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Make you min��- Ali

  • Ali - The Story So Far
    "So this is what I get for trying to be nice Like its the only time I've ever cared These blank walls make me sick Like excuses made up quick I'd move forward if I only could I'd like to thank you for this"
  • You Make Me Say (feat. Tommy Gun & Ali Tennant) - Gromee
    "From the first time I met ya Girl You know I had to get ya Type of chick I always dream of Park the jetta Ge in the beamer Said she busy And got no room for males Change her mind Shopping sprees at bloomingdales Do"
  • Make You Mine - Donavon Frankenreiter
    "From the bottom of the sea I'll see you and you'll see me Sometimes in contemplation Comes love for foundation But you got to show me a sign I said you got to show me a sign And ill make you mine, mine,"
  • Make You Mine - Crystal Kay
    "party The glossy lipslook on me (hot!) destiny? (what?) (not!) Step to the dance floor Mine mine mine mine mine mine make me feel so good (ummmm) fantasy (stop!) extacy (pop!) Clear the dance floor Mine"
  • Make You Mine - Rainer Maria
    "Can you name all the bones in my body? Can you make all the tones in my head? What you couldn't find in books-- and you've broken every spine-- is that I'll make, I'll make you mine. I'll make you mine, 'cause"
  • Make You Mine - Heather Nova
    "You're the one I think about time after time You're the one that comes to me, visions in the night I want to complicate your feelings I want to heat you up inside Yeah yeah yeah, I wanna make you mine I'll"
  • Make You Mine - Vanessa Hudgens
    "(All I want to do is stand close to you) (All I want to do is stand close to you) I'll be the one to tell everyone I'm gone I've fallen in To a place I can begin to understand. I'm just happy your're"
  • Make You Mine - The Corrs
    ""Wandering, waiting for the day to fade away So I can hold you Once again and chase the fears away Lie with me Show me how you feel I'm falling for you deeper everyday But when the night turns over I'll"
  • Make You Mine - Mr. Sancho
    "Girl you beautiful (you're beautiful) I'll do anything (do anything) To make you mine (to make you mine) You're so fine, you blow my mine And a girl like you is hard to find Hard to Find I'm so confused! I"
  • Make you mine - Mac Dre
    "Something about what you've done to me baby I wanna make you mine You really bring out the best in me baby can I make you mine I went bad on a bitch but I don't love her She want an apology but I ain't"
  • Make You Mine - FlipBoy
    "Aiyyo, any guy can make any girl fall for him, every man got game, you jsut gotta him some time, any man can sweep any girl off her feet, (Verse 1) I'm tired of all the parties and the one night stands,"
  • Make You Mine - Nina
    "spoken: sorry my bad baby boy you caught my eye think about you baby all the time now i got you on my mind can't wait till you are mine time after time i know you caught me lookin' are you that fine? now"
  • Ali For Cody - Senses Fail
    "Lyrics to Ali For Cody : I'm giving up all expectations That I will live a meaningful life I once was filled with inspiration That lion heart has lost his pride I'm not the person that I thought that"
  • Prince Ali - Aladdin
    "Make way for Prince Ali Say hey! It's Prince Ali Hey! Clear the way in the old Bazaar Hey you! Let us through! It's a bright new star! Oh Come! Be the first on your block to meet his eye! Make way! Here"
  • Ali - Proof
    "(MC Breed) I'm in it witch'all (okay) Hit big cash, I'll spend it witch'all Win at the casino bitch, I'm spendin it all (hey) Leave in my Spreewells spinnin for y'all I'm in it for y'all, fact is (whattup) My"
  • Muhammed Ali - Faithless
    "If all you keep hearing it so long you will see me as a super star And you'll have time to waste with your minions and tink I see your face in front of me, Still grainy from that old black and white TV"
  • Muhammad Ali - Faithless
    ""If all you keep hearing it so long you will see me as a super star and you'll have time to waste with your minions and things" I see your face in front of me, still grainy From that old black'n'white"
  • Muhammed Ali - Faithiles
    "If all you keep hearing it so long you will see me as a super starAnd you'll have time to waste with your minions and tinkI see your face in front of me,Still grainy from that old black and white TVMy"
  • Make It Mine - The Psychedelic Furs
    "Make It Mine Shine light enough to see Shine brighter down on me One wish is all i need Shine light enough If you can see what i see (i'll make it mine) You can't close your eyes on me And on my radio"
  • Make It Mine - Jason Mraz
    "Wake up everyone How can you sleep at a time like this Unless the dreamer is the real you Listen to your voice The one that tells you to taste past the tip of your tongue Leap and the net will appear I"

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