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Margaret thenk you very match

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Margaret thenk you very match

  • Margaret - Marillion
    "O' you go the high road an' I'll take the low road, an' I'll be in Scotland before ye for me and my true love we'll never walk again on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. You'll take the acid an'"
  • Margaret - Chocolate Spoon
    "Margaret, Margaretbring back your future days to melet us find our wayin the mirror of your dreamsI wanna be a treein the jungle of your dream. Margaret, Margaretbring back your future days to meAin't"
  • Margaret - Edie Carey
    "Hearing her voice was like hearing the future so i covered my ears cuz i didn't want to hear her and just the same words come spilling out of my mouth looking at her is like looking in the mirror so i"
  • Thenk you, Lord - Bob Marley
    "Thank you, Lord, for what you've done for me. Thank you, Lord, for what you're doing now. Thank you, Lord, for ev'ry little thing. Thank you, Lord, for you made me sing. Say I'm in no competition,"
  • Thank You Very Much - Margaret
    "Space calling earth again Say: What? Houston this is the end We’re lost Tick tick tick tack Time’s up Station is shutting down I guess, bad luck Barberalla meets Godzilla Since you invited both, cling"
  • Dear Margaret - The Kinks
    "Dear Margaret I beg of you Dear Margaret gonna tell on you Don't want to be patronized By those lying eyes Dear Margaret I wanted you You're warming me up So you can leave me cold Kissin' up to"
  • Margaret Anne - Goldfinger
    "Now once again, they never seem to listen much at all Once again, they always seem to make you feel so small. Margaret ann I know you sometimes worry. I know you want everything right I know you want"
  • Margaret Ann - Goldfinger
    "Now once again They never seem to listen much at all Once again They always seem to make you feel so small Margaret Ann I know you sometimes worry I know you want everything right And you want to"
  • Very - Moby
    "You would never make it Inside , oh inside Love you won't be alone Inside, oh inside Pain It's cold out there So come inside So come inside Pain It's warm in here So come inside So come inside How we"
  • Match Game - Otis Redding
    "Come on honey let's play the match game You strike me and I'll be the flame Girl you start the biggest fire When you touch me I'm like a likewire You burn a tattoo on my arms I can't feel the fire But"
  • Casual Match - Suzanne Vega
    "I only turned to see What hand had set this inner field alight Against the flame I see The outline of a man against a night Take back your sympathy I do not need to drink that bitter stuff I'd rather"
  • Perfect Match - A-Teens
    "A-TEENS Miscellaneous Perfect Match You spend your money on diamonds and pearls I'd sell my car (just) to travel the world I look broke baby - you got flash But even so we're a perfect match You're"
  • Perfect match - Caesars Palace
    "In another dimension, in another existence, some other person who is totally different This might just work out fine It might work out between you and me We might be lovers there We might just be a perfect"
  • Perfect Match - Triggerfinger
    "And like is: Doctor, It’s burning something deep inside I tell you but I don’t want to hurt your proud I’ve to feel that you’ve done something wrong Floating in… There’s something in there a … Steaming"
  • Perfect Match - Tammy Wynette
    "Well I look across my morning cup of coffee and see an angel smiling back at me And I think of how your loving seems to fit just like a glove And your disposition suits me to a T And nothing gives me greater"
  • Dog match - Eve
    "Ugh! (Whoa) Ugh!(Woo!) Ugh! Ugh! (Arf! Arf! Arf!) Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Now for every real dog There's that bitch that's behind him That bitch that when that nigga get to missin' She gon' find him Old girl"
  • Perfect Match - Cella Dwellas
    "Perfect combination Ain't no other relationship Like this I know we're gonna last forever At the edge of my bed I sit back and reminisce Long talks and walks and also your soft kiss We went shopping at"
  • Perfect match - A Teens
    "You spent your money on diamonds and pearlsI'd see my car to travel the worldI look broke bay you get flashBut even so we're a perfect matchYou're into fashion, dinners and artI know "the South Park" series"
  • Come Back Margaret - Camera Obscura
    "Come back Margaret he wants to adore you Come back Margaret I'd like to explore you Can't you see the tears in my eyes? With love for him I disguise I like the free days with no expectations I like it"
  • Margaret in Captivity - The Decemberists
    "I have snipped your wingspan My precious captive swan Here all clipped of (?) Your spirit won't last long Don't you lift a finger Don't you snap and jaw Limber limbs akimbo Rest till rubbing raw"

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