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Make my make my for

  • Make It Pop - Make It Pop
    "Bright lights late nights ow out on tour Screaming fans hanging at the stage door Everyone who's anyone Is wearing my line Front seats fashion week for my designs Woo hoo one day woo hoo someday We'll"
  • Make My Day - Down for the Count
    "Make my day and let me be the one to weaken you It's all play until we close the door behind us and wrinkle the sheets Yeah, you know you've got a certain way about you But not a way with words, it's more"
  • Make My Day - Rage
    "This is for you, you know who you are, better believe what I tell you now. For all the others, 'cause everybody's got someone in his life that he hates, I know. I'm used to be calm and not too beasty but"
  • Make my day - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "I've never known a girl lovelier than youIf I did I would be lying and that I Wouldn't doCome on have fun make my day tonightNothing really matters when you are in loveIt's the only institution I'm not"
  • Make My Day - Sarah Connor
    "Found a note layin' on the bedroom floor Read it and felt my emotions start to soar It said, "Follow all the signs that lead ya down the hall Be ready for a sweet surprise" Excitement was risin' up with"
  • Make my day - Initial D
    "Walking through the night I wonder what you do, this is my time talking you the right place babe I'm giving all to you, I'm ready to get through don't you wanna let me in, I'm singing again there's a present"
  • Make My Day - Gotthard
    "So you're telling me now all your friends call you honey There's your name on the wall And it ain't that funny Guess you're on the streets Shakin' legs every night And the whole world's looking at you Kinda"
  • Make My Stand - Biohazard
    "You want to break me down every fuckin day of your miserable life, You try to take away everything, everything from me Beaten down by society, torn apart by humanity There's no way out of this misery I'll"
  • Make My Way - Blues Traveler
    "When you roll down your window And ask for directions Can you count on the answers That you would receive If you've ever been taken By that passed along pay back Why ask in the first place you might not"
  • Make My Day - Barcode
    "Michael Stipe, sissy whining tart Fucking Phil Collins, the pent up fart Stevie Wonder seems way too glad Gary Moore is not bluesy but sad Armstrong, Leblanc and the doped detour Sorry Stephen King, there"
  • Make My Day - Agent 5/9
    "What makes my day Is you calling me when I have nothing to do What makes my day Is hearing your angelic voice all day What makes my day Can you figure it out What makes my day Just show me your face and"
  • Make My - The Roots
    "Tryin to control the fits of panic Unwritten and unraveled, it's the dead man's pedantic Whatever, see it's really just a matter of semantics When everybody's fresh out of collateral to damage And, my"
  • Make A Move - On My Honor
    "Take this town and make it your grave tonight When everything that feels so right is wrong Like the side of the tracks youre on Where you gonna get your fix tonight Walking around avoiding streetlights And"
  • Make You My Baby - R. Kelly
    "yo i wanna talk about tonight and uh what's going to happen you and me listen i hear your body calling readily asking me girl you're a prisoner and you need to be set free your body's speaking words"
  • Make up my mind - The Busters
    "Help me to make up my mind Help me to make up my mind Help me to make up my mind Help me to make up my mind What do you mean by looking at me in that certain way Do I look kind of funny, do you wanna see"
  • Make My Heart Flutter - Jack Ingram
    "C. Boyd No one can make me stammer and stutter Fall over every word that I utter No one else can talk me to takin another view No one else can make my heart flutter like you No one drives me to exasperation Nobody"
  • Make My Body Hot - King Diana
    "So many things I'm imagining, even though nothing's happening. It takes me places I've never been without even touching me. The way you move your body, babe, sends a tingling sensation through my body"
  • Make My Body Go - One Vo1ce
    "Chorus 1: Baby Make my body go Crazy Make me lose control Baby Make my body go Oh Oh Oh Verse 1: I'm not into all your money baby Not really feeling your bling bling Only need you to please my body baby I"
  • You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates
    "Lyrics: Daryl Hall, John Oates, Sara Allen Music: Daryl Hall What I want, you've got And it might be hard to handle But like the flame that burns the candle The candle feeds the flame What I've got's"
  • Make Up My Mind - Lyfe Jennings
    "(1st Verse:) Lord they really think they fooling you by coming to church on Sunday praying and laying hands on folks stomping and jumping around faking the holy ghost but its a thin line between walking"

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