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  • Nobody But Me - Swinging Blue Jeans
    "Who's gonna kiss you when it's kissing time? (kissing time, kissing time) Who's gonna hold you when it's holding time? (holding time, holding time) Who hold your hand when there's a mountaine to climb? Nobody"
  • All My Friends - AJ Mitchell
    "These rooms got a lot of space Crowded, but a lonely place Sittin at a table full of double takes And everywhere I go, I wanna see your face Pictures, I’m reminded of good times How we tried it Don’t"
  • Right There (Thank You) - Bobby Valentino
    "When Times Where Rough And I Wanted To Give Up U... U Where (Right There) When I Was Down And Out And My Frends Wernt Around You... You Never Left Me This Is My Second One And I Needed Your Help You..."
  • Spinning Wheel Blues - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Young) Well, I spent my money on the spinning wheel last night Well, I spent my money on the spinning wheel last night Well, red twenty-seven didn't do me right Well, I went in smiling but I came"
  • This Afternoon - Nickelback
    "Lookin' like another Bob Marley day Hittin' from the bong like a disel train And i'm down with hangin' out this afternoon We got weeds in the backyard 4 feet tall Cheech and chong prob'ly woulda' smored"
  • Goodbye - Inna
    "No one Cares Nobody's wrong, No one see I'm not so strong Everytime I hope I'm dreaming... I'm missing you... I'm touching you But you can't feel, I'm scream at you But you can't hear.. I just need to"
  • Baby / Where Where Did Our Love Go - Little Mix
    "Leigh-Anne I know you love me, I know you care, Just shout whenever, but I'll be there, You want my love, you want my heart, All And we would never, ever, ever be apart. Jesy Are we an item ? Boy quit"
  • Just A Baby Boy - Tyrese
    "(Tyrese:) I know sometimes it might get crazy I'll always be here for you lady Baby I'm just tryin'a change the game So let me work the thang Let me do my thing (Snoop:) young, dumb and full of cum lil"
  • You Don't Love Me - A.B. Quintanilla F/ Kumbia Kings
    "A.B. Quintanilla F/ Kumbia Kings Miscellaneous You Don't Love Me Girl, i can't belive u tried to play me for a fool I almost didn't see this one coming U don't love me Girl don't tell me no more lies Pretending"
  • Hillwood - South Park
    "The year is 70' I'm due at the fifth, I done did my nine months now my life take a shift, In the freeworld now, you better raised me good, But instead I blaze in the crazy hood, I was three when my pops"

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