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Maserati Only if I

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Maserati Only if I

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Maserati Only if I
  • Triumph If Only
    "If only I could change the world With just a simple song If only I could keep my words From coming out all wrong If only I could make you see another point of view If only wishes would come true If only"
  • Reba McEntire If Only
    "(Wayland Holyfield/Amy Sky) If only I'd have thought to send you roses For no reason just to send you roses And if only I thought to say more often I love you But I just assumed you knew And if only"
  • Cheezburger Mafia If Only
    "Picture me next to you Holding hands, sunset view. Kiss your lips, hug you tight, All the world seems so right. If only' If only you were mine. If only' Together till the end of time. If only' If only"
  • Hoobastank If Only
    "I thought it wasn't wrong, To hide from you, Simple truth. I was scared, I felt it all along, But it hurt to much for me, to share. If only I, had been less blind. I'd have someone to hold on to. IF"
  • Vanishing Point If Only I
    "If Only I Silence that dawned forever Drowning inside Days passed into a lifetime Inner minds collide Washed of my sins forever I turn back the tide Of the years fallen to waste foreseen By countless"
  • Yoko Ono If Only
    "I cut my finger when you left the room, The wound has healed long since then. But the finger keeps bleeding, keeps bleeding For reasons unknown to me I heard me stutter when you left the room, The wound"
  • Bastiaan Ragas If Only
    "If Only If only you could hear me now Singing this song But all alone, just for you If only there would be a way For me to show you what I want So hard for me to say I would like to feel what its like"
  • Dove Cameron If only
    "A million thoughts In my head Should I let my heart keep listening? 'Cause up 'til now I've walked the line Nothing lost but something missing I can't decide What's wrong, what's right Which way should"
  • KT Tunstall If Only
    "Walking around in a daze after days now its been Talking it up is amazing and amazed that I'm in Looking at the stars for the answers but all that you found Was silence and dirty ground If only you could"
  • Rod Stewart If Only
    "(R. Stewart, K. Savigar, J. Cregan) If only I'd have listened to all of my closest friends and knew that it was over and the party had to end If only I'd have noticed the sadness in her eyes she'd still"
  • Dolly Parton If Only
    "(Dolly Parton) The word "If", just two tiny letters Says so much for something so small The biggest little word in existence; Never answers, just questions us all If regrets were gold, I'd be rich as"
  • Kate Ryan Only If I
    "Happy days pass by much faster As every single moment, that I spend with you Somehow we let our feelin's die Slippin' away without a try Bring me back to when we met Let's start all over If I, could turn"
  • Kylie Minogue If Only
    "It's in my scent There's something that could pick up I turn around And the whole world is banned for me If I didn't tire all the places I wanna forget So we're down, we're down February easy we're in Had"
  • Elaine Paige If Only
    "If all we lost somehow came back If all that died again would grow If only it was so these are the loneliest words I know If all our dreams were golden and never black or grey If all our dreams came true"
  • Kristy Thirsk If Only
    "(Thirsk/Wong) i don't know if it's day or night lucid from a dream of fright counting all the helping hands and trying to understand if only this life would never end if only is often just pretend so"
  • Nuno Bettencourt If Only
    "if only we loved us like before there would be more if only we could have stopped the war we were losing love come back save the day promises made 'til the day we die died angry fists with broken"
  • Deadsun If Only
    "I want you all to know The way I feel inside The emptiness, the nothing that's beneath all of my lies And now I'm looking through manipulating eyes I create my own universe just to get by The price you"
  • A1 If Only
    "I said I'd never leave you I said that I would never let you down I needed a chance to prove my love to you Til' time is through The promises I gave you I never meant to see them left untrue You were"
  • Hazel O'Connor If Only
    "What do you do when they turn on the light You guard your heart, so they steal your sight You reach out in blindness, touch the alone His icicle fingers chill you to the bone What do you do when the"
  • Suburban Tribe If Only...
    "Gravity hard to beat caught in urges I just can defeat It pulling me down flat on the ground weak flesh compels to shed my second skin Craving restrained Twist all you can I already bent If only..."

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