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Martina McBride How Far

  • Independence Day (Martina McBride) - Martina McBride
    "Artist : Martina McBride Song : Independence Day Album : Submitted by : Janae Corrected by : Monica Rated : 10.0 (10 votes) Well she seemed alright by dawn's early light Though she looked a lil worried"
  • How Far - Martina McBride
    "There's a boat, I could sail away There's the sky, I could catch a plane There's a train, there's the tracks I could leave and I could choose to not come back Oh never come back There you are, giving"
  • Arthur McBride - Bob Dylan
    "Oh, me and my cousin, one Arthur McBride As we went a-walkin' down by the seaside Mark know what followed and what did betide For it bein' on Christmas mornin' Now, for recreation, we went on a tramp And"
  • Every Single Night (Ft. Martina McBride) - Dave Stewart
    "Super zrobione lyric wideo. :)"
  • Martin Ededn - The Twilight Singers
    "black out the windows it's party time you know how i love stormy weather the crowd wants you bleeding the eyes from your head get off your knees you'll be fine- how wide? how deep the river? black- as"
  • Martin - Soft Cell
    "Martin Martin is talking to you Martin is a boy with problems Martin has a family history Martin has too many nightmares He lives in a fantasy There's a danger that he'll take too far His morbid curiosity He's"
  • Martin - Snuff
    "Bless that summer of eighty-eight On a bench outside the Ox & Gate With a sponge, spanner and rusty nail And a nice sharp piece of string Didn't make sense then don't make sense now But what the fuck's"
  • Martin - Sick Of It All
    "Hidden like the squalor that we create Martin wants out of this but poverty keeps him in this place Sratching like the vermin between the walls Martin needs a friend but the people the he meets just"
  • One More Time - Martina Edoff - Fame Factory
    "Mmm.. Ooohh Ohh ohyeah Oooooh Aha... Living your life In a way you always known Waiting for a better place A place you call your own But do you believe that you're my nature Do you believe in love"
  • How Far - Saint Etienne
    "Transcription courtesy of starchild: How long Hey honey, how long When the winter isn't cold no more And there's no one No honey, no one Can't go out, they've made you new gunlaws I'd give you Yeah,"
  • How far - Kellie Pickler
    "There's a chance I could change my mindBut I won't, not till you decideWhat you want, what you needDo you even care if I stay or leaveOh, what's it gonna beHow far do I have to go to make you understandI"
  • How Far - Apocalyptica
    "My life is a circle No beginning and no end It's always repeating A trail I defend On the chart[?] A misunderstanding That can't be erased like a file I've got all I wanted But still I'm not satisfied How"
  • How far - Beth Orton
    "I heard you saying, rightly so,Turn our backs on what we most need to know,Give in too fast then give in to knowOnce they've got you where they want youThey don't wanna knowI could leave or I could stayIt"
  • How Far - Stephen Stills
    "Most of my life I have spent alone Most of this past year I been searchin' for my home I met a girl she won't leave my mind alone If she's listening I hope she understands my song It goes: If you get lonely"
  • How Far - Monika Ferens
    "I found the old message from you And Ive felt so much regret If only I knew what I know today I wouldnt write back I beg God for one more conversation To make sure pain gone by But it only brought me more"
  • Everybody Does - Martina McBride
    "This ain't the first time you've fallen in love With your heart wide open Feeling just like a fool knowing that You're the only one left holding on He broke your heart You can't cry hard enough But you're"
  • Happy Girl - Martina McBride
    "I used to live in a darkened room Had a face of stone And a heart of gloom Lost my hope, I was so far gone Cryin' all my tears With the curtains drawn I didn't know until my soul broke free I've got"
  • Momma Through Daddy's Eyes - Martina McBride
    "Mama through daddy's eyes The angels called my daddy home. He never had much yet he claimed to be rich. He had us and his love for momma. He left this world loving a memory. A ghost from the past. That"
  • Cry on the shoulder of the road - Martina McBride
    "I'm rolling out of Bakersfield My own private hell on wheels But this time I'm gone for good I've never gone this far before Beyond the slammin' of the back screen door But you never loved me like you"
  • How I Feel - Martina McBride
    "Confetti fallin' from the sky My hometown on the 4th of July A midnight snow on Christmas Eve Like standin' up for what you believe That's how I feel when I'm with you That's how I feel when I'm with"

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