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Marillion Pseudo Silk Kimono

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Marillion Pseudo Silk Kimono

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Marillion Pseudo Silk Kimono
  • Marillion Pseudo Silk Kimono
    "(Dick/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) Huddled in the safety of a pseudo silk kimono Wearing bracelets of smoke, naked of understanding Nicotine smears, long, long dried tears, invisible tears Safe in my"
  • Fish Pseudo Silk Kimono
    "Huddled in the safety of a pseudo silk kimono Wearing bracelets of smoke, naked of understanding Nicotine smears, long, long dried tears, invisible tears Safe in my own words, learning from my own words Cruel"
  • Alain Bashung Kimono
    "Kimono et coca-cola Du sak chaud Osaka Des guincheries avec les geishas Japon t'es pas tout fait a T'es pas tout fait a (Bis) Une viking toute nue dans Stockholm Et du sexe qui sent bon l'cadum L'aquavit"
  • Slime Pseudo
    "Ich bin ein Pseudo, das ist mir so bewut Doch wer ist das Original, htt' ich gern mal von dir gewut Ich bin 'ne Kopie, das ist mir so klar Doch wei ich immer noch nicht, wer der Erste war Ich bin ein Pseudo,"
  • Cephalic Carnage Pseudo
    "All our lives growing up, we are taught to respect the laws of life: Honor they mother and father. Listen politely when others talk. Be prompt. Never disrespect your elders. Never lie. Put forth your best"
  • Emanon Pseudo
    "Death to the fake who be faking about they stake and mistaken that EMANON is not flexing the raw Real recognize that whenever we enterprise we enter to mesmorize All the suckers and y'all Better be"
  • Franek Kimono Sweet Kimono
    "Don't cry, Mona Lisa I'm sweet Kimono Piano, piano, bambina Cara mia, carina. Come va, comment a va Va bene, bambina? Let me, let me, let me cry Senza te, carina Come va, comment a va Mi piace bambina Let"
  • Rachel Stevens Silk
    "Dangerous is you to me, addicted I sure am Lock me up and keep me from this devil's master plan It mystifies me how you drive me crazy with a kiss Spellbound, boy, I still dream of this I like the way"
  • Velvet Eden Silk
    "hizamazuita boku no mae de anata wa naze warau no shizuku no ato tadorinagara anata wa azawarau no kirei na bara ni wa kanarazu toge ga aru tsumesaki karamete silk ni mi o makase nemurasete zankokusa o"
  • Headplate Silk
    "I cant let go It's like the air I breathe I cant say no 'Cause what you speak is true You must know I'm a part of what you have done I never will, give up and watch you go My heart stand still"
  • Linea 77 You kimono
    "All I need, all I need... Ecstasy.... Coffee flavour and strawberry machine and my misery... Burn me when I?m too cold, Kill me when I?m on top. You can, you can. All I need, all I need, all I need..."
  • Oysterhead Pseudo Suicide
    "Gasoline Vaseline Benzene Aphetamine All the chemicals in between There ain't no cure for suicide Knew a man He went to jail His momma couldn't raise the bail Found him dangling in his cell There ain't"
  • Boris Pseudo-Bread
    "Mornin' and dizzy Shaken and awaken Not such a good start my head not very clear Starvin' and lookin' Kicken' at these empty boxes Where's my cereal? No room for cherry-pickin'. Crampin' reason Floodin'"
  • Skankin' Pickle Pseudo Punk
    "We wrote this song to be psuedo punk But someone said that it really stunk So we changed the words just a little bit And now it sounds completely like shit In this song I like to scream real loud I try"
  • Silk Silk - Tonight - Please Dont Go
    "Please don't go Away from me Never leave Oh no Please don't go Say you'll love me so So I will know Baby, please don't go If I could just explain The death of all my name My tears would fall like rain,"
  • Suziquatro Savage Silk
    "(Chapman-Chinn) Streamline, goldmine, nighttime, summertime, feeling fine Saturation point is reached by nine Your circulation elevated mine I was a bar room baby. Let out of my cage for you A celuloid"
  • Melon Cravin Silk Sunflowers
    "just because she hides her eyes doesn't mean she's crying just as sure as winter comes shouldn't mean her love is dying you can feel the sun shining down even in december i see your candle flickering it"
  • Suzi Quatro Savage silk
    "Streamline, goldmine, nighttime, summertime, feeling fineSaturation point is reached by nineYour circulation elevated mineI was a bar room baby. Let out of my cage for youA celuloid slave. Once arranged"
  • Jessie J Sexy Silk
    "Boy, I will be your sexy silk Wrap me around, 'round, 'round, 'round I'll be your pussycat licking at your milk Right now down, down, down Oh, a kiss can last all night! You'll have to seduce me, nibble"
  • Ugly Duckling Abigail silk
    "Now every day I been listening to "Love Supreme"I mean I've fallen in deep like a submarineI mean she's not a fashion model or the queen of the promOr a voluptuous blonde who hangs with James BondBut she's"

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