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Marlyn monro
  • Matt Monro Softly As I Leave You
    "Softly As I Leave You Frank Sinatra Writers: Hal Shaper and Antonio DeVita and Giorgio Calabrese Peak chart position # 27 in 1964 Previously hit # 16 for Matt Monro in 1962 Softly, I will leave"
  • Matt Monro How Soon
    "If this should be a dream Then let me dream along, For in my dream my every wish comes true. I dream that you are near, That you have never gone, And hand in hand I walk with you. *As the blue of night"
  • Matt Monro If This Should Be A Dream
    "(Chorus) Let everything that, everything that, everything that has breath praise the Lord (Repeat) Praise you in the morning, praise you in the evening, praise you when I'm young and when I'm old. Praise"
  • Matt Monro Walk Awaymm
    "From russia with love I fly to you Much wiser since my goodbye to you I've travelled the world to learn I must return from russia with love I've seen places, faces and smiled for a moment But oh, you"
  • Matt Monro On Days Like These
    "Questi giorni quando vieni il belle sole la la la la la-la-la-la la la la la On days like these when skies are blue and fields are green I look around and think about what might have been and then I hear"
  • Matt Monro Portrait Of My Love
    "Written by David West and Cyril Orander There could never be a portrait of my love For nobody could paint a dream You will never see a portrait of my love For miracles are never seen. Anyone who"
  • Matt Monro My Kind Of Girl
    "She walks like an angel walks She talks like an angel talks And her hair has a kind of curl To my mind shes my kind of girl . Shes wise like an angel's wise With eyes like an angel's eyes And her"
  • Matt Monro Sweet Talkin' Hannah
    "What a prize She will set your heart aflame Big blue eyes Sweet talkin' Hannah is her name Rocks this town Venus in a satin gown Talks so sweet When she whispers in your ear What a treat Makes all your"
  • Matt Monro Wednesday's Child
    "Wednesday's child is a child of woe. Wednesday's child cries alone, I know. When you smiled, just for me you smiled, For awhile I forgot I was Wednesday's child. Friday's child wins at love, they"
  • Matt Monro Alguien Canto
    "Quizs no supe hablar cuando deb hay algo en tu mirar que nunca vi, silencio sin piedad en vez de amor, mas cuando quise hablar alguien cantó. Juntos bailando van alrededor, mientras miraba yo frente a"
  • Matt Monro I love the little things ( Eurovsion 1964 )
    "Oh, I love the little things you say And I love the little things you do Let's stay forever Together this way My love, I'm so love in with you When you whisper I love you And tell me that you're true I"
  • Matt Monro If I Never Sing Another Song
    "In my heyday Young girls wrote to me Everybody seemed to have time to devote to me Everyone I saw all swore they knew me Once upon a song Main attraction, couldn't buy a seat The celebrity celebrities"
  • Matt Monro Strangers in the night
    "Strangers in the night exchanging glances Wond'ring in the night What were the chances we'd be sharing love Before the night was through. Something in your eyes was so inviting, Something in you smile"
  • Matt Monro The Music Played
    "An angry silence lay where love had been And in your eyes a look I'd never seen If I had found the words you might have stayed But as I turned to speak, the music played As lovers danced their way around"
  • Biplan Kinofilmai
    "Kol dar nesibaig seansai kino teatre Kol vieiasi ekranas, ugesintos lempos Kol kino filmo aktoriai vaidina puikiai Kol skamba subtiliai saundtreko treko smuikas Ei, penktoj eilj Merlin Monro etoj eilj"
  • Origa Baby Alone in Babylon
    "Babe alone in Babylon Utonul meche tsvetov de Pontiacs de Cadillacs de Bentley a LA de Rolls Royce et de Buicks V metallicheskoi nochi Babe alone in Babylon Utonul v mechte tsvetov Ishyesh ty rol' V rock"
  • Andy Williams Born Free
    "Andy Williams Words by Don Black and Music by John Barry Oscar-winning title song from the 1966 film, Barry also won for soundtrack Charted in 1966 at # 7 by Roger Williams and # 35 by Matt Monro Soul"
  • Bill Monroe Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
    "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues - Bill Monro (Album: Bluegrass Special ; Monroe) When I was young in my prime I left my home in Caroline Now all I do is sit and pine For all the folks I left behind I've got"
  • Gilbert O'Sullivan Showbiz
    "Well here we are and here we go Up the hill and down the slope Pardon me if I seem out of breath Bus was late so I walked instead There's nobody quite like me Isn't that Presumably What it is they say"

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