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Marc Anthony Nada Personal

  • Nada Personal - Marc Anthony
    "Vienes cada da destrozada A comentarme que te duelen tantas cosas Que l te engaa, que te hiere, que te miente Que no sabes si le amas o razonas Siempre el hecho es que soy yo el que te escucha Y muchas"
  • Nada Personal - Soda Stereo
    "Comunicación sin emoción Una voz en off con expresión deforme Busco algo que me saque este mareo Busco calor en esa imagen de video Nada, nada personal Nada, nada personal Ella no puede pensar, esta"
  • Rain Over Me (feat. Marc Anthony) - Pitbull
    "Girl my body don't lie I'm outta my mind Let it rain over me I'm rising so high Out of my mind So let it rain over me Ay ay ay Let it rain over me Ay ay ay Let it rain over me Always a new million Voli's"
  • Felices los 4 (ft. Marc Anthony) - Maluma
    "Apenas sale es los y tu te vac con corrigendo se que pensaras qque esto me esta doliendo y no estroy pensando en lo que esstas hacienda si somo algo y asi no quweramos si conmigo te quedas o con otro"
  • No Me Ames(Duet With Marc Anthony) - Jennifer Lopez
    "No Me Ames(Duet with Marc Anthony) Lyrics Dime por qu lloras De felicidad Y por qu te ahogas Por la soledad Di por qu me tomas, fuerte as, mis manos, y tus pensamientos te van llevando Yo te quiero tanto Y"
  • Personal - Stars
    "Wanted single F Under 33 Must enjoy the sun Must enjoy the sea Sought by single M Mrs. Destiny Send photo to address Is it you and me? Reply to single M My name is Caroline Cell phone number here Call"
  • I Feel So Free With You (feat. Britney Spears, Marc Anthony) - Pitbull
    "Pitbull na początku czerwca 2018 roku przyznał w jednym z wywiadów, że przygotował nowa piosenkę o tytule "I Feel So Free With You", zdradził też, że jest ona owocem współpracy z Britney Spears i Marca"
  • Anthony - Nickel Creek
    "Anthony, Anthony Oh, he said he can't love me But I think he can Yes, I think he can I told him that just before he ran Just before he ran Mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm And he's not lookin' back He's not lookin'"
  • Mi Diario Personal - Jarabe De Palo
    "Hoy no he escrito nada en mi diario personal no haba nada personal que escribir en mi diario y entre pginas en blanco no he sabido que escribir nada que decir. Mi diario personal tan pequeo y tan legal donde"
  • Personal - Craig David
    "Anything you want from me I'll do but first Let's get personal personal personal personal let's get personal personal personal personal personal with you We're sittin' havin' dinner at your parent's"
  • Personal - The Spinto Band
    "I dont want to lose you baby, I just dont want to have you baby, Dont take it Personal Baby, You always knew that I impolite, No one said that you were crazy, But i never liked the looks you gave"
  • Personal - Ice T
    "Emcee's no time out,it's time to rhyme out You've dug your own grave,now you must climb out Dig out,crawl out,hide from the fallout 'Cause when I get mad I go all out ICE cooler than the coldest cube,dude And"
  • Personal - Ice-T
    "Emcee's no time out,it's time to rhyme out You've dug your own grave,now you must climb out Dig out,crawl out,hide from the fallout 'Cause when I get mad I go all out ICE cooler than the coldest cube,dude"
  • Personal - HRVY
    "I don’t know why’d do this to me You're so cold you’d be playing like yeah!!!!! I got told danger follows every where you go But i still be like yeah!!!!! this the part where I'm gonna get hurt I"
  • Personal - E-40
    "(feat. D-Shot, Suga-T., The Mossie & LeVitti) I gets a phone call about a neighbor Daylight savings time seven o'clock at night Three-way conversation 40-Water family member, cousin "Dude did you receive"
  • Personal - Fergie
    "La-Da-Da-Da La Da Da Da (Sean Kingston) Ring ring Who's calling? That's my baby girl on the phone (girl on the phone) She says she needs some space and she wanna leave me alone But I'm not tripping cos"
  • "Personal" - Aya Ueto
    "Nee konna koto tsudukete ite mo Shiawase wa mitsukaru no kana? Tarinai mono kazoete mite mo Kiri ga nai no wakatteru yo Shinario toori nante Umaku iku wakenai kara Toki ni wa zenbu nagedashitaku naru Sonna"
  • Mrs. Nitro - Zoe
    "Hey miss, a dónde vas con el vampiro bipolar? estilizando amor, ajenjo fino y cegador y seductor. Un poco de sangre pa' teir la soledad, psame la rabia de tus besos. Mrs. Nitroglicerina detona mis circuitos"
  • Lord Anthony - Belle And Sebastian
    "Anthony, bullied at school Get your own back now you are cool Or are you scared bunking off though you're a toff (?) It's all gone wrong again, you've got Double Math But the teacher's got no control"
  • Anthony Boy - Chuck Berry
    "Eight olock in the morning And I movin?on out to school; With an open book and a sleepy look, The teacher can be fooled. I take a pass in an early class, The teacher will never know, That I postponed my"

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