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Marghani awake

  • Awake - Godsmack
    "Yeah! Wait another minute Can't you see what this pain Has fucking done to me? I'm alive and still kicking What you see I can't see And maybe You'll think before you speak I'm alive For you I'm awake Because"
  • Awake - Prophecy
    "Reveal to me The mysteries Can you tell me what it means? Explain these motions and metaphors Unlock these secrets in me Describe the visions The meaning is missing Won't anybody listen? Define the riddles"
  • Awake - Finch
    "One devotion to an empty moment. Can't you stay tonight? Silence broken with words unspoken. Now she's on her knees (no more) "Feeling so useless, can I beg for one more?" she said Taking with arms wide"
  • Awake - Letters To Cleo
    "I guess it's been awhile And a long time too Everything's still the same And so are you It's only in this light that I could see what you'd be like If it took a million years well this is what I am You're"
  • Awake - Breaking Benjamin
    "wait another minute Can't you see what this pain has fucking done to me I'm alive and still kicking What you see I can't see and maybe you'll think before you speak I'm alive, For you I'm awake Because"
  • Awake - Bianca Ryan
    "Lost in the crowd Where forever I'll never be seen Shouting out loud Gotta find a way out of this dream, mhmmmm Cause I don't want to hide not from the world outside Today my eyes are open wide And now"
  • Awake - One Side Zero
    "So sorry, whisper all night, I lay here deep in silent plight, My head consumes the light, Too much thought my life's evolving, I wish that I could buy, Another world thats all grown up, Inherit sleepless"
  • Awake - Bloodgood
    "There's evil in the air, there're voices everywhere And yet you lie asleep you fools, Awake! My time is drawing short, your faith will soon abort And yet your eyes are closed you fools, Awake! They're"
  • Awake - Crematory
    "Dreams that once found their destiny Soar above carried by sorrow The passage I once Followed bstructed by barriers Used up all the knowledge forgotten dreams turn to illusion Now that you are awake Now"
  • Awake - Green Lizard
    "Floating in the storm Paralyzed my fears I try to scream out loud There's no one left to hear I'm falling through the earth It's consuming me alive No reasons to press on No reason to survive I awake In"
  • Awake - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    "Wanna feel what I touch Wanna find what was lost Wanna be kind As you see every curse And in a dream it'll work Now you'll feel tied Wanna praise with this life And conceal without lies I just need time Wanna"
  • Awake - Enemy You
    "Endless competition is this life that we have made My neighbours and my friends are all cought up in the charade In the morning they'll awake just to face another day Another night, another day, they're"
  • Awake - Panic Channel
    "A break in the fighting Under desert stars "I'll wait for you" She said But she couldn't know What could come home I stay awake and Make no mistake I I fight this war for you Hey Was it worth all this? Was"
  • Awake - Sometimes Never
    "I remember innocence Like it was yesterday Like it might come back to tomorrow I remember being so small Nothing mattered at all The years seemed to last forever If only growing old was just a dream I"
  • Awake - Graveworm
    "Dying I scream for life But your eyes are sleeping forever now Wondering what's to come I remember the light of your life Silence shadows of life Sleeping into eternal time Darkness revenge on earth My"
  • Awake - Asia
    "(Downes/Payne) (Adapted from 'The Rubaiyat' of Omar Khayyam) "The dawning of a brand new day The waking of the whispers say: That sleeping heavens will return In deepest night the secret learned And from"
  • Awake - Onesidezero
    "so sorry whisper all night, I lay here deep in silent plight my head consumes the light, too much thought my life's evolving I wish that I could buy, another world thats all grown up inherit sleepless"
  • Awake - Pillar
    "Midnight I've fallen fast asleep Daylight I can't remember anything So many questions that get in the way About the place I keep sleeping awake So wake me and tell me what you see Let me walk with"
  • Awake - Triinu Kivilaan
    "Sittin here and feeling abandoned Trying hard to hide my tears away I switched the light off and turn the key forever When everything seemed to be perfect I thought it would last a while But life changes,"
  • Awake - Secondhand Serenade
    "With every appearance by you, blinding my eyes, I can hardly remember the last time I felt like I do. You're an angel disguised. And you're lying real still, But your heart beat is fast just like mine. And"

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