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Mario ozawa 18

  • 18 - Mario
    "All I wanna do Is do me Feel me? Come on Chorus Next time y'all try to compare Remember I just turned 18 That means I got 7 years to catch up So what's up? Next time y'all underestimate me (Don't do that) Recognize"
  • Mario - Tele
    "Er war noch jung und seine Eltern waren reich In der Schule nannten sie ihn Genie Er war gesund eine Maschine, die lief Einen Grund sich zu beklagen, gab es fr ihn nie Nur, er war gefangen, und er konnte"
  • 18 - TKM
    "oko za oko, potem ząb za ząb nie jestem idiotą a rap to moja broń piszą o mnie non stop nigdy nie powiem stop złota płyta na koncie, a 18 years old! typie, zawsze mam wyjście nie dowiem sie co to czyściec rap"
  • 18 - Artur Sikorski
    "nigdy więcej nie zobaczę cię powiedz wprost i przestań chwalić się czego to ty nie zrobiłaś kogo tym nie zachwyciłaś? nie mów lepiej nic nie wyróżniasz sie i tak i tak tu nie znajdziesz nic i za mną jak"
  • 18 - Capital Inicial
    "Parece que acabei de chegar Tenho dezoito E no sei por onde comear Quando voc no sabe onde vai Qualquer caminho te leva Quando voc no sabe o que quer Qualquer bobagem te pega Acabei de me vestir Sem nenhum"
  • 18 - Lil' Bow Wow
    "Oh, oh Uh huh, uh huh, oh Let's take a pause for a minute Let's go (*laughing*) (I) Check it out man See man, Bow Weezy right here live and direct (OH I) I'm talkin to ya'll young n's out there baby Can't"
  • 18 - 5 Seconds Of Summer
    "I wish that I was eighteen, To do all the things, You read in a magazine, I’m not saying I want to be Charlie Sheen. She’s just a little bit older, I want to get to know her, She said it's already over. So"
  • Mario - Tatiana
    "Si tal tun, tun sin fa ni fu domingo tonto: sola y pienso en Mario juego al parchs domingo gris me aburro tanto sola que le llamo a Mario. Tan atltico y bronceado con el pelo engomado y look en plan de"
  • Mario - Jovanotti
    "Mi ricordo da bambino che mio padre era spesso arrabbiato con me e non sapevo perch ritornavo dalla scuola verso l'una e quaranta e la fame era tanta con mia madre che diceva che c'? Lorenzo dimmi che"
  • Shot 18 - New Model Army
    "Thou shalt not kill - remember that ?You learnt it again and again when you were youngThey said weapons have this safety catchYour moral conscience tells you kidWhat's right, what's wrongWell they make"
  • 18 Lat - Tallib
    "nie mam już lat 18 23 lata poruszam się po tym światku I choć bogatszy jestem o 5 lat doświadczeń To popełniam błędy te same co zawsze O, nie! Nie mam 18 lat Czasami tak bardzo bym chciał Teraz powrócić"
  • 18 Over - Prince
    "18 & over, I wants 2 bone ya (Yeah, baby) 18 & over (Oh yeah, this is gonna be good) 18 & over, I wants 2 bone ya (Yeah, baby) 18 & over (Oh yeah, this is gonna be good) Now wait a minute This ain't"
  • Hangar 18 - Megadeth
    "Welcome to our fortress tall Take some time to show you around Impossible to break these walls For you see the steel is much too strong Computer banks to rule the world Instruments to sight the stars Possibly"
  • Say 18 - The Matches
    "She's got a lot of issues Like a good magazine The kind you'd find under my bed If you know what I mean 'Cause Mother would trip if she saw the way that girl wears her clothes to the L3 shows I got my"
  • 18 Soldiers - Pennywise
    "18 Soldiers five days away Caged in silence lying awake Ragged tirades are dead at the stake Raging sirens but nobody pays We got nothing but time Overacting out in cynical times When the rain starts coming"
  • 18 Wheeler - Pink (P!nk)
    "Can't keep me down Can't keep me down, down Can't keep me down I said you can't keep me down You know you can't keep me down I said you can't keep me down Hey, hey, man! What's your problem? I"
  • 18 Degrees - Maria Solheim
    "From side to sideCan't get no sleepThe music just annoysSentences on repeatStanding between the coldAnd the warmOpens and closes his eyesStanding between the darkAnd the lightGrey an 18 degreesWakes up"
  • 18 Wheeler - Pink (P!nk)
    "Hey hey man, what's your problem I see you try hurt me bad Don't know what your up against Maybe you should reconsider Come up with another plan Cuz you know I'm not that kinda girl That'll lay there 'n"
  • Ab 18 - Bushido
    "Oh mein Gott YEAH Wer htte das gedacht und sie nenn mich Rockefeller Ich soll was Gutes tun, ich hab fr dich 'n Job im Keller Ich muss 'ne Menge ndern, Homie, ich hab Langeweile Und deine Mutter"
  • Under 18 - Warzone
    "Don't - give up - got caught - in their trip You were under 18 so they got the law Put the handcuffs on you Because you're young - you're easy bait For a society - That's filled with hate We were close"

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