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Mary do you know Kuba badach

  • I ADORE YOU (ft. Kuba Badach) - Kasia K8 Rościńska
    "There ain't nothing that I couldn't do babe for ya 'Cause I adore ya There ain't no love When you're not around And when you come back I just can't get enough of you Ooh I can't wait To see you again"
  • Mario, czy już wiesz? (Mary Did You Know?) - TGD i Kuba Badach
    "Mario, czy już wiesz Kim okaże się twój syn, twój mały chłopiec Mario, ty wiesz Że te stópki dwie po wodzie będą kroczyć Czy ty wiesz Że ta mała dłoń powstrzyma wielki wiatr Że dałaś życie temu, kto tobie"
  • Down (feat. Kuba Koźba) - WERK
    "Sounds of your steps around my head I'm your hostage not your real friend When I sit in madhouse I know Realized what I did what was not before In the sickness I'll do that trick I feel dark and I feel"
  • Mary Mary - Krayzie Bone
    "Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Surely do ya Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Got nothin but love, for you Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Surely move ya Mary Mary"
  • Mary, Mary - The Monkees
    "Words and Music by Michael Nesmith Mary, Mary, where you goin' to? Mary, Mary, can I go too. This one thing I will vow ya, I'd rather die than to live without ya. Mary, Mary, where you goin' to? Mary,"
  • Mary - Sublime
    "Baby one breath away. I'll find the words to say. I'll sit and light the bong. I'll hold my hit in real long. I don't know if I can go up inside of you tonight. Oh Mary baby please don't fuss and fight. You've"
  • Mary - Joe Purdy
    "It was a fine day in the fifth grade when mary may let bobby walk her home from school he had her books in hand and he was listening to every word she said like it was the gospel of the prophecies and"
  • Mary - Justincase
    "recently i've been enjoying life so much, usually i'm always tired of it but something in my life have changed something i'm about to explain its you, its you the crystal glowing in my eyes, my almost"
  • Mary - Sarah McLachlan
    "Mary walks down to the water's edge and there she hangs her head to find herself faded shadow of what she once was She says "How long have I been sleeping? and why do I feel so old? why do I feel so cold? my"
  • Mary - Ann Beretta
    "Mary liked to run around, And break the hearts of all the lonely boys in town, Again, Round and round and round she goes, You know she proves she just dont give a damn, For you, Ain't that so? Running"
  • Mary Mary - Babyface
    "Oh Mary Mack All dressed in black With silver buttons All down her back Say you found another lover Instead of me Tell ya what I'm gonna do I'm gon' set you free Girl When you leave my sight When you go"
  • Mary Jane - Scarface
    "I don't really remember feeling like this Got this love formin' in my life - from this dame And indeed took the form of life - it's a shame How a man can fall in love with dreams - not afraid Not afraid"
  • Mary Jane - Tha Alkaholiks
    "Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane You're always in my brain and you help me ease the pain Cuz when you're not around I just don't feel the same I can't be your one and only but I know you're not to blame I"
  • Miss Mary - Slim Thug
    "(Chorus) I love ya Miss Mary I love ya Miss Mary I love ya Miss Mary This ain't a love song This a thug song (Verse - 1) I'm so in love with you Miss Mary (Miss Mary!) I can't picture my life without"
  • Mary Jane - Mary J. Blige
    "Ooooh baby, Not tonight I don't wanna fuss and fight I just wanna make it right Ooooh there's work to do I wanna get real close to you I wanna get you in the mood All the things you want to do Just relax"
  • Do You Know - Mr. Vegas
    "Verse 1 we come a long way what a sweet love story member the days when you use to adore me all the loving and the time you gave me a weh mi ago get that from now baby three months now mi caan believe"
  • Do You Know? - Fiend
    "Chorus: (Fiend) (All) 9X (Do you know who you fuckin with?) (Don't start no shit, there won't be no shit) (Mystikal) (Fiend) I'm the tarantula on the caterpillar I'm the 18-wheeler rolling over the armadillo I'm"
  • Mars - Kelis
    "(feat. Neptunes) Earth to your brain Yo, yo, yo, yo Yo, yo, Houston I think we have a problem Yo, yo, I think we have a problem Yo, yo, we have a problem Yo, yo Days, you know those days When everyone"
  • Mars - Lori McKenna
    "Well there's a hole wearin' through this couch of mine And all of the cushions are falling out One little piece at a time You might see yourself in me But I don't see nobody I know This isn't the way I"
  • Mary - Black Bomb A
    "OOOH MARY, SWEET MARY MY MARY, OOOOHHHOOOHHH OOOH MARY, SWEET MARY MY MARY, YOU TAKE ME SO HIGH yeah ,yeah, You take me so High yeah ,yeah, You take me so High Oh Mary, I feast on your sap, Mary I smoke"

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