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Martin Solveig feat. Kyle - Hey Now

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Martin Solveig feat. Kyle - Hey Now

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Martin Solveig feat. Kyle - Hey Now
  • Martin Solveig & The Cataracs Hey Now (feat. Kyle)
    "I’m all alone now, check it out Me and you should take a vacay I got a plan now, we’re going out See you waiting for another day Here’s the thing I wanna talk about Listen all you got to hear me out We"
  • Snuff Martin
    "Bless that summer of eighty-eight On a bench outside the Ox & Gate With a sponge, spanner and rusty nail And a nice sharp piece of string Didn't make sense then don't make sense now But what the fuck's"
  • Kasia Nova Shake It (feat. Martin Cintron)
    "We met underneath the moon To my surprise it was too soon Then we kissed, couldn’t resist Then she smiled to me, whispered in my ear Shake it! I know you can take it You don’t have to leave right now You’re"
  • Hi-C Hey Hey
    "(feat. Big Steele) Hey hey, yeap We make 'em say hey hey Hey hey Hey hey, yeah See you light-skinnded women be tryin to act pretty Bitch hit me off with some ol' high saditty All I'm checkin fo' is"
  • Martin Garrix Higher Ground (feat. John Martin)
    "all this time all this time keeps fading feeling trapped inside"
  • Cyclefly Kyle
    "You watch, staring from a distance Cover up my eyes There to test my sanity Maybe break a smile Ohhhh kyle Is it just the way I feel Conjure up some hope Is it just the I stand, naked in the distance Cover"
  • Tenacious D Kyle Quit The Band
    "Last week Kyle quit the band Now we're back together Misunderstanding Didn't understand It doesn't matter Now we're back together again La la la la la Couldn't split up Kato and Nash (That's true) Couldn't"
  • Emily Falden I Love You Kyle
    "Have you ever seen such a beautiful night, I could just kiss the stars for, shinging so bright, I love you kyle, and I'll never let you go o o, I'm waiting here for you so just let me know... I love you"
  • Tenacious D Kyle Took A Bullet
    "Jack Black: Kyle took a bullet for me now I've got to rock for three. KG and me, don't forget about Tenacious D. KG: I took a bullet for JB, now I'm in heaven and I can see Jack Black: your decision to"
  • Martin Solveig Something Better
    "Ooh, my darling, I'm thinking About how my life has changed me Yeah you are passion, sensation I feel like I'm a different man now Ooh, so strong, for too long I've been searching for a girl like you Change"
  • A Hope For Home Kyle
    "On the day you left i packed my bags and went home, because fear has no place here. so i'll follow your lead and live my life like you. always pushing forward with the weight of the world holding me back. its"
  • Kylie Minogue Aston Martin
    "Twenty-four hour sunset I got a tank of gas and All the things I can do When driving with you in my Aston It's a perfect chance For some romance With a little luck now baby We might get to start In my"
  • Modern Life Is War Martin Atchet
    "Martin, I've seen, the ones you oughta bleed They've been driving around, in their big stylish cars Well, I think they oughta feel your pain, yeah I think they oughta wear your scars 'Cus what Ruby told"
  • Big Pun Ms. Martin
    "Intro: Big Pun Yeah, sometimes you gotta fool em Sometimes you gotta send a woman to do a man's job, nawmean? In this case, my girl hit like a grown motherf**king man Y'all niggas better lay low Catch"
  • Big Punisher Ms. Martin
    "Intro: Big Pun Yeah, sometimes you gotta fool em Sometimes you gotta send a woman to do a man's job, nawmean? In this case, my girl hit like a grown motherf**king man Y'all niggas better lay low Catch"
  • Bill Hughes Martin Eden
    "He was just a young sailor in old California Wild as the wind,stormy as the sea And he was a man of his own creation Till he found fortune lady of high society And now your whole world`s turning"
  • Something For Kate Dean Martin
    "I need to take issue with you be part of a process, find subject I need to ask you for more time I need to collect my mail need to pay more attention to detail I need more I need more time I need a much"
  • Clean Bandit Out At Night (feat. KYLE & Big Boi)
    "wakes up early walks herself to work she’s all alone form 8 to 5 keeps her eyes down doesn’t say too much and all her colleagues think she’s shy watching the clock on the wall watching the clock on the"
  • Fred Rister I Want A Miracle (feat. Sam Martin & Chris Willis)
    "I want a miracle show me a sign cuz I don’t feel ready now to say goodbye I wand a miracle to ease my mind say that I’m better now don’t say goodbye put your arms around me use them while you got me baby"
  • Dean Friedman Hey, Hey, Hillary
    "by Dean Friedman I met my love Hillary at the local distillery. She was leaning so languidly, on the window sillery. And I was glued to my seat as I gazed at her feat. Hey, Hey, Hillary. Hey, Hey, Hillary. My"

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