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Manowar Brothers Of Metal Part

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Manowar Brothers Of Metal Part

  • Brothers Of Metal, Part 1 - Manowar
    "Slowly crossing as the river runs below Never stopping for whats waiting soon will slow And this last time looking back I'll see My home for he awaits me reaching for my soul.He calls my name,and waves"
  • Metal Warriors (Brothers Of Metal Part 2) - Manowar
    "Every one of us has heard the call Brothers of True Metal proud and standing tall We know the power within us has brought us to this hall There's magic in the metal there's magic is us all Heavy metal"
  • Brothers Of Metal - Manowar
    "Strike while the iron is hot Steel is strongest so say we all And if we all were not brothers of metal would we fall? No They tried to test our spirit They tasted steel before we were done Grinding their"
  • Metal Brothers - Cryonic Temple
    "They came to us and stole our gold They told us to fight for the mighty lord We raised our hands and we said no Co's we are free we will not go We are the ones, brothers of steel And we are proud we will"
  • Metal Warriors - Manowar
    "Every one of us has heard the call Brothers of True Metal proud and standing tall We know the power within us has brought us to this hall there's magic in the metal there's magic is us all Heavy metal"
  • Brothers - Capone-N-Noreaga
    "(Troy Outlaw) Lets get this shit perculating son u know Thugged Out entertainment coming at your motherfucking neighborhood Know what I'm saying, like a theater near you Troy Outlaw, Goldfingaz Capone-N-Noreaga"
  • Kings Of Metal - Manowar
    "(Joey DeMaio, Ross The Boss) Manowar Manowar living on the road When we're in town speakers explode We don't attract wimps 'cause we're too loud Just true metal people that's Manowar's crowd They wanna"
  • Die For Metal - Manowar
    "They can't stop us Let 'em try For heavy metal We will die! Quit my job this morning said forever I would hold my head up high Cause I need metal in my life Just like an eagle needs to fly So I walked"
  • Blood Brothers - Manowar
    "When the world turns you away A friend will not say no There is strength that we all have It's not the strength we show And in your darkest hour In your darkest nights Whatever life will do I am here"
  • Mckenzie Brothers Part 2 - Rednex
    "After the final battle , two miles north of Dog Head City, just where the river breaks up in to thoose beautiful cascades before it melts in to Rickies Lake, the McKenzie Brothers just captured the"
  • Manowar - Manowar
    "(R. Friedman/J. DeMaio) We met on English ground In a backstage room We heard the sound And we all knew What we had to do We called the high command Questedly to make a stand And in the field we grew And"
  • Metal Daze - Manowar
    "(J. DeMaio) I hear the sound In a metal way I feel the power Rolling on the stage 'Cause only one thing Really sets me free Heavy metal Loud as it can be Baby I was born to play music I am a man with"
  • Gloves Of Metal - Manowar
    "Hear the pounding army of the night The call of metal summons us tonight And gather we on this site To behold the power and the might We wear leather, we wear spikes, we rule the night Off with the lights,"
  • Army Of The Dead, Part I - Manowar
    "Raise thy weapons on this day Ye shall not die alone Fight and die let valkyries fly For they shall take thee home I promise thee that on this night Ye shall be by my side Asgard's halls await with"
  • Thug Brothers - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Big Pun, Noreaga) Yeah, Nore, Big Pun, Funk Flex A lot of ghetto things goin on right here Jess West, N.O.R.E., N.O.R.E. FUNKMASTER! Flex, Flex Big Punisher, Punisher We on some shit Thugs"
  • Brothers Keeper - Royce Da 5'9
    "{*Chorus fades in*} (Chorus: Royce - repeat 2X) I am my brother's keeper, the reason you in touch with the Reaper If I ain't the reason you bleedin is because you ain't give me a reason to slug you because"
  • Brothers - John Mellencamp
    "Let's get to the point now Just because we've got the same mom & dad That don't mean I'm your keeper That don't mean I owe anything to you You don't care for me And man, I don't think that much of you "
  • Heart of Steel (Manowar cover) - Ross the Boss
    "Build a fire A thousands miles away To light my long way home I ride a comet My trail is long to stay Silence is a heavy stone I fight the world And take all they can give There are times my heart hangs"
  • Brothers - Gamma Ray
    "My life, not yoursIs that alright no fightI don't wanna quit itNo way, is that okayNo don't you dare, don't you dareto touch it with your fingersYou sneak around, pull me downGimme no, gimme no, gimme"
  • Brothers - Brand New
    "So the airs getting colder and the news keeps us scared. I still wrestle this summer in the bones of our tired and blistered hands, cause tonight we got drinks with just a couple of friends and the girl"

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