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Marko burning herat

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Marko burning herat

  • Questions Marks In Time - Dan Hill
    "Washed out in the stillness of the night She's left searching Once again love's promise has been broken And he ignores indifferently to the rhythm of her breathing As she lights a cigarette and waits for"
  • Burning Herself - Harry Chapin
    "She was crazy (she was beautiful), I guess she had to be. I was angry (you were blind), because I could not see. I saw only what her cigarettes had done to her skin. I should have known the outside world would"
  • The Autumn Burning - Ever Dark
    "the dying season is upon you first born giveth unto death like tree leaves descending your falling soul wanders downward I congregate within the blackness and hear my master on the wind he speaks of death"
  • Burning Into Blackness - Steel Prophet
    "Wondering where the spark flies to when it's gone The flame is fading, the candle burns low So many years, they fade into the dust, the soul I gave you, it needs to fly back On that sun stained day I knew"
  • Burning - Accept
    "I hear a rock'n'roll guitar, screamin' wild on the radio Well, I know what I like, know and it's right Gotta take me through the night The sound is comin' out, it's breakin' down the doors like an earthquake Explodin'"
  • Burning - Impellitteri
    "Deep in the night I see you stand there Shadows in my mind Closing my eyes The dreams come rushing back And they've got control of me You've taken me by surprise, oh You've got me hypnotized Burning, Burning"
  • Burning - Monrose
    "Big city life, big city night In the middle of cars and lights You came, made everything right With a touch of love Didn't really wanna let you in Took a time to get under my skin Wanna see you again"
  • Burning - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) When I look at you I melt like a candle You light a fire in me What am I to do I just hope I can handle The heat and the smoke blinding me This feeling, this fire This burning desire Is"
  • Burning - Mia Martina
    "Im burning, burning, burning, burning just like a fire im burning, burning, burning, buring, for you tonight fill me up, fill me up, fill me up, your love is like a drug your love is like a drug your love"
  • Burning - Omd
    ": Gentlemen, may I have your attention please? : There's stuff coming back at you all the time! : You have to do it and do it together, do it and do it together (sample2) (sample3) Burning, burning Destiny"
  • Burning - Alcazar
    "Burning, burning Burning, turning Burning, burning Baby you?ve got me burning Got me tossing and turning, turning Baby you?ve got me burning Up until the day we met I was doing fine Now I don?t know how"
  • Burning - Garou
    "I don't think I know you Don't think I ever will Am I in love with you? Well I don't know still It may sound strange but I'm warning you I may not be that nice Maybe, baby I'm a heartbreaker heartbreaker Heart"
  • Burning - Fatal Flowers
    "you wanna play, you want some fun take a trip right to the sun come on in, give it a try feel like the worlds greatest guy let the boy kill the man, 60 bucks burning in my hand theres a red light on your"
  • Burning - Tribe After Tribe
    "All my colors won't stop burning This one for the days orphans for the bright ones this one for the plan hides them all in bright stones this one for the scream waking from the nightmare this one for the"
  • Burning - Sam Smith
    "Burning I've been burning Yes, I've been burning Such a burden This flame on my chest No insurance to pay for the damage Yeah, I've been burning up since you left I've been smoking, oh More than"
  • Burning - Frameless
    "I know things change in the minute youre far away Dont you know Im scared, Cause we live in a time, when only profit rules the world, The evils unfurled The sunrise and the rain are searching for some"
  • Burning... - Helltrain
    "hey fuckhead release that chokehold hey dickhead you're really fat and really bold oh it's rot 'n' roll serving satan 'til we're really old take it and shout never a doubt u wabba take a downsing to"
  • Burning - Fugazi
    "There's something acting on this body Something goes in when nothing comes out And someone's acting on this information But nothing's registered from this location From this site that I sense that I am,"
  • Burning - Melissa
    "Does blood ever spill Of those who took the final race ? Why do I say these words ? These feelings are besides my own Living, giving, striking Dying to do our best A dead will burned to"
  • Burning - Kyle Spaulding
    "Your hair is begining to grey... Your youth is begining to fade... Nothing is here for you No more chances of starting anew But, everything is wrong... Burn everything... It's all burning. The fire at"

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