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Mark Knopfler Quality Shoe

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Mark Knopfler Quality Shoe

  • Quality Shoe - Mark Knopfler
    "You got your toecaps reinforced with steel Hard-wearing sole and heel Make those tired feet feel like new Take your pick, black or brown Great for the country or the man in town You're gonna need a quality"
  • Quality - Barenaked Ladies
    "Just show me the venue When I'm the menu It's personalized The life of the party I'm like Billy Barty But regular-sized I guess I should explain Your guests will go insane For me 'Cause I'm serving"
  • Quality - Paul Simon
    "(Paul Simon) TEEN IDOL The way you move It's got quality Come on baby, let's go downtown Little girl, you sure look good to me The way you move It's got quality Come on baby now don't be shy Step in the"
  • Make A Mark - Sick Of It All
    "it's so hard to make a mark when you wash away it's so hard to be remembered when you've got nothing to say how could there be influence with quality in short supply? forced to watch this impotence. a"
  • Yakety axe - Mark Knopfler
    "Poverty Stricken But Still I'm A-Stickin' To The Things I Know To Be Facts One Day It's Feathers And The Next Day Chicken While I'm Pickin' My Yakety Axe Ev'rybody Says That I Never Will Get Far, Keepin'"
  • Rollin' On - Mark Knopfler
    "(feat. Emmylou Harris) Been kickin' sawdust In these clothes For a blue moon And a red nose The boys will put 'em up And tear 'em down We'll wash away The dirt Just a glass a day Ain't gonna hurt Pretty"
  • Coyote - Mark Knopfler
    "Look at me Coyote Don't let a little road dust put you off You can't judge a book Well you know that stuff There's a tear in my upholstery And a hole in my shoe But don't you just wish that you could Make"
  • Mark - Seven Shed
    "Mark my words: Don't forget where you are Don't forget who's the star Do you think that I'll go far Mark my words: Don't stop if it's wise I can see through your eyes And I've left my mark Lover I wanna"
  • Mark - Shed Seven
    "You're a long time dead So I'll forget that you said If I can't have you Nobody can have you Nobody can have you Nobody can have you I think you stopped learning Cause you think you know everything, and"
  • Mark - Refused
    "Bottled up inside angst ridden The pain strikes scars badly hidden Effect of love easy to see just a normal kid just like you and me feels unclean undeserved Wipe away the tears unheard How much pain can"
  • Mark - XIII.stolet
    "Noc pokoenou m, z obrazu promlouv Zlomen asy dn, a utajench sn Ve vi zcenin, zapomenutch chvil Tv sta dotyk jsou, stala ses legendou Tvj pohled ledov, zn tajemstv vech dn Kdy v noci procit, ke hvzdm promlouv Na"
  • Mark - Marie Rottrov
    "To byl mj, blzniv vonl bez a noc nm splvala s rnem, to byl mj, z nebe by modr snes a brzy se pr mme brt. Na e schly jeho koile bl, ekala ns oba velk chvle. Kor s mou lskou minul n dm a vzal ciz dvku, j"
  • Quality Love - Urge Overkill
    "Now I was a long haired boy always looking for trouble And I always remember never having any trouble finding it, no Now I'm all through my teens I'm through with their callous scene but I'm still a long"
  • Quality Street - Van Morrison
    "I've seen, so many lovers cry Lost love, makes me wonder why I've found a love, a once in a lifetime love Angel on high, from heaven so high above So I thank God for sending me you I have heard of playing"
  • Quality Control - Smash Mouth
    "They've swept up the rubbish And took out the garbage No more noise pollution in the air Just smog Well sooner than later Under the radar They're starting a revolution off the air C.C. I've got your"
  • Quality Girl - Age Of Electric
    "Give, You know she gave, Till she was running like a f**kin' slave Take, You know he took, Till she was running on an empty tank A tongue made of gold, Empty promises and all He tastes like sugar coated"
  • Quality Time - Whitehouse
    "Say you're a toilet Say you're a human toilet Say it Say you're a dirty whore Say it Say you're a cheap fucking Manningham pig slut whore What are you? Come on, baby What are you? Come on, baby, twenty"
  • Quality control - Jurassic 5
    "Ayo my quality control, captivates your party patrol Your mind, body, and soul For whom the bell tolls, let the rhythm explode Big, bad, and bold b-boys of old Many styles we hold, let the story be told"
  • Broadcast Quality - The Receiving End Of Sirens
    "How'd you know to find me here? Tipped off you tiptoed to the tune of tapped wires And insider information This manifested destiny you think you can bestow on me, and epidemic with allure that brings"
  • Quality Or Quantity - Bad Religion
    "Offer me eternity And I'll trade a cup of coffee and a dime Lookin' for a handout On behalf of those who have so little time But who wants to live on just seventy cents a day? Paddin' your pockets doesn't"

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