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Mari Nixon Pać

  • Nixon - Crime in Stereo
    "So it came to pass that I'd stayed with you long after they had left. But now you pace the hall, talking to the oil portraits along the walls. I know you did what you did, but I was just a kid. So don't"
  • Mari? - Roberto Vecchioni
    "passato anche il tempo peggiore passato anche il tempo creduto migliore passato fischiando, come il treno per Yuma; sollevando la polvere, un fiore, una spina, una piuma. Serenata leggera, che leggera"
  • MARI - Bartek Wrona
    "nie zdążyłaś znowu zamknąć drzwi prosta pościel ze mnie znowu drwi ty wyjeżdżasz, ale jesteś tu czuje dotyk, czuje zapach twój powiedziałaś, jesteś tylko mój ty wyjeżdżasz, a ja jestem tu niebo jest kiedy"
  • Nixon - Tiger Lou
    "This is how it feels to be special I wanted to kill you the next day I feel bad I feel bad I feel better I wanted to kill you the next day I say twice I say thrice I say four times I wanted to kill you"
  • Buckle Down With Nixon - Oscar Brand
    "Buckle down with Nixon, buckle down We can win with Nixon if we buckle down We can always fight When we know we're right And we know we're right, so buckle down Make 'em yell for Nixon, make 'em yell We"
  • Mari Mac - Great Big Sea
    "There's a neat little lass and her name is Mari Mac Make no mistake, she's the girl I'm gonna track Lot of other fellas try to get her on her back But I'm thinking that they'll have to get up early Chorus Mari"
  • Mari Amor - Karel Gott
    "Jako dt s ofinou miloval jsem nevinou M, M, amor. Ptvali se nade mnou, pro mm v och tajemnou zi, zi mm. A j o tom, ven, zachovvm mlen amor, amor, a-a-amor. Miloval jsem potichu dvod svho ostychu M, M,"
  • Sam Nixon - Jade Anderson
    "A seen that boy and he caught my eye Took all my strength for me not to cry Everytime I see him on TV, wish that he could be there for me Its just a crush, thats all it is But if I had, one last wish I"
  • The '68 Nixon - John Denver
    "Hi there voters, how do you feel? Tired of the same old vote appeal? Well look who's back with a brand new style A brand new look and a brand new smile It's the '68 Nixon, everything is new A brand"
  • Papa achete moi un mari - Dalida
    "Papa achte moi un mari Un beau jeune homme, un beau jeune homme Papa achte moi un mari Qui soit riche et qui soit gentil Il faut aussi qu'il soit fidle Mais surtout pas qu'il soit jaloux Pour ses amis"
  • Mari Maria Sudu-Deli-Dei - Oddvar Torsheim
    "Kom Mari Maria sudu-deli-dei no tek me ein svingom og dansar i vei no gr vi p golvet og lagar sthei eg har kjend deg i fr du vart fdd og viss vi ikkje dansar Sudu-deli-dei fr vi finne p noko anna! , Mari"
  • Postcards From Richard Nixon - Elton John
    "(Music by Elton John, lyrics by Bernie Taupin) We heard Richard Nixon say, welcome to the USA The common sense I sometimes lack Has opened up a seismic crack We've fallen in and I can't pull back And"
  • The love of Richard Nixon - Manic Street Preachers
    "The world on your shoulders The love of your mother The fear of the future The best years behind you The world is getting older The times they fall behind you The need it still grows stronger The best"
  • She Smiles Like Richard Nixon - Bad Examples
    "Bad Examples Bad Is Beautiful She Smiles Like Richard Nixon She smiles like richard nixon Walks like bridgette bardot And i love her, but i can't trust her Want her, can't let her know And she comes Dressed"
  • Heres To The State Of Richard Nixon - Phil Ochs
    "I Ain't Marching Anymore Phil Ochs Written by Phil Ochs and Bob Gibson Oh, I marched to the battle of New Orleans At the end of the early British war The young land started growin' The young blood started"
  • Pace - Sophia
    "We sleep all day And wonder where our lives have gone Sneak into the night And hope the lack of light will hide our flaws Well we can bitch and we can moan And we can curse the days we're born Or we"
  • Pace - Stereomud
    "start the count and assume the pace its all about reality and once you give you what you seem can you bring it, can u bring it, CAN YOU BRING IT staint anytime where PACE i'll take back to the place"
  • Ven paca - Zuby Nehty
    "kdesi za vky zaho svky nevm jestli je noc anebo jestli den zdli z rozhlasu jako sen slym zm hlas mluv panlsky a volaj na m a u jdu honem rychle ven honem rychle rychle utkejte sem nevhejte pospchejte nechte"
  • In Pace - Sarah Brightman
    "Diligite justitiam, o judices terrae, o judices terrae. Justorum animae in manu Dei sunt, et non tanget illos tormentum mortis. Visi sunt oculis insapientium mori, et aestimata est afflictio exi tus"
  • My Pace - Bleach
    "Hitotsu kazoete susumeba ii Futatsu kazoeteyasumeba ii Mitsu kazoete kangaereba ii My pace de susumereba ii Toki no nagare Tori nokosare Aseru kimochi wo wasureru nakare Mobou na chousen shosen muda to Warete"

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