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Mana Montana

  • Montana - Rocky Votolato
    "driving north on 35 heading into the night the suns getting easier for me to look at I've been singing these songs about you Montana for so long without ever even knowing it the things that you can't see if"
  • Montana song - Hank Williams
    "I'm going to Montana to spend the winterI hear the snows are deep up there and the winds are coldWay out there the blues will never find me oh I'm going to Montana to rest my soulI wish that special someone"
  • Montana Song - Hank Williams Jr.
    "I'm going to Montana to spend the winter I hear the snows are deep up there and the winds are cold Way out there the blues will never find me oh I'm going to Montana to rest my soul I wish that special"
  • Tokyo Montana - Dionysos
    "J'ai froid je pleure de la neige Et je ramasse tout a D'un coup de poignet plein de laine Je regarde le tout clignoter et fondre Comme une guirlande de nol Crevant sur mon pull... J'ai chaud, mes yeux"
  • Wild Montana Skies - Emmylou Harris
    "(John Denver) He was born in the Bitteroot Valley in the early morning rain Wild geese over the water, heading north and home again Bringin' a warm wind from the south, bringin' the first taste of the"
  • Moving To Montana - Will Haven
    "Packing our bags, longing for the fresh air Trapped in a landscape of too much No we can't ever make you pleased Now reproduce and build a home Embrace the faith! Our time filled, never to find one another, We're"
  • Montana - Frank Zappa
    "I might be movin' to Montana soon Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss Raisin' it up Waxen it down In a little white box That I can sell uptown By myself I wouldn't Have no boss, But I'd be raisin'"
  • Montana - Manic Street Preachers
    "Luddite lover Forgiving father Unhappy forever Live it to where you can Those skies must drive you wild This earth around you This silence around you Be with the sky tonight You've ruined more than you'll"
  • Montana - Slowride
    "techniques forgot things fall apart ignore your problems long enough just like a match it burns you down my songs compatable with yours but still you fight your stupid wars when you could drop your fists"
  • Montana - Venus Hum
    "Panic start it's 8o'clock 28 Mach 10 to get to the school on time Throw a dress on over my head Jump in my freedom ride Fill me up with sound The world sings with me a million smiles an hour I can see"
  • #icanteven (ft. French Montana) - The Neighbourhood
    "Just got cheated on, no it's not my day That's not my bitch, She's not my girl, She's not my babe My stomach's in pain I hope I don't throw up all over what you told But it hurts me to know I can't"
  • Losa (feat. Malik Montana) - Tovaritch
    "Płonie Gelato Celownik na masce v8 To mercedez benz W dłoni żelazo W głowie paranoje Tak jam Method Man i 50 Cent Widze jak patrzą W oczach ich zazdrość Self-made milioner Jestem jak alfons Wchodzę ja"
  • Skolko (feat. Malik Montana) - Jongmen
    "Skolko, Skolko how much? ile hajsu dać, dać? ciebie życie tylko nauczyło brać, brać cie interesuje tylko na co stać, stać tylko pierd* hajs Skolko, Skolko how much? ile hajsu dać, dać? ciebie życie tylko"
  • Loyal (ft. Lil Wayne & French Montana) - Chris Brown
    "I went to born last night I know this hoes ain’t right But you was blown up a phone last night But she ain’t have a ring on, her ring on last night, oh! Nigga, that’s that nerve Why give a bitch your heart? When"
  • Hey Montana - Eve 6
    "Hey Montana take your daughter back From the bathrooms evangalist bound She believes in destiny Her name's always misspelled Waitressing to pay the rent Drinks to quell the smell Of people breathing way"
  • I’m Up (Ft. Kid Ink & French Montana) - Omarion
    "Baby I'm the man, I'm up Couple hundred bands on the car Villa and a mansion, I'm that nigga I'm that nigga, I'm that nigga I'm with my niggas bring more bitches Girl, I got the mojo See you when you"
  • Montana Cowgirl - Emmylou Harris
    "(Ray Park) For many long years I've played a lone hand I rode my horse in many strange lands Until one day I stopped for awhile For two blue eyes and a sunny smile So howl away you old coyote I hear"
  • Tony Montana - Franks Enemy
    "Los otros latinos tienen a Ricky y Carlos Santana Pero nosotros un italiano llamado Cara Cortada No hay raza ni orgullo no jugamos ese juegito Tumbamos al mundo en los ochentas con el perico Lo merecemos"
  • Helena Montana - Terry Allen
    "Hey he stumbled from Some derelicts bar Throw out his hands An leaned on a car An pretty soon this girl Come up to him Said "hey how bout some fun now, Slim" Yeah he stuck his hand In his pocket An he"
  • Mata Montana - Mata
    "jak byłem mały to się zakochałem nie od braci Grimm tylko na Disney Channel były tam seriale które omijałem byłe jeden taki fajny który non stop oglądałem o takiej pięknej dziewczynie Hannah Montana"

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