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Mahombi in ypur hear

  • Hear - Moonpools And Caterpillars
    "On a train, heading east of here Where I'll end up, I'm not quite clear But I can't help myself, I must be settling down Until they stop this thing, I'll get around When I hear it's been done before And"
  • Hear - Moonpools & Caterpillars
    "On a train, heading east of here Where I'll end up, I'm not quite clear But I can't help myself, I must be settling down Until they stop this thing, I'll get around When I hear it's been done before And"
  • Hear It - Bad Religion
    "Like a morning crow and his unwelcome song Or a worn out broken record that keeps skipping along Mountains of instructions you keep piling on me Resound like a cacophonous symphony But I don't wanna hear"
  • Hear Me - Michael Bolton
    "(Jim Brickman/Tom Douglas/Victoria Shaw) Take these tears, put 'em in a bottle. Don't let these tears I cry be in vain. Take these tears, keep them up in heaven. Water my life with tears like rain Hear"
  • Hear Me - Jeannie Ortega
    "Looking at the reflections of myself Without a mirror I see someone else Your laughing at me cuz you don't see my soul You think the smile I wear says I'm happy but you don't really know Everydays a fight Soon"
  • To hear - Ocean Blue
    "She walks through my mind She strolls through my moods And we're wasting time in the coming, going Losing time in the coming, going I hold your hand in the air. Tune drifts through my mind Tune that isn't"
  • Hear It - Anderson Jon
    "Anderson Jon Song Of Seven Hear It Hear it in the mystic voice Of forces long forgotten of Lions of thunder renting forth The power of the given Lor Hear it in the joyful tales Of princes and their battle"
  • I Hear - Diana Ross
    "(diana ross/stan scates) What is this I hear Falling softly in my ears Quietly telling me to wipe away my tears Yesterdays are gone And love has cleared the way No matter who you are You can touch the"
  • Hear This - Kierra Kiki Sheard
    "I know I've said to you over and over I'm going to get it together sooner or later. You told me I had to do something so when I said I'll do better. (oo yeah) And you even said if you do this I'll do that. And"
  • Hear me - Darkseed
    "A bloody rusted nail piercing through my veins no light to change eternal night to day here human life has no worth I never found what I was looking for do you hear me when I cry I never know what to search"
  • I Hear - Lennon
    "Curtains swaying the windows closed Ghost of the wind kocking at my door Is that you checking on me Bring the fire to set me free (Chorus) Chill my body make it cold Warm me up and let it go I hear voices"
  • HEAR YOU - Pola Rise
    "Do you wanna play with magic? Foolish you’re gonna lose control tumble deeper, deeper do you wanna drown in silence? heartless you can leave it all become a wisher wisher I try to look upon your heart it’s"
  • Foolish Hear - Steve Perry
    "I need a love that grows I don't want it unless I know With each passing hour Someone somehow Will be there, ready to share I need a love that's strong I'm so tired of being alone But will my lonely heart"
  • Hear Them - Helltrain
    "leave it out out of nowhere right? i hear them bitchin' i just don't wanna fight and i don't wanna go feelin' that i just might leave it and i'm one i'm two you're right we're like a motorhead of speed"
  • Hear Me - Doro
    "There is a statue - out on an island Lady Freedom's got nothing much to do Just stands alone, her face set in stone It reminds me of me... without you And in case you didn't get my letter I ain't been"
  • Come hear - Kelly Clarkson
    "Dark hair, such a sexy smile.. If you only knew how frustrated I am.. For a minute, forgot to catch my breath.. Dont leave me hanging here by myself.. Ohhhhhhhh noooo.. Ohhhhhh.. yeeaaaah.. whoooooaa... Your"
  • I Hear Hear You Nocking - Dave Edmunds
    "I Hear You Knocking You went away and left long time ago Now your knocking on my door I hear you knocking But you can't come in I hear you knocking Go back where you been I begged you not to go but you"
  • Hear Me In The Harmony - Harry Connick Jr.
    "The city don't even matter I could be anywhere I don't care There's a whole lotta hard workin people That could take my place And it's easy to leave When nobody knows your face Just close your eyes You"
  • I Hear You Breathing In - Eleanor Mcevoy
    "When I wake from dreaming In the middle of the night You're asleep and yet you say In your own sweet silent way That everything's alright And your hair is lying 'Cross the pillow by my head You're unconscious"
  • There's Poison In Your Hear - Kitty Wells
    "Once I loved you darling and it thrilled me through and through I must admit I wanted only you Your kisses left me restless when you said we'd never part Your lips are sweet as honey but there's poison"

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