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Manowar Number

  • Manowar - Manowar
    "(R. Friedman/J. DeMaio) We met on English ground In a backstage room We heard the sound And we all knew What we had to do We called the high command Questedly to make a stand And in the field we grew And"
  • Number 1 - Manowar
    "We belong to the world we belong to the wind We are the spirit of the competition's end Turning hours into days burning muscles feel the pain The heart and soul of discipline my friends We are sending"
  • Number One - Manowar
    "We Belong To The World We Belong To The Wind We Are The Spirit Of The Competition's End Turning Hours Into Days Burning Muscles Feel The Pain The Heart And Soul Of Discipline My Friends We Are Sending"
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Manowar cover) - Sabaton
    "See the white light The light within Be your own disciple Fan the sparks of will For all of us waiting Our kingdom has come Rays of power shining Rays of magic fall On the golden voice that speaks"
  • Heart of Steel (Manowar cover) - Ross the Boss
    "Build a fire A thousands miles away To light my long way home I ride a comet My trail is long to stay Silence is a heavy stone I fight the world And take all they can give There are times my heart hangs"
  • Number - The Bear Quartet
    "come new year's day's morning now what did you promise this time? can you remember what accidentally slipped your mind? no more degrading or humiliating stunts? what were you saying before you pulled down"
  • Number - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "I got a number in my pocket Keep it in my wallet, right on my hip When my paycheck's steady, I'm damn good and ready I toll it up to my lip, and I go to the moon I got my foot down on the throttle Hands"
  • Number One Gun - Number One Gun
    "I know you had to go It's too late to turn back And I know you're so far away It's too bad all the things that you might say I saw the way you move You never stop to notice what you have You saw the way"
  • Secret Of Steel - Manowar
    "Atop the mountain, where the river of steel flows Black is the forest, white was the snow. There as children, how could children know? One without name or number soon would show. There stood he, on his"
  • The Warrior's Prayer - Manowar
    "- Grandfather, tell me a story ! - Alright, go and get your storybook - No, no, not one of those, a real story ! - A real story ? - Yes, tell me about when you were a boy. - Well, then I shall have to"
  • Warrior's prayer - Manowar
    "Grandfather, tell my a story! Alright, go and get your storybook. No, No, not one of those, a real story! A real story? Yes, tell me about when you were a boy. Well, then, I shall have to take you back"
  • Number One - The Rutles
    "Number One, Number One (Number One, Number One!) You're my Number One (You're my Number One!) You're my second-to-none (You're my second-to-none!) Number One, Number One (Number One, Number One, oooo!) One"
  • Number One - Rutles
    "Number one, number one You're my number one You're my second to none Number one, number one Wooo! One and one make two and I look after you Number one, number one You're my number one Wooo! When I fell"
  • Number One - Kelly Clarkson
    "na [3x] ohhh boy do you know what it takes to be with me. oh I think i do know what it takes. see girl with alittle time ohhh I could be your Number one my number one the one to stand by"
  • Peculiar Number - The Abyssinians
    "I wouldn't like to be there, no I wouldn't like to be, no Inna this number It's a familiar number (kind of people) Inna this number It's a familiar number (kind of people) Eight million careless"
  • Number One - Baccara
    "Baccara Miscellaneous Number One Since i can remember I've been dreaming Dreams have been Loved by everyone I was a girl In my own world The only friends i had Then were my family I've heard people's Eyes"
  • Number one - Initial D
    "You're lookin' out for fun(fun)get your satisfaction(you crazy)ready for emotion(are you ready for lovin'?)here comes your number one(hey)let me be your lover(you kiddin')got to ride the tiger(gimme now)gimme"
  • Number One - Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
    "You were conceived at the right time everything about you blows my mind Thought I'd been in love before now I just got my foot in that door now There's never been anyone like you for me All the rest have"
  • Number Two - They Might Be Giants
    "If you need a friend, you know what to do You can count on me,'cause I'm the Number Two One day at the beach, the next at the zoo I'm always around, I'm the Number Two Two arms to hold ya, two legs for"
  • Wrong Number - Tong Vfang Xien Qi
    "(HERO) Harue yoldubonshik jonhwalgoro hwaginhago (XIAH) Ojjoda tonghwajungiltaemyon gwaenhan uishimuro Non to mesejil namgyonwa (MICKY) I shigane daeche nugugillae jonhwalhae Itjido anhun yojal sangsanghae"

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