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Marketa Irglova - "The Leading Bird"

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Marketa Irglova - "The Leading Bird"

  • The Leading Bird - Marketa Irglova
    "The Leading Bird And grass grown Torn.. Rushing head .. And we’ve been through Try to get to you … Like golden sun It could be one Where the snow silk… …"
  • The Leading - BrainStorm
    "betray your friends and regret your life for all the words you said you pull my string and cut the line around my head you fingertips will burn my soul and reflect my life, i'll raise my hands against"
  • Leading Men - Wolfsheim
    "Talking loud, she's talking clear But no one really wants to hear No one really wants to know And her loneliness still grows Was it shame or was it fear When his devil's face appeared? And the wall between"
  • The Leading Guy - Micah P. Hinson
    "Words wouldn't come stumbled all deaf and dumb As the crowd awaits his great escape And his fingers wouldn't move nervous are black and blue It's just an eye game, game away now And he had moved And he"
  • Leading The Pack - Krokus
    "We've got a damned good reason for livin' A damned good reason to be We bring you back wild nights of pleasure We'd like to set your souls free The bus is back on the road again And we don't spare no gas We're"
  • The Leading Horse - Scooter
    "Well a who them a follow smokealot - the vibesbringer no dead ringer the trigger finger, got bombs in the grapevine connected to tech nines It's H the lyrical weapon wanna clash me - let's get steppin"
  • Leading Me On - Monrose
    "You're undercover, I know that you're good Like no other lover, so maybe I should Get into some trouble, now look what you've done You've just begun Like your friends in high places, you've comitted a"
  • Leading Me On - Colin James
    "i know you don't love me no more you're not the kind that would tell me so so, be a woman and talk to me if that the way that you'd rather be feel sorry for me in one way you've got to hurt me by telling"
  • The Moon - Marketa Irglova
    "Cut the bonds with the moon And let the dogs gather Burn the gauze in the spoon And suck the poison up And bleed Shut the door to the moon And let the birds gather Play no more with the fool And let the"
  • All The Way Down - Marketa Irglova
    "You have broken me all the way down Down upon my knees And you have broken me all the way now You'll be the last, you'll see And some fight you gave when I pushed you away from me And in the morning when"
  • This Low - Marketa Irglova
    "We made a plan that was subject to change So whatever way it works out we both get the blame In the arms of this low And you took the wind right out of my sails By sweating me out on all the little details In"
  • Drown Out - Marketa Irglova
    "Drown out The voice that breaks the silence And talks the joy out of everything You were found out and had to walk In darkness without the only thing you care about And we drive away and head for south We"
  • Sleeping - Marketa Irglova
    "Are you sleeping? Still dreaming? Still drifting off alone I'm not leaving with this feeling So you'd better best be told And how in the world did you come To be such a lazy love? It's so simple, and"
  • Falling Slowly - Marketa Irglova
    "I don't know you But I want you All the more for that Words fall through me And always fool me And I can't react And games that never amount To more than they're meant Will play themselves out Take this"
  • Just Walk Away - Marketa Irglova
    "Just run away Don't wait till I call And say what you want You've made it clear That you're on your own And you're not coming back And the song we sung Don't mean nothing now And just walk away Don't"
  • Lies - Marketa Irglova
    "I think it's time, we give it up And figure out what's stopping us From breathing easy, and talking straight The way is clear if you're ready now The volunteer is slowing down And taking time to save himself The"
  • Leave - Marketa Irglova
    ""I can't wait forever" is all that you said Before you stood up And you won't disappoint me I can do that myself But I'm glad that you've come Now if you don't mind Leave, leave And free yourself at the"
  • Alone Apart - Marketa Irglova
    "How many times have I been here How many times was I lost And how many times I'd be drown in the sea If you weren't there to rescue me We're sailing, we're sailing every night We're drifting, we're drifting"
  • When Your Mind's Made Up - Marketa Irglova
    "So, if you ever want something And you call, call Then I'll come running To fight, and I'll be at your door When there's nothing worth running for When your mind's made up When your mind's made up There's"
  • If You Want Me - Marketa Irglova
    "Are you really here, or am I dreamin'? I can't tell dreams from truth For it's been so long since I have seen you I can hardly remember your face anymore When I get really lonely And the distance causes"

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