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Mahud orhan save me sava feet me feet

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Mahud orhan save me sava feet me feet

  • Burning Feet - Chris Rea
    "No standing with these burning feet I got to kill the the fire Got to kill the heat I see a road and a river I gotta go 'cos there's fire in my shoes And you're moving too slow For these burning feet I"
  • Funky Feet - Polopop
    "Your smooth moving it catches my eye Got a good feeling you're my kind of guy So, get your funky feet over to me I watch your body it's undulating To the beat of the music forever pulsating So, get"
  • 10000 Feet - The Beautiful South
    "The part of love that I'm scared of is the actual taking off I can take a bumpy landing But the start must be soft soft, soft, soft It must be soft Some men need your attention every minute, every hour"
  • Funky feet - Alcazar
    "Oh, oh I feel fine, Here with you, having a real good time Oh, oh you're so good, Nice to me just like a lover should All I need's a bit of you, ouuh A bit of boogie too, ouuh Won't you please follow me"
  • Tiger Feet - MUD
    "AII night long you've been lookin' at me well you know you're the dance hall cutie that you love to be oh well now you've been layin' it down you got your hips swingin' out of bounds. And I like the"
  • Cold Feet - Anthony B
    "Ohh, ohh M-16, AK-47, pump rifle, desert eagle All home made one to Dem a walk wid gun in the hand and a run the town All in front, ah, station man, ah, shot man down Dem a walk wid gun in the hand and"
  • Tired Feet - Alela Diane
    "My tired feet My tired, tried feet My tired feet Oh my tired feet My tired feet brought me to that red boat So still and foreign waters And although I've never been here Oh although I've never been here I"
  • Cold Feet - Sandy Denny
    "I know you're the wayward kind The way you always drag behind Show me a horse and I'll feed it hay Show me the cart and I'll throw it away Prettiest face I've ever seen It looked like something in a magazine To"
  • Cold Feet - Albert King
    "said about playing this chord He ain't hitting the B flat right I'm a make a hit If it's the last thing I do And I done come home to you And you done put your cold feet on me Get warm your feet, woman Hanging"
  • Sun Feet - Eisley
    "Listen to me Please sit down and stay I'm gonna build a house and hideaway Gather timber from the ground I'll build a castle that won't fall down And when I'm done The clock will stop and from Our heads"
  • Feet Asleep - Thao With The Get Down Stay Down
    "talked soft so you'd fall asleep cook you dinner but you would not eat your sharp mouth forgets when you swore god damn, you wouldn't do it again but i bend back with an eye full of mud and i take it on"
  • Cold feet - GOB
    "I follow your friends around i'm searching from town to town i never knew what you meant to me until you were lost and found i never get up for daytime and only go out at night there's so much i have to"
  • Feet Wet - Stephen Speaks
    "standing at the water's edge, i feel a trembling fear as the waves crash 'round my ankles feel the thunder in my ear i see the change is coming, the wind is at my back but doubt overtakes me and my"
  • Two Feet - Radon
    "It's six o'clock and the sun comes up... woke up this morning without a heart, you know I bled it dry long ago. Feeling these feelings that I can't even start and now I'm loveless; walking over it every"
  • Shadow feet - Brooke Fraser
    "Walking, stumbling on these shadowfeet toward home,a land that i've never seen I am changing: less and less asleep made of different stuff than when i began and i have sensed it all along fast approaching"
  • Clay Feet - Kristin Hersh
    "This is no time to fuck up Scooting around the linoleum On all fours, what for again? Better yourself for somebody else This is no time to wrestle You're gonna burst a blood vessel What for again? We"
  • Hands & Feet - Keri Hilson
    "Now if you see a daddy-boy Point him out If he can get it up I can put it down And I can put it down Betcha i can put it down (Watch me) Usually its you checking me But i aint gonna lie tonight Got my"
  • Cold feet - Rick Springfield
    "He just turned seventeen When the moment came He was standing on the corner In the pouring rainShe pulled up along side And rolled the window down And said "Can I drive you To some part of town"He's sitting"
  • Yer Feet - Jimmy Eat World
    "I was drunk when I met you I was drunk when I walked out the door And I rolled around the night to find you But I guess you never knew You just needed something solid you could hold Like a dog that came"
  • 30,000 Feet - Assemblage 23
    "Hello, if you're there pick up the phone I'm calling from 30,000 feet above you The captain's just informed us that our plane is going down So I'm calling for one last time to say I love you I'm not certain"

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