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Marjo did you now

  • Did You? - Brand New Sin
    "Did you ever wonder... wonder why The way you are Deep inside... Did you ever wanna... run and hide hide away with your pride Did you Afraid of whats inside Afraid to hurt your pride Afraid of what you'll"
  • Did You? - Punk5
    "You held my hand and walked me home, I know Why you gave me that kiss It was something like this And made me go, oh oh You wiped my tears Got rid of all my fears Why did you have to go Guess it wasn't"
  • Everything You Did - Steely Dan
    "Where did the bastard run Is he still around Now you gotta tell me everything you did baby I'm gonna get a gun Shoot the lover down Are you gonna tell me everything you did baby Traces are everywhere In"
  • Why Did You - Ashley Tisdale
    "(Solo)Last night we hooked up and now were not.Last night I gave you my heart and now you gave it away.I guest I'll give it to someone special,too.Oh now I found a real LOVE and he'll be with me FOREVER.I"
  • You Did It - Audrey Hepburn
    "Pickering Tonight, old man, you did it! You did it! You did it! You said that you would do it, And indeed you did. I thought that you would rue it; I doubted you'd do it. But now I must admit it That succeed"
  • Did You Wrong - Pleasure P
    "I dont wanna lose dis relationship so we gotta stay strong Dont wanna move on I kno you sickin tired of fussing and fightin and the cussin But I luv ya and you love me 2 I did you wrong You did me wrong I"
  • Did you think - Jasmine Guy
    "I was woken up with an emotionI felt I needed to talk about itBefore I got any furtherDo you know how much I loved you?The night before today?Did you think Id wake up the same person?As yesterday? Did"
  • Did You Really - Pennywise
    "Tell me all your problems I'll save your soul It could make you feel better But you never really know Don't give up on tomorrow Save your scene It may not get any better Living isn't free Offer"
  • Did You Know - Don McLean
    "Did you know that love can grow any place where people go, And I can tell by what I see that you have found a place with me. The sun is high the day is new and I have found a place with you. Ev'ry place"
  • Did you know - Lee Ryan
    "How did you know that I love you so muchHow did you know that I long for your touchDid you know?Did you show?Now you're in loveI was so scared to go onLiving each day which wasOnly for fun long agoNow"
  • Did You Wrong - Pleasure
    "You know, I want you all to just sit back and think for a second. You know what i mean? Now, there's a lot of haters out there hating on peoples relationships and stuff. Don't nobody wanna see you happy. They"
  • You Did It - Necro
    "(Sample: Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire") "Ayatollolah's in Iran, Russians in Afghanistan Wheel of Fortune, Sally Ride, heavy metal, suicide..." (Verse 1: Necro) You wanna die intentionally due"
  • Did You Ever - Sizzla
    "Who, Mi nuh like how dem a treat di ghetto youth dem inno Chuh !, Woi woi, woi woi woi woi woi Chuh ! (Ghetto youths dem a bawl, long eyewater a fall) Tell mi if yuh ever walk di streets of the ghetto"
  • Did ya - The Kinks
    "Went for a walk down the Old King's Road, To see if anybody was there. But there was nobody home at 3 Bywater Street, And they had sold Cadogan Square. And I remember myself in my tie dye sweater, And"
  • Did Ya - BoA
    "Guess you lose and it's too late to try to come back What part of no don't you understand? Too bad There you go down with yesterday's news in the trash can I got no time to be looking back, I'm past that And"
  • Did It And Did It - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "Lynch): I feel my nut sacs loadin' up Get off the freeway at Broadway with saccage like a muthafucka Gots to parlay, I was off that Alize like everyday I was on stuck, hoes ain't shit So I fucked that"
  • Whose Arms Did You Fall Out Of Now - Dave Dudley
    "Well here we are again what do you want from me this time Remember what you did about you made me feel last time You're on the move again in bad need of a friend Whose arms did you fall out of now Well"
  • Now - Catie Curtis
    "Why didn't you tell me that the only reason Why you walked away Is you were afraid I might leave you? And why didn't you tell me that the only reason For the things you'd say Is you were afraid I didn't"
  • Now - Jessica Andrews
    "Now All my life Ive waited And Ive been afraid and I wondered If Id find Someone to share my life Every day I prayed and Every night I searched in Every strangers eyes For some kind of sign Me and my"
  • Now - Agent 5/9
    "Were you sorry I was gone I made a sacrifice of all that was nice Now I haven't got the one I want But can't you see, can't you see it wasn't me I never knew what I was going to do Or what it'd do to you "

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