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Manowar Hail To England

  • Hail To England - Manowar
    "(Joey DeMaio) Raise sails head for the open sea. With sails full of wind - our hearts Overflow with belief. The guest for the grail to England We sail, with our steel. We Bring what was lost. If Lives"
  • Manowar - Manowar
    "(R. Friedman/J. DeMaio) We met on English ground In a backstage room We heard the sound And we all knew What we had to do We called the high command Questedly to make a stand And in the field we grew And"
  • Hail And Kill - Manowar
    "(Joey DeMaio, Ross The Boss) Brothers I am calling from the valley of the kings With nothing to alone A dark march lies ahead, together we will ride Like thunder from the sky May your sword stay wet like"
  • England - Sparks
    "(Ron and Russell Mael) I've just come back from England With astounding, scientific sort of news There exist in England living creatures Much the same as me and you. Sure, it sounds fantastic though, But"
  • England - The Adicts
    "I hate this war Can't take any more It's a real gas How long does it last I don't wanna die for England I don't wanna die at all I I I I OOOO I I I I OOOO I got my uniform Now it's battle torn I'm wet"
  • England - Great Big Sea
    "We were far from the shores of England Far from our children and wives To play our hand in the Newfoundland Where the wind cuts like a knife We were far from the shores of England We shipped on board"
  • England - Angelic Upstarts
    "The red in the flag is the blood that was spilt in the way that your forefathers tell And never a country been so great The stories Britannia could tell I never want to live my life away from the golden"
  • England - Jimmy Buffett
    "I have watched as the sun went down I have crashed as the room spun around Now she's gone, she can't be found And I'm down where I've been before Sat and watched as she walked out the door Can't explain"
  • England - Bloc Party
    "Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo The kids are restless Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo They just need something to do Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo From Illford to Ladywell The streets have become cruel He said I will not listen And I"
  • Hail - Anouk
    "They say that sometimes you've got to pick up arms and fight for what you believe is right some say that's just not the way you will only make things worse so I close my eyes and I turn my head away and"
  • Hail, Hail - Harem Scarem
    "Haunted by your slide You thought you were on your climb The open door shut tight Braving our misfortunes day and night Falling down from faulty spines All dry rivers in my dying thirst for you And you"
  • Hail hail - Pearl Jam
    "Ah is there room for both of us both of us apart? are we bound out of obligation? is that all we've got? i hear the words and then I get to thinking i don't wanna think i wanna feel how do i feel? how"
  • Hail, Hail - Eddie Vedder
    "Is there room enough for both of us? Both of us apart? Are we bound out of obligation? is that all we got? (I)Get the words and then I get to thinking I don't want to think I wanna feel How do I feel? How"
  • Heart of Steel (Manowar cover) - Ross the Boss
    "Build a fire A thousands miles away To light my long way home I ride a comet My trail is long to stay Silence is a heavy stone I fight the world And take all they can give There are times my heart hangs"
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Manowar cover) - Sabaton
    "See the white light The light within Be your own disciple Fan the sparks of will For all of us waiting Our kingdom has come Rays of power shining Rays of magic fall On the golden voice that speaks"
  • Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll - Garland Jeffreys
    "Pockets of hate, rockets of love It's never too late, the change in the color of The color of her, the color of him It really doesn't matter what skin you're in Big yellow taxi cap passed me by Stopped"
  • Hail Horror Hail - Sigh
    "in my head... the laughter comes again and the voices that compel me to hunt ...to think the unthinkable... I wait for the dark, weapons at my side talons of demons from which you can't hide I look for"
  • New England - Big D And The Kids Table
    "well i've already been to Paris, i've already been to Rome but what did i do but miss my home oh new england i went out west to Californ but i missed the land where i was born i can't help it oh new england i've"
  • New England - Red Box
    "In house and health Make a little bit, break a little bit In skint and wealth Weep a little bit, keep a little bit In book and pen Up another rung, down another rung And now and then you fall And I break"
  • Manchester England - Hair
    "Manchester England England Across the Atlantic Sea And I'm a genius genius I believe in God And I believe that God Believes in Claude That's me that's me Claude Hooper Bukowski Finds that it's groovy To"

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