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Make A Beast Of Myself

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Make A Beast Of Myself

  • Make A Beast Of Myself - Twin Atlantic
    "There once was an answer out there I swear Tied to a bottle I swear, I swear And you can ask the Madonna if she cares, she cares But she's hooked on the bottle I swear, I swear You know you know it's"
  • Beast - Talib Kweli
    "Dave this a monster (Hook)- Talib Kweli When the boys with the tech's throwin up they sets And the spot so hot the ceiling starts to sweat That's when the beast come out That's when the beast come out That's"
  • Beast - Tech N9ne
    "I did this by just listenin to the song and trying to Figure it out, if i got any words wrong, tell me! Insanity at its finest Fire starter riot maker Moon stricken animal need Bad seed, untaimable beast (everybody"
  • Beast - KMFDM
  • Altered Beast - We Are Scientists
    "I should take my time I should think this through You know that not a lot of people have to talk like this When you allow me life regrets to pass for rhetoric Well it's not so much the words you say, it's"
  • Beast Of Burden - A Bad Goodbye
    "Now write this down! I'll never be your beast of burden. My back is broad, but it's a' hurtin'. All I want is for you to make love to me. I'll never be your beast of burden. I walk for miles, my feet are"
  • Beast - Nina Kinert
    "Why do we always talk about things like this Why do we always haunt each other down Why do we always smoke those sigarettes And drink a lot of wine I know the kind of beast that Ive become I know I dont"
  • Beast - Ali
    "It's the S, the T, the L, the O And the U, the I, the S, St. Louis Roll to the North side, chill on the Westside Take the bridge to the East, the Southside Dodge the beast, we see 'em comin' Fuck them,"
  • Beast - Okay
    "She can't help you out if she's got it figured out It's not the way she walks, it's not the way she talks She can't help you out if she's got it figured out It's just one kind of lie, there's just one"
  • Myself - Michael Tolcher
    "Underneath the words we use There's a living form of expression And even as we talk we lose Something that was once pure emotion And I will give you more I know it's what we came here for And if I could"
  • The Beast - Steel Attack
    "Now its day But soon the night is here Again and I will pray For a night without no fear Tormenting my mind I'm so scared Slowly tearing me apart There is no more will I most kill Screams of anger all"
  • I'm a beast - Lil Wayne
    "Rapping is my hobbyMy house has a lobbyMy bitches act snobbyBecause I feed them thousandsI know that didn't rhymeBut I'm only being honestYou can't pay me in cash now I'm only seeing commasI swear I got"
  • The Beast - Twisted Sister
    "you can hear the thunder long before the storm, but you can't hear the lion when he stalks his prey he's moving like a shadow creeping up on you and like a siren's call he's gonna have his way you'd better"
  • I'm A Beast - Lil Wayne
    "Rapping is my hobby My house has a lobby My bitches act snobby Because I feed them thousands I know that didn't rhyme But I'm only being honest You can't pay me in cash now I'm only seeing commas I swear"
  • The Beast - Talib Kweli
    "(feat. Papoose) Dave, this a monster When them boys wit the Tec's throwin' up they set And the spot so hot the ceilin' start to sweat Yeah, that's when The Beast come out That's when The Beast come"
  • The Beast - Tech N9ne
    "Insanity at it's finest Fire starter Riot maker Moon stricken Animal need Bad seed Untaimable (beast) Everybody around me always think they know what's going on inside my mind They think I'm Mr. Nice"
  • The Beast - The Only Ones
    "Run from the beast There's danger in his eyes He's been looking for you For a long time You might think this is funny But I'm not laughing I know it couldn't happen to me. No one doubts the wisdom"
  • Beast Mode - Akrobatik
    "feat. Mr. Lif If you brought your attitude in the spot, then GET IT OUT Ladies got your hair permed, you 'bout to SWEAT IT OUT Let's make it worth your dough, befo' you HEAD IT OUT Get live, LET IT OUT;"
  • Beast Of Man - Arch Enemy
    "Beware the beast of man For he's the devils pawn Alone among god's primates He kills for sport, lust or greed The sacred scrolls... The truth unfolds... Shun him - or become like him Shun him - the beast"
  • Beast Of Burden - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) I'll never be your beast of burden My back is broad but it's a hurting All I want is for you to make love to me I'll never be your beast of burden I've walked for miles my feet"

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