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Man of mystery 2 plus 1

  • 1 Plus 1 = 2 - Sarah Connor
    "One and one is two and the one for me is you only you It's everytime I see you I know I have to have you Cause baby you just drive me wild Can't get you out of my mind I feel like I just want to lay So"
  • 1/2 & 1/2 - Gang Starr
    "(feat. M.O.P.) Here comes the revolutionist, executionist Flip a triple six into three nines, cause a crucifix Each man holdin, no man foldin Coast is clear and Premier's in the green tank rollin Prepare,"
  • Mystery Song #1 - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Mystery Song #1 Baby i can't make it straight My boots got stuck and i can't wait You're the one who's got no tongue Look and see which way it's run Man alive, i can't drive my too big"
  • Mystery song 1 - Beck
    "Baby i can't make it straight my boots got stuck and i can't wait you're the one who's got no tongue look and see which way it's run man alive, i can't drive my too big cares away obituaries i seen right"
  • 1, 2 Many - Common
    "One wa-wa One, One Two, One Two One wa-wa One, One Two, One Two One tigga One, One Two, One Two (Dug Infinite) Dug Inf on production, my man Com for the discussion Check it (Common) One day, I was tryin"
  • 1+1=2 - Bega Lou
    "Bega Lou A Little Bit Of Mambo 1+1=2 back on stage baby here i am I dont give a damn 'cause i enterin 'em I gotta mic in my left and a honey in my right and that is enough to make the vibes feel tight I"
  • Hollow Man (Parts 1 & 2) - Kula Shaker
    "I can only speak the word as quickly as quickly as they come Looking down upon the bed suspended by a silver thread I'm dreaming From the feeling I had to be sure When you know that you've felt this before"
  • Mystery Man - Wishbone Ash
    "Keep your distance, you'll never know how it feels. I've been to places that took my mind away from me. Your aiming questions opens the wound that just won't heal. I'm just a man that Uncle Sam gave the"
  • Mystery - Willy Porter
    "Rollin' through my mind Like a carnival Cotton candy The queen of the fair The moon burned through your fabric Like a gypsy moth You dance drunk On the air On the air I said What I love about"
  • Mystery - Dio
    "Can you hear me Can you see There's a storm on the edge of the sky Does it matter It does to me, I can tell you why When there's thunder, there should be rain But it don't always follow the rule And is"
  • Mystery - Live
    "My ammunition won't load into my gun My inhibitions, they fall like the weight from a stone You lead my heart away like a homeless, dusted fool Somehow this dime store ring still shines like a diamond"
  • Mystery Man - Bang Bang
    "There you carelessly throw me a whisper Walk away only leaving behind The scent of mystery you wear every night How long in the air does it linger I thought I solved you and locked you some how but i cant"
  • Mystery Man - Sebadoh
    "Earnest little lover, little mystery man Nothing thrills you like denial There's nothing wrong with the need to please And children know no shame Baby on your bended knees and she'd love to play your game She's"
  • Mystery - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 I feel like im in this love all alone It's like im in a war But what am I fighting for You keep building up these walls That I can't seem to break through But what the hell, i've got nothing"
  • Mystery Man - DJ Jazzy Jeff
    "(feat. The Last Emperor) Bounce wit me y'all (LE) Bounce wit em y'all Now check it Who get it live when the party dies down Mysterious man showing up in your town Lyrics like lightning, vocals like thunder Neighborhood"
  • Mystery - Shadow Gallery
    "Days at a time pass In the dead of the night is when you come to me You've got so much to say Just spread your wings and ride On the electric universe Behind your computer What do you picture when"
  • Mystery - Rakim
    "Intro/Chorus: If you can see if you can solve the mystery The answer revolves around your history So carefully, I drop this degree Scientifically, and realistically (Who is God?) Repeat Chorus In eternal"
  • Mystery - Inspiral Carpets
    "So tell me of the future, as I sit down and pray So tell me of the treasures, and the pitfalls in the way Summer city, bathed in golden light, a simple secret, knowing no return THIS IS WHERE I WAS BORN"
  • Mystery - By The Tree
    "The day breaks you apart, you're broken from the night You're looking for the medicine to make the morning light You wake up and you wonder, does anybody care? We're living in a world that nobody wants"
  • 1 2 3 - Christian Walz
    "WALZHI WALZHI With the moment right future's bright Just another red light As I do swichin' to some Dee-Jay's playing too tight In my own room late afternoon I lay down to think it all out I'm the man"

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