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Mark foster 194

  • Foster - Terminal
    "My legs are shaking As I stare into the waking Guess I always knew You were broken on the inside Watched life passing you by But you couldn't move And no one stopped to ask you If it was okay, oh Surely"
  • Foster - April Sixth
    "To all the rest who have a mother and father Who have given them a home and a name Would check before you walk away like you dont need them Cuz some of us would kill just to have them for a day Well mom"
  • Mark - Seven Shed
    "Mark my words: Don't forget where you are Don't forget who's the star Do you think that I'll go far Mark my words: Don't stop if it's wise I can see through your eyes And I've left my mark Lover I wanna"
  • Mark - Shed Seven
    "You're a long time dead So I'll forget that you said If I can't have you Nobody can have you Nobody can have you Nobody can have you I think you stopped learning Cause you think you know everything, and"
  • Mark - Refused
    "Bottled up inside angst ridden The pain strikes scars badly hidden Effect of love easy to see just a normal kid just like you and me feels unclean undeserved Wipe away the tears unheard How much pain can"
  • Mark - XIII.stolet
    "Noc pokoenou m, z obrazu promlouv Zlomen asy dn, a utajench sn Ve vi zcenin, zapomenutch chvil Tv sta dotyk jsou, stala ses legendou Tvj pohled ledov, zn tajemstv vech dn Kdy v noci procit, ke hvzdm promlouv Na"
  • Mark - Marie Rottrov
    "To byl mj, blzniv vonl bez a noc nm splvala s rnem, to byl mj, z nebe by modr snes a brzy se pr mme brt. Na e schly jeho koile bl, ekala ns oba velk chvle. Kor s mou lskou minul n dm a vzal ciz dvku, j"
  • Ghost Of Stephen Foster - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    "Met the Ghost of Stephen Foster at the Hotel Paradise This is what I told him as I gazed into his eyes: Rooms were made for carpets, Towers made for spires, Ships were made for cannonade fire off from"
  • The Ghost Of Stephen Foster - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    "Met the ghost of Stephen Foster at the Hotel Paradise This is what I told him as I gazed into his eyes: Rooms were made for carpets, Towers made for spires, Ships were made for cannonade to fire off from"
  • The ballad of Mary Foster - Al Stewart
    "David Foster lives in Gloucester with his familyWorks 'til pay-time, through the day-time, then comes home forteaSteak and kidney, then with Sydney to his club and feels freeThey close the bar, he finds"
  • Blur (ft. Foster The People) -
    "under the bad, bad moon tonight or baby is it just me? or is it something in the air we breathe? cause I'm feeling dizzy, dizzy how was the party? was it trading you right? I wish that I could be there"
  • Her Mark - Peter Koppes
    "One night sensation When the world comes undone A long rush of flavor All over the tongue To mark on the table Leaves her mark on the mind The past drifting wayward Melts into the sublime The lost Roman"
  • Beauty Mark - Charlotte Gainsbourg
    "I've got a beauty mark written on my skin close to my heart my favourite part my beauty mark I keep it out of sight safe from the world outside this old battle scar this secret part my beauty"
  • D-Mark - PUR
    "Geliebte D-Mark, du machst uns zahlungsstark geliebte D-Mark, und sind die Taschen leer dann musst du her, gliebte D-Mark Er geht in die Bank, Pistole in der Hand er sagt vielen Dank und renntlos mit seiner"
    "MARK TWAIN CoCAINA White plane yellow, yellow hard line MARK TWAIN CoCAINA White plane yellow, yellow rzucam kur** jak przecinkami jak origami zginam sie do buta jak do balenciagi made in Paris (...) ja"
  • 30 Mark - Die Fantastischen Vier
    "Wieso 30 Mark? Wieso nicht? Ich meine, eine CD kostet 30 Mark. Ja, was ... ? Die CD, das verstehe ich jetzt nicht, die CD ist die Weisheit, oder was? Nee, Quatsch. Also, die Weisheit auf CD kostet"
  • Question Mark - Strife
    "I lie in this bed of comfort so wide and so vast. My fears and anxieties lead me to wonder, how long will it last... Just ignore the problem, why don't we even care? Never have felt the pain of poverty, never"
  • The Mark - Black Light Burns
    "I have a mark on me Like a brand on my skin That only I can see I don't know what it means I get caught up in dreams I feel like running away Yeah, so let's run away Sometimes you're gonna have to get"
  • Easy Mark - Nerf Herder
    "Yeah she... she's just a girl Yeah she's just a small town girl Livin' in a lonely world And she rides that midnight train goin' anywhere She's an easy mark Yeah he... he's just a boy Yeah he's a big"
  • Beauty Mark - Rufus Wainwright
    "I never had it, I never wanted it, I never had your Beauty mark Nor did I have your black hair and hazel eyes My early childhood was not as simple as yours set in the country No I did not have a fears"

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