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Maia Reficco strong

  • Body Back (ft. Maia Wright) - Gryffin
    "who cares what the world’s gonna say cause you know there’s gonna say it anyway (and I know and I know that) who cares if they laugh at what we do? cause it’s only me and you that know the truth (and I"
  • Strong - After Forever
    "I see your pain I see it grow slowly inside you You cannot control it The hurting's ruthless, you cannot win I see every smile you fake Strong emotion, strong devotion to ignore the pain To stand strong Day"
  • Strong - Reamonn
    "I See The Fear In The Things We Don't Understand I See The Fear In Another Blind Man I Can't Hold Back This Fight That Stills Inside I Can't Hold Back Who I Am I Know You're Strong I Know You Belong I"
  • Strong - Tracy Lawrence
    "In her bare feet, white cotton dress A ribbon holding back her curls In a sweet gentle voice, she sings a lullaby To two sleepy little girls In the nightlight glow as her babies drift off She looks so"
  • Strong - Velvet Chain
    "I'll be right along Cause, baby, you're so Strong... Baby, I see - You're vulnerable to me That's your power over me Baby, baby, I know - It's always been so Physical love is oh so meaningful for"
  • Strong - Buddahead
    "I'm strong but I've lost the way. Have faith in me and don't throw me away Because I could be just like you. Now I'm strong, better everyday. Let's start again and throw away the chains. I want to lift"
  • Strong - Brian Webb
    "You know I think its funny, She used to call me the strong one But I don't think that 'strong' sleeps until three I don't think strong watches Ricki Lake two times a day And I don't think strong is"
  • Strong - Greenwheel
    "Here I am all alone, Situations overwhelming again. Be strong, I tell myself but I fall right back again. Hold on, I think I just realised something. Here I am right in your hands, There I am letting"
  • Strong - Midge Ure
    "Prepare myself for a man to fall from grace To tumble down to a cold and heartless place I need to be someone I need to be someone better Choose the bitter pill Offer up my sacrifice until I can be someone"
  • Strong - London Grammar
    "Excuse me for a while, While I’m wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle I excused you for a while, While I’m wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle And a lion, a lion, roars would you not listen? If"
  • Strong - Gregorian
    "Excuse me for a while While I'm wide-eyed And I'm so down, caught in the middle I've excused you for a while While I'm wide-eyed And I'm so damn caught in the middle And a lion, a lion roars would you"
  • Strong - Larry
    "Lost is the word for me Chaos is all that I see Fear caresses and plays in my hair I don't want to go there I like it here My life is beating me up And if I don't die I guess I'll go on I guess I'll be I"
  • Strong - Audio Adrenaline
    "I will follow, wherever You lead me, wherever you are underneath this star is where I want to be And I will lay down, this old life of mine, I'll leave behind all the things of this world just to follow"
  • STRONG - Amaranthe
    "I know I made a lot of mistakes I know I'm not perfect in any way But after all, who's the one to blame When I don't even know myself I know I can heal almost anything Because I am stronger than I've"
  • Strong - Robbie Williams
    "My breath smells of a thousand fags And when I'm drunk I dance like me Dad I've started to dress a bit like him Early morning when I wake up I look like Kiss but without the make up And that's a good"
  • Strong - Skunk Anansie
    "In a little while you`re gonna call me There`ll be nothing I can say In my head there`s nothing cool today, I only feel regret Yet I`m out on a limb now, `Cos you`re so discreet In a little while you`re"
  • Strong - Jordyn Taylor
    "Bet you thought that i'd be broken Mascara streaking down my cheek Devastated, out the door way. In a daze, a state of disbelief I bet you'd like that seeing me get mad but baby i wont satisfy your needs cuz"
  • Strong - Jack Ryan
    "... My heart, your heart And yours.. So take me out Breake me down Take me where you want me to go My mama said: My mama said boy! My mama said: My mama said boy! You got to be stronger You got to be"
  • Net Die Een Vir My (Maia Hee) - Nicholis Louw
    "Maia hee Maia hoo Maia haa Maia ha ha Onthou ons soen gistraand tien uit tien Wil net s jou bruin o kyk regdeur my Deur my hart Hello hello eks uit los n boodskap na die beep Ek bel jou terug Dankie"
  • Strong strong wind - Air Supply
    "We walked away before There were too many storms We could not get throught But I still kept loving you Now fate brought you back to me This time I won't let you leave I'm holding on to you, forever, I'm"

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