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Marillion The Rakes Progress

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Marillion The Rakes Progress

  • The Rakes Progress - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) What do you do when your roots have dissolved and broken down And the soil that you grew in when you were small Has become nothing more than dirt in some dirty"
  • Progress - Pedro The Lion
    "Here we have our dust free dining set We guarentee it won't collect a spec Freeing up the children to instead Grow into your molding Heed more of your scolding Go early to their new self-making beds It"
  • Progress - Bad Religion
    "And progress is not intelligently planned It's the facade of our heritage The odor of our land They speak of progress In red, white and blue It's the structure of the future As demise comes seething through It's"
  • Progress - Sparks
    "When the sun goes down and it's a brand new night New ways of standing out are tried and tried Bigger and bigger is your appetite A sense of progress is in the air I'm an all new design With an all synthetic"
  • Progress - Crashdog
    "Sear the guilt throbbing in our heads, now we sleep in our blood beds. Rid ourselves of God, the crutch, our broken legs don't hurt so much. Reaching forward, falling back, the more we progress, the more"
  • Progress - So Many Dynamos
    "Single cell, single celled organisms orchestrate And synthesize and mutate We have digits, we have organs, let us Here is the process, we cannot stop the progress There is fiction in our fission There"
  • Progress - Michael Giles
    "In a hurry and a rush Why are we moving so fast People running everywhere For a ticket to travel second class Destination Travelling on to a western station Communication in the air Where the energy"
  • Progress - Mordred
    "Into the grey sky Blackness is blown From this great machine breathing smoke Hammering pistons Churning of gears Furnace of coals remain stoked Roar of a turbine Scream of a jet Man's dream to learn"
  • Progress - Midnight Oil
    "Say yes to a real life ambition, say yes to our hopes and our plans Forget about your indecision, let's get the beast off our land A tree that can grow no longer, a beach that has got no sand I would pay"
  • Progress - Jack Bruce
    "We used to walk those golden streets But where's the glitter gone? The times we knew falling back into blue From this moment on We used to sail such silver seas But they have lost their glow The days"
  • Progress - Ian Thomas
    "We are fighting for the pride of the nationWe are fighting for a better conditionWe are fighting in the name of religionAnd the world is sick with starvationIt's an honour it's a matter of traditionIt's"
  • Progress - MuteMath
    "Pulling your confidence through Some courage is well overdue I believe solely in all your promise Why waste a second in doubt You could be helping you out Keeping your head in the clear Like an instrument"
  • Progress - Mute Math
    "Pulling your confidence through Some courage is well overdue I believe solely in all your promise Why waste a second in doubt You could be helping you out Keeping your head in the clear Like an"
  • Progress - RxBandits
    "now you're thinking i'm so stupid, that's allright you don't know just what you're saying and in due time what i'm going through, well i don't care and you won't prosper what i say to you goes in one ear"
  • Progress - Rx Bandits
    "Now you're thinkin' I'm so stupid, that's alright. You don't know just what you're sayin', and in due time. What I'm going through well I don't care but you won't prosper. What I say to you goes in one"
  • Progress - Neurosis
    "How much truth can you take? Lies so pure Hidden eyes, victimized too secure Ch. You live your lies to suicide Content from fear Beaten down and kept in line Commit to sin Programmed mind, self-confined"
  • Progress Bomb - Pipedown
    "There is no need for apologies Destroy, destroy technology The progress bomb wants to save us all THIS IS IT The time, eliminate Beware, beware unconscious states Darkness around us No kings and no gods The"
  • That's Progress - D.O.A.
    "'scuse me pardon my greed- you're evicted, time to leave don't matter if your family's lived here 30 years we're tripling the rent time's up, the sheriff's here too bad for you if you freeze out in the"
  • Progress Nil - Seabound
    "Link mismatch Confidence blue Trigger, spineless Petrified, true Attraction Cortical interception Reaction Phantasize Find the error Accident, incident Use a mirror Descent, descent Can you change? Renounce"
  • That's Progress - Jello Biafra
    "Speaker: "Gimme an 'M'." Crowd: "M!" S: "Gimme an 'A'." C: "A!" S: "Gimme a 'U'." C: "U!" S: "Gimme an 'L'." C: "L!" S: "Gimme your money!" C: "Sure!" S: "What's that spell?" C: "Maul!" S: What's that"

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