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Marti haris

  • Luni, marti - Activ
    "Te-am visat asearaeram doar noi doi intr-o camera goala,cu lumina stinsa am uitat de tot,fara.. nici o fricarefren:vreau doar sa ma atingiincet sa-mi zambesti,sa ma simtitimpul nu sta intre noi,ne facem"
  • Give Me A Day Dos Mou Mia Mera - Haris Alexiou
    "Give me a day so that I can dwell in your eyes. Give me a night so that I can deliver my soul. Like the wind I whistle on your paths. The rain cannot wash away my loneliness. Ah! My little bird, I'm telling"
  • I'm In Love And I Care About Nothing Agapao Ki Adiaforo - Haris Alexiou
    "I'm in love and I care about nothing and I' m leading the proper dance, so I'll love myself as much as I love you. Do not misinterpret what I've said, it is the world' s simplest recipe. Feel me so I"
  • Im In Love And I Care About Nothing - Haris Alexiou
    "I\'m in love and I care about nothing and I\' m leading the proper dance, so I\'ll love myself as much as I love you. Do not misinterpret what I\'ve said, it is the world\' s simplest recipe. Feel me"
  • Odos Aristotelous - Haris Alexiou
    "Savvato ki apovrado ke asetilini stin Aristotelous pou gernas Evgaza ap'tis tsepes mou floudes mantarini sou 'richna sta matia na ponas Pezan i mikroteri kleftes ki astynomous ki itan archigos i Argyro ke"
  • Small Homeland Mikri Patrida - Haris Alexiou
    "I didn't make long journeys, my years had roots, were trees which my heart dressed in leaves and let them blossom in stone. I didn't make long journeys. The people I loved were forests, my friends were"
  • The Wild Flower To Agriolouloudo - Haris Alexiou
    "Do not feel sorry for me, throw me out tonight and cut my life as if I were a wild flower. I started off naked, I go on alone, grief is my home, the journey is my song. Throw me out and don't feel sorry, don't"
  • Zita Mou OTi Thes - Haris Alexiou
    "Apopse tha sou orkisto pos sagapao Esy me sprochnis sto kako ki ego gelao O,ti emine apto chalasmo tha sou chariso to telefteo mou navagio prin ziso Zita mou o,ti thes, pare mou opou thes, esy Zoi misi"
  • Take That Look Off Your Face - Marti Webb
    "You must be mistaken, It couldn't have been You couldn't have seen him yesterday. He's doing some deal down in Baltimore now, I hate it when he's away. You must be mistaken, I'm sure that you are. There's"
  • Tell Me On A Sunday - Marti Webb
    "Don't write a letter when you want to leave. Don't call me at 3 a.m. from a friend's apartment. I'd like to choose how I hear the news. Take me to a park that's covered with trees. Tell me on a Sunday"

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