Perfect Circle Magdalena (Live)
    "Overcome by your Moving temple Overcome by this Holiest of altars So pure, so rare, to witness such an earthly goddess That I've lost my self-control, beyond compelled to throw this dollar Down before"
  • Kate Ceberano Mary Magdalene
    "He sat down there beside me Looked real straight then politely Asked me if I believed in love I was deafened a bit by Back ground noise of the club I Moved in closer to hear what he said and he said, you"

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