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Marillion Incommunicado

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Marillion Incommunicado

  • Incommunicado - Marillion
    "(Dick/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) I'd be really pleased to meet you if I could remember your name But I got problems of the memory ever since I got a winner in the fame game I'm a citizen of Legoland"
  • Incommunicado - Fish
    "I'd be really pleased to meet you if only I could remember your name But I got problems with my memory ever since I got a winner in the fame game I'm a citizen of Legoland travellin' Incommunicado And"
  • Incommunicado - Jimmy Buffett
    "Travis McGee's still in Cedar Key That's what John McDonald said My rendezvous so long overdue With all of the things I've sung and read They still apply to me, they all make sense in time But now I'm"
  • Incommunicado - Harvey Danger
    "I wish the words would fail me just for once (just once) Keep incommunicado (don't say a word) Look for the present tense and come to my senses (come pick me up) Just like a despera-a-ado We talked for"
  • Wrapped Up In Time - Marillion
    "Things come wrapped up in time Like the past in a present Or the perfect line in a song They take their time And when they're gone They take their time with them And you can't have them back Because"
  • Nothing Fills The Hole - Marillion
    "I wanted it til I got it I wanted it til I got it Believed in it til I saw it I needed it til I had it I guess I live to regret it I dreamed of it til I got it Believed in it til I saw it I needed it til"
  • Woke Up - Marillion
    "Woke up in a city that doesn't sleep Full of rain You woke me up Woke up in a city down by the sea Like a dream You woke me up I woke up in a city full of snow And history and beauty and Christmas-lights"
  • Trap The Spark - Marillion
    "The love that pounds your heart through your chest every night Until the bed jumps beneath you and scares you white Trap the spark and hold it there You can't. You can't Goose-bumps that don't fade"
  • A State Of Mind - Marillion
    "He looked down from the airplane A crack in the clouds opened up he saw a garden of Eden An island in the sea Starin at the birth of creation The earth and the people living, growing, naturally A state"
  • Happiness Is The Road - Marillion
    "The greatest blessing that we have Is the dawn of each new day A chance to finish what we started And made a mess of yesterday As day comes out of night A chance to get it right A chance to start again A"
  • Thunder Fly - Marillion
    "The little corn flies are messing with my nerve endings Just like you My little corn fly She comes with the sunlight and the perfect summer days And she never stays Just like you My corn fly The little"
  • The Man From The Planet Marzipan - Marillion
    "I am the man from the planet Marzipan Good to see you My eyes are screwed up tight, unaccustomed to the light And all my arms and all my legs are much too long Much too long My head is in a state, unaccustomed"
  • Asylum Satellite 1 - Marillion
    "It said in the paper that 90% of the universe went missing this morning Tonight I lost 90% of what was left.. They send us up here to get us out of the way We worry, and they don't like what we say Seems"
  • Older Than Me - Marillion
    "She's older than me I don't care about them talking Why can't they see I've got all that I need All the pretty young things Seem suddenly boring When I look in her eyes All the world is behind Every"
  • Throw Me Out - Marillion
    "In our house Twos a crowd You threw me out Of my own life You seem want to be a friend In our house Twos a crowd No more trouble No more strife You seem to be at your wits end I tore apart my oldest friend How"
  • Half The World - Marillion
    "When youre driving through the city I hope all your lights are green And the boy you choose to live with Well, I hope hes never mean When you stop a while to think I hope your thoughts dont drag you down When"
  • Whatever Is Wrong With You? - Marillion
    "We need to talk.. About the way you've been behaving We need to talk.. About the Christmas lights in your clothes We need to talk.. About the stranger in the kitchen We need to talk.. About the scissors"
  • Especially True - Marillion
    "I gazed upon you from the bleachers A creature so foreign to me With the stars and the stripes wrapped around you Well how could I know there was England below? I gazed upon you and I wondered Cheerleader"
  • Real Tears For Sale - Marillion
    "Such a pretty girl The anger didn't hide it You shaved your head, pulled a face Dressed yourself up without grace It didn't hide a lifetime's damage It didn't hide a lifetime's fears Against your better"
  • Insomnia - Marillion
    "Curl up tight into a ball Curl my body against the soil Staring up here At the cathedral wall I will sleep tonight Be a baby. forget it all Be a baby watch the quiet stones Massive friend cathedral wall I"

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