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Magic power

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Magic power

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Magic power
  • Triumph Magic Power
    "Something's at the edge of your mind You don't know what it is Something you were hoping to find But you're not sure what it is Then you hear the music And it all comes crystal clear The music does the"
  • Mick Smiley Magic
    "Empty woods, endless tunes You see me, I see you In the crowd, see my face I love you. Take my hand and walk with me Love you do will always be And deceit can come true If you believe believe it will"
  • Ellie Goulding Power
    "Painted to pure perfection We had a real connection Bodies, aching, overtaken You kept me at a distance Not asking any questions Fingers, pressing Learning, lessons Beautiful lies on a Fridey night Starting"
  • David Bowie Magic Dance
    "You remind me of the babe What babe? babe with the power What power? power of voodoo Who do? you do Do what? remind me of the babe I saw my baby, crying hard as babe could cry What could I do My baby's"
  • Labyrinth Magic Dance
    "You remind me of the babe What babe? The babe with the power What power? The power of voodoo Who do? You do! Do what? You remind me of the babe! I saw my baby Crying hard as babe could cry What could"
  • Yngwie Malmsteen Magic Mirror
    ""Everyone is searching for the Meaning of our life. Reading 'bout the hell and heaven Believing all those lies. Look upon yourself Imagine you are two Power lies within this is true. Can't you see its"
  • DHT Magic Melody
    "This is DHT And we'll take you Into the world of darkness and magic... Come to me children and follow my way Into the world of darkness and magic With all my power I'll show you the way To all your dreams,"
  • Chris Rice Magic Wand
    "He rode His wagon into town A gaudy spectacle And every gray November brought Him there Always entertaining, prestidigitating Pulling rabbits from thin air He would wave His Magic Wand He would say the"
  • Uriah Heep Magic Lantern
    "When you look inside My magic lantern All the world is yet unseen Try to gaze into The yellow glowing To get a reflection of me In a land of make believe and magic You can be just anything you feel You"
  • Primal Fear Magic Eye
    "What The Future Will Bring Mankind Doesn't Know The Fate Decides Your Destiny Like A Claw Out Of The Dark If Clouds Will Make The Day To Night Or The Sun Lights Up Your Day Will You Be A Lucky Man Or"
  • Wizard Magic Potion
    "Show me your fist Show me the muscles your Bronze-coloured body out of control Can you sense it can you feel it It's like an apparition You will resist temptation Against every evil power But there"
  • Cage White Magic
    "From days of Salem when the craft became alive. The Wicken way has seen the congregation thrive. The moon and goddess of the earth a solemn face. But soon they sought such power from a darker place. Beguiled"
  • Leila K Magic Ball
    "Mirror, mirror, on the wall Oh so powerfull crystal ball Will I stand tall? Will I fall? Tell me, magic ball Ah-a aha ah-a Will I stand tall Or will I fall? Tell me, tell me Darker secrets set with light Sell"
  • Collin Raye Blue Magic
    "I hear your favorite music on the jukebox And right away I know that you are here You always pick a time just when I think my mind is clear You re-appear And once again you got me in your power This time"
  • Frost Commander Magic Dagger
    "Don't sleep, can't you hear the sound of the horn Our forces are struggling to survive Keep your sword, and shield at hand, my friend and watch my back You must now leave the grief behind, Stand tall with"
  • Swollen Members Black Magic
    "Self Abuse Help Produce Black Magic Deeply Depressed Im The Best Thats Tragic You dont really wanna get me all fired up... Madchild: It goes: Red Bull and vodka Im a psycho like chopper Glorify the gangster"
  • Lloyd Banks Work Magic 
    "(feat. Young Buck) I'm gon ride, I'm gon ride, they gon ride, we all gon ride, (yea) I come from the heart of southside (yea) Holdin it down for my niggas that died (yea) I gotta busy bird on my side"
  • Lloyd Banks Work Magic
    "(feat. Young Buck) I'm gon ride, I'm gon ride, they gon ride, we all gon ride, (yea) I come from the heart of southside (yea) Holdin it down for my niggas that died (yea) I gotta busy bird on my side"
  • Manowar The Power
    "I've got the power to fly into the wind The power to be free to die and live again This power's like fire, fire loves to burn Make the world a grave of ashes in an urn The power in the darkness to see"
  • Cher The Power
    "The king is crying from his throne He had a queen but now she's gone What is this magic that we seek The mighty strong to mighty weak Every good girl hears it every bad boy fears it No matter what I see"

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