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Make Luv room 5

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Make Luv room 5

  • Make Luv (ft. Oliver Cheatam) - Room 5
    "like to party mmhmm Everybody does Make luv and listen to the music You've gotta let yourself go ooh ooh ooh ooh I like to party mmhmm Everbody does You can be in the weekend of yours To see"
  • Luv - Shing02
    "Lovesick like a dog with canine sensitivity Developing this new theory of relativity Connecting our souls resting in captivity Positive life sacrifice what it is to me Our history, only a quarter of a"
  • If u luv - Das EFX
    "For the streets, y'all Bang it in the clubs, y'all [ VERSE 1: Skoob ] Aiyo, I kiggedy-came back cause my fans was callin My Lower East Side boriquas to Spanish Harlem My squad is sick, giggedy-got a squad"
  • Room 5 - Unjust
    "The way you fooled the moon The virus you exhumed Open wide... Even when you're all alone, Im your sun Even when you're not here with me, Waht have I become Even if you feel the same, when I'm around Even"
  • Make Luv - Justin Timberlake
    "i like to party, uh uh, everybody does, make luv and listen to the music, you've got to let yourself go go go go go i like to party, uh uh, everybody does, make luv and listen to the music, you've got"
  • Make Luv - Monray
    "I just wanna make you screem o, o, o, o! Like you’ve never screem before I just wanna hold your soul so, so, so clouse Like you’ve never been hold before I just wanna make love I just wanna make love"
  • Luv songs - The Dream
    "Oh Oh Uh uh Oh oh Oh oh Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah-ee-ea It's 12 o clock oh and I'm up in the the morning Her landerie sexy lookin for some shit to put on you It's 3 o clock oh and I'm on"
  • Hey Luv - Mobb Deep
    "(Prodigy & 112) Pss.ss..Shorty... come here (112) listen listen listen come on (o0ooo) yo-yo (luv you ... need you...) (let ride, lets ride) (Prodigy) YO..hey luv i wanna hold you and talk to you, put"
  • Tough Luv - Young Gunz
    "(Denim: Singing) I swear to hold you down for as long as we both shall live I never made a move without ya, my homie that's just how it is Now we need each other more than ever, don't leave me by myself.. (Chris) Young"
  • I luv - M.O.P.
    "Aaaaaaaaah!Chorus: Freddie FoxxxWhat's mine's I love, and I fight, push to shoveHand to hand?, but you can't stop the loveYou push to impress, and I leave you with lessIt's real love for the mics that"
  • Make Room - Tim Dog
    "(ring) (Ooh God this is gonna be good) (hello) (Wake up) Yeah ! Hahaha ! (Wake the fuck up, baby, this is WS... We don't give a fuck) Make room, muthaphukka, make room (4x) Make room for the muthaphukkin"
  • Make Room - Tha Alkaholiks
    "I knock em knock em out the park when other rappers are hitting bunts I'm a togger not a fogger step on hunts and don't do stunts I got SOUL POWER never took a cold shower Never had a girlfriend the color"
  • Make Room - Grits
    "That's when you know a group is hip Is when your parents say What is it with the hippy, hip, hip, hippy glows? And you can't understand a word they are sayin' Back on up, back on up, oh yeah, back on"
  • Studio Luv (Remix) - T-Pain
    "(feat. Lil Wayne) Yeah In the studio, in the studio Studio oh, oh Girl just close your eyes And picture me playing your Spanish guitar Baby where we going, there are no such thing as a bad note (bad"
  • Luv Me Baby - Murphy Lee
    "(feat. Jazze Pha, Sleepy Brown) This is Murphy Lizzle On a Jazze producshizzle My nizzle, AHAAYY! (I'ma make ya luv me baby) I'ma make ya luv me baby, hug me baby Place no one above me baby (Make"
  • I Luv U - Dizzee Rascal
    "III...I..I..I Luv u I luv I Luv I Luv U III...I..I..I Luv u III...I..I..I Luv u I luv I I I I Luv u I I I I I Luv u III...I..I..I Luv u II Luv u I luv u I I I I I I I LLLuv u u u Yo If that girl know's"
  • Interlude 5 - Lauryn Hill
    "Interlude 5 lyrics: Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged 2.0 You all doin' alright? You ok? I'm not screamin at ya, I'm just askin you a question. Y'all givin' me a clap. A yes is fine (laughing) ok? (voice from"
  • 5 Elements - Shyheim
    "Motherf**kin gp in the motherf**kin house With shorty shy (rubbabandz) Yo.. yo.. I raise all hell when i, start to stain Crab niggaz, I recon, you recognize the grain I bring drama to your earpiece, when"
  • I Luv It - East Sidaz
    "East Sidersss Come Out and Plaaaayy... East Sidersss Come Out and Plaaaayy... Comin In The Front sin State Ya Name And Game Yeah, The East Sidaz Back and we came to BANG, Givin' It Up, Pistols and Chucks We"
  • Luv Is Blind - Eve
    "Hey,yo i dont even know you and i hate you See, all i know is that my girlfriend used to date you How would u feel if she held u down and raped u? Tried and tried but she never could escape you She was"

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