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Makeup of a fool

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Makeup of a fool

  • Jonny Makeup - Gravy Train!!!!
    "Toot toot! And a beep beep! You're a coal miner's daughter who turned to the street And with a toot toot! And a beep beep! You snorted two hot loads off of the bar seat In Hello Kitty couture, always the"
  • Makeup - Escape The Fate
    "You caught my eye when I walked by,Judging from the way you move,Your heart is bruisedWe sit and laughIt's all an actThe lies they seep throughYou're such a foolAs makeup runs down your cheeks,You found"
  • Lipstick And Makeup - Ann Beretta
    "Late night and big city lights shine bright On a small-town girl Who sings out loud for a brand new day A brand new life in a brand new world So dear bright eyes won't you say goodnight To your lost love"
  • Weekend Without Makeup - The Long Blondes
    "Another weekend without makeup another evening to myself well, i guess that i won't be having the time of my life tonight where do you go when you've finished work? you should have been home an hour ago i've"
  • Breakup 2 Makeup - Ashanti
    "I saw you again for the first time Been a long time It brought out all these feelings That I never knew I had inside Seeing you with another girl It didnt sit with me too well And I'm mad at myself 'cause"
  • Breakup To Makeup - Ashanti
    "Saw you again for the first time in a long time It brought out all these feelings that I never knew I had inside Seeing you with another girl, it didn't sit with me too well And I'm mad at myself cuz I"
  • Magic's In The Makeup - No Doubt
    "Can you tell I'm faking it? But I want to be myself A counterfeit disposition Can't be good for my health So many different faces Depending on the different phases My personality changes I'm a chameleon There's"
  • Kiss And Makeup - Funeral For A Friend
    "No matter where you go They'll fucking tie you down And bleed you from your wrists (bleed you from your wrists) Well, it's better that we leave Leave it this way (leave it this way) And just to soften"
  • Fool - Rollins Band
    "I should have seen my end coming from a long way off my friend said: man, she'll give you the blues so man.. don't get caught but I went right ahead and told myself a pack of lies and spend night after"
  • Fool - Leona Lewis
    "owh, how did i get to feel this fool i use to be so smart head on my shoulders my logic falls apart as your loves goes colder {and im checking outta your dairies} dint wanna look in side your secret box going"
  • Fool - Shakira
    "Tell me lies slap me on the face just improvise do something really clever that'll make me hate your name forever You might swear you'd never touch a lady well, let me say you're not too far from maybe every"
  • Fool - Henry Rollins
    "I should have seen my end coming from a long way off My friend said man she'll give you the blues, don't get caught But I went ahead and told myself a bunch of lies And spent night after hammered night"
  • Fool - Chris Rea
    "A dying flame, you''re free again Who could love and do that to you All dressed in black, he won't be coming back Save your tears, you've got years and years The pains of seventeens Unreal, they're only"
  • Fool - All
    "I sent you a valentine. I'm afraid it won't get there till June Somehow I lost track of time, but you know I'm a fool for you I send a bouquet of roses, the kind that you're allergic to You know that I"
  • Fool - Paolo Santos
    "Making a fool of myself right here' Been away, girl I took you for granted Don't know what to do or what to say Feeling being stranded I know that I don't deserve you I know that I did you wrong But this"
  • Fool - Mari
    "its 3 am as i stumble over to my bed got a funny premonition that tomorrow's gonna be the same but all i remember is how we think i heard you call my name and your open invitation to come over for"
  • Fool - Victory
    "Passion still rules the world Victims fall everywhere Something just fools can feel Cause love is in the air Caught in the storm of emotion Blinded by wild desire Somebody help Somebody please control"
  • Fool - The Mavericks
    "(Raul Malo, Al Anderson) Fool #1 Is what I've been known to be But only for you My love Still so in love And you make believe you don't know me Now I'm cryin' and I'm dyin' to know Is it so Every night"
  • Fool - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
    "Tell me lies, slap me on the face, just... Improvise, do something really clever, That'll make me hater your name forever You might swear, you'd never touch a lady Well, let me say, you're not too"
  • Fool - The Cookies
    "FOOL - The Cookies 
Ref: I’m like a fool sometimes 
 really stupid sometimes 
 but I really really really wanna
 work it out
 work it out
 work it
 I wanna work it out baby 1. 
It was a really strange"

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