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  • Guy of My Dreams - Abbey Wills
    "Abbey Wills Miscellaneous Guy of My Dreams I've been waiting for u for a long long time and here u stand in front of me, but what if u say yes would i be ready what if u say maybe would i walk away our"
  • Far up in the air - E-Type
    "When everything I do just makeme feel the sameI need to get awayTo somewhere far awayI wonder, why is thatI can't play the gameAnd find another wayTo focus and take aimGoing away to clear my mindI know"
  • Make you mine - Mac Dre
    "Something about what you've done to me baby I wanna make you mine You really bring out the best in me baby can I make you mine I went bad on a bitch but I don't love her She want an apology but I ain't"
  • Young but i'm ready - Omarion
    "Yeah im the type that liked to roll up on them girlsat partiesHow bout I picked up in the club and go get somethingstartedGonna act my ageBaby girl kiss my thingBut that dont mean a sexy girl like you"

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