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Make'em bled

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Make'em bled

  • Bled - Annihilator
    "Stop your screaming, get out of my way Your lips are moving they got nothing to say Always steaming but you're cold to the bone So negative, just leave me alone No more crying, no more dying No more bleeding"
  • Bled - Deadstar Assembly
    "Tonight I've made the wish That never comes true Just seems to vanish in the end It always dies before it begins to bloom Obscurity it appears Sorrowful behind a veil of tears This wish with an untimely"
  • Make'Em Blind - Motorhead
    "Don't touch me now, I never said, That you could see me when I'm dead, Leave me now, admit your fear, There are worse things than death in here, The servant is the master now, We dream of different things, A"
  • Make'em Bleed - Słoń & Dope D.O.D.
    "you know I am tired of this aggression just wanna sing songs as when we were kids, you know you know that… Zamknij kur**a ryj! Waba dab dab free parties in the tub now, how the fuck you think that they"
  • Bled Dry - Napalm Death
    "Sucked up eyesore bleeding you dry. Dragged down deep, gut fuck breakdown. Bled dry. Take you and use you, lose you I forget you. Side on swallow, licked but I can't taste; spat out still whole, it's"
  • Bled White - Elliott Smith
    "I'm a color reporter (rose city on the 409) But the city's been bled white (white city on the yellow line) And the doctor orders (drinking 'til he's trashed is just a waste of time) He drinks all night"
  • Bled White - Elliot Smith
    "I'm a color reporter (rose city on the 409) But the city's been bled white (white city on the yellow line) And the doctor orders (drinking till he's trashed is just a waste of time) He drinks all night"
  • Mon Bled - Rohff
    "Rhoff, Mohamed Laline, Chebba Maria ROHFF Bled ! La fiert mon pote ! Assis sur larc de triomphe c cheke mr R-O-H-2F Hey wah ! Kore et Scalp ok potos quest ce qui ce passe ? C ra nb fever Le bled! Hey"
  • Bled Dry - Unearth
    "The lines been drawn The lines been blurred for far too long The years have scaled frustration How can you shine your shell with such profound pretension? We have lost ourselves to self-contradiction"
  • Make'em Clap To This - Paula DeAnda
    "Make 'em clap to this Paula D. Make 'em clap to this Ak'Sent Make 'em clap to this Make 'em clap to this Here is Ak'Sent and Paula Sitting side ways in a 6-foot candy-painted pole, uh I'm a robber 'cause"
  • BLED FOR DAYS - Static
    "meaningless it's meaningless [3x] i take the hold [4x] it's mindlessness [4x] i bled for days [4x] get to the race (hate) the healing of it fucking with it conceal the scab you don't"
  • Bled for days - Static-X
    "Meaningless It's meaningless [3x] I take the hold [4x] It's mindlessness [4x] I bled for days [4x] Get to the race (hate) The healing of it fucking with it Conceal the scab you don't want to show (fate)"
  • Bled For Days - Static X
    "meaningless it's meaningless it's meaningless it's meaningless i take the hold i take the hold i take the hold i take the hold mindlessness it's mindlessness it's mindlessness it's mindlessness i bled"
  • Sei Ned Bled - Wolfgang Ambros
    "I kann's vastehn Du wst mi jetzt a Zeitlang ned sehn Und du fhlst di im Moment ned wohl bei mir - Na guat, maschier! Jo, jo i waa Des Leb'n mit mir is manchmoi ka Spa Und i glaub da, wenn du sogst, du"
  • Knees Bled Begging - LoveHateHero
    "Just breathe Not now, but sooner I'm lost without her. My trembling finger reached out to the picture of her nice and neat. I'd spend the day remembering my first encounter. Last chance to ask her if she'd"
  • Hung And Bled - Cannibal Corpse
    "Trying to conceal his murders the Maniac Stabs the heart Stops the flow Cleaning up the blood's a problem he Now solves Hooks through heels Hung and bled Corpses are suspended by their feet Swaying"
  • Bled To Death - Six Feet Under
    "mortuary filled with my dead a temptation to kill again before and after death I drink your blood the carnivore of human flesh the cannibal within the darkness lives I stalk and plan to kill them one by"
  • Tonton du bled - 113
    "504 Break charg, allez montez les neveux Juste un instant que je mette sur le toit la grosse malle bleue Nombreux comme une quipe de foot, voiture ras du sol On est le derniers locataires qui dcollent"
  • Bled For Days (live) - Static-X
    "Meaningless It's meaningless It's meaningless It's meaningless I take the hold I take the hold I take the hold Take the hold Mindlessness It's mindlessness It's mindlessness It's mindlessness I bled for"
  • Blood Fixing The Bled - Aborted
    "Rancour Fed... Oligophrenic Lunacy Roams My Mind Impaling Reason Misanthropy To Matrimonial Extent Her Blood Sweats Fever Filth To Be Ripped From The Womb My Urges Exposed My Thrill To Come Shifts Reason"

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