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Masala - As One


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Masala - As One

  • Brooklyn Masala - Masta ace
    "Yeah So sexy I met her on the corner of Gates n Bedstuy It was only right that I approached and said "hi" cuz she looked like no other chick I ever saw she was on her way coming about the cornerstore I"
  • Masala - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "Sit and think about me upbringing And tearing it apart is a serious thing They say I'm confused They say I lost my culture I lost my grassroots All that shit I just give it the boot Cause I know where"
  • As One - Masala
    "Instead of love dem only promote hate Dem waan nuh see us livin' as one How far we are from understandin' We're all undivided mankind It seems we loose the balance On our path to the paradise Nation,"
  • Chana Masala - Looptroop
    "Intro: DvsGs Come oneDvsGs Come oneWith us, with us, with usDvsGsYao, they love this, love it, love it, they love the DvsGsThe DvsGS Fort EuropaVerse one:I grew up in a van, became a man on the highwayUp"
  • Chana masala - Lopptroop
    "I grew up in a van, became a man on the highway Up and away been my way Like Jay, born on a Friday, just in time for the weekend Adjust my rhyme for the beat and write with a shaky hand 'cause Shumis'"
  • As One - Masala Sound System
    "Instead of love dem only promote hate Dem waan nuh see us livin' as one How far we are from understandin' We're all undivided mankind It seems we loose the balance On our path to the paradise Nation,"
  • As One - Warzone
    "We must be together Fight the good fight I won't be fucked around No more Got to show society We're right We must be united, as one (4x) Always stick by your friends They'll be there til the end United"
  • As one - Tarot
    "This world I see perception of essential me It turns wit time of its own The will stays strong to walk the right to correct the wrong Collect and learn what can be known Mirage of wonder grow into me They'll"
  • As One - Dropkick Murphys
    "Tonight my son, I'll heed the call If you're to live, then I must fall Just give me one more moment, another walk out in the sun One more day to find some justice with your shadow by my side Cuff me, tie"
  • As one - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "*1 History repeating - panic and confusionHistory is weeping - sense of disillusionHistory repeating - pieces of a puzzleWhy can't we just live as one?*2 Nowhere to run - we're seeking redemptionNo waiting"
  • As One - Oratory
    "As One We live this together We're Bounder by sound All these years of struggle Are keeping us strong We reach for each other's smile We're playing with the same mind We know that we'll be together"
  • As One - Taproot
    "These are the eyes that i've been shown, This is the voice that you control, This is the consciousness that's grown, These are the truth's i've come to know, Who sees through broken filters, Who hears"
  • As One - Papermoon
    "I was wrong, I know it hurt you forgive me is all I can say I tried too hard to find the words to say we'll find a way we hurt ourselves, when we hurt each other we still keep doing it again take my hand,"
  • As One - Abingdon Boys School
    "Don't you get this reality You're losing what is right, what used to be Don't hide your curiosity The thing's hard to find I know it's in you and me Our life is going on Like the river flows to the ocean We"
  • As One - C-ute
    "Hyaku nen mae no renai to Katachi chigaedo Junsui ni ai wo hagukumu Kimochi wa kawaranu hazu Jidai wa itsu no hi datte Ganbaru hou no mikata Toukyou wa Samishisa datte Fuukei ni kaechau Kaechau Dakedo"
  • As One - Crystal Kay
    "As we go thru life, love is the greatest gift of all But sometimes it feels that this world is a crazy place It seems that we all come and go like a million stars There's always some good and bad times but"
  • As One - Jay-Z
    "(feat. Freeway, Memphis Bleek, Sparks & others) We're the ones with the flame ( "Yeah") We're the fire that remains ( "Turn Rell up a little bit") We're controllin' the game from now on ( "Huh") "
  • As One - Elysian Fields
    "Black marks ablazing far in the red sky Descendance of the true one God Desolation rides in the maze of the demigods Reign of dust; Thy abhorrence has cursed me Rapture; Silence; Sinlessness; Sacred black"
  • One Day As A Lion - One Day As A Lion
    "Blood soaked earth that you call home close your eyes but don't sleep we comin' like peoples army for the people who can't eat who work with no sleep for the child with no shoes on their feet a generation"
  • Hurting As One - The Offspring
    "Been reaching for a reason for the pain that's come (oh, oh, oh) Been waiting for the season when the healing's done (Oh, oh, oh) Well, line up in black and white This blood runs red on both sides Broken"

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