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Master P Ghetto Love

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Master P Ghetto Love

  • Ghetto Love - Master P
    "Chorus (2x): You just don't know what you do to me And I hope you know what you got Master P: I remember walking you from school and homies hate me But I ain't tripping cause I knew one day girl you'd"
  • Ghetto Model - Master P
    "Title : Ghetto Model Artist : Master P f/ Theresa Esclovon Album : Good Side Bad Side I see something I want, and poppy that's you So I'll just be up front, I'm trying to roll with you I see you eyeing"
  • Ghetto Ballin' - Master P
    "(feat. Lil' Romeo, Silkk the Shocker) Girls jock me You cant knock me We ghetto ballin My real thugs got me UNNGGHHHHHHHHH! Love money, hate haters 10 years later, still gettin paper Put 20's on"
  • 1-900 Master P - Master P
    "G ride, homicide, hoo ride 4 deep Thats how we late night creep See in Cali' fools be gettin' their serve on And at the side shows cars got it going on With that candy paint plus that ??? So many"
  • My Ghetto Heroes - Master P
    "Ha Ha Ha Most niggas might think I'm crazy when I tell em this (Yeah G) But you know what most nigga look up to like Presidents Niggas thats in sports All this type of shit as heroes They might look"
  • Ghetto Honeys - Master P
    "(feat. Mac) See I like to smoke weed and I love to make money But I, can't live without you beautiful ghetto honeys Now if that nigga doin wrong, and you don't want to be alone Girl call me on the"
  • Kenny's Dead - Master P - South Park
    "I'm down here in South Park Just put a million dollar reward up for any information on anybody you know who killed Kenny YA HEARD?! Kenny's dead we gotta ride tonight My little homey Kenny died tonight That's"
  • Intro (Ghetto Postage) - Master P
    "(Erica Fox singing to the tune of "star-spangled banner") Oh, say to the crooked cops that searchin' Sees me and my homies(uuuggghhh) And there's No Limit till we free (ya heard?) Cause you haters can't"
  • Ghetto Music - Boogie Down Productions
    ""If you like the sound of what you've heard so far.." Ghetto music Ghetto music Ghetto music Ghetto music.. .. You're tuned into that easy listening sound with a cap and gown, not a CROWN No glitter,"
  • Ghetto 211 - Silkk The Shocker
    "SILKK THE SHOCKER LYRICS "Ghetto 211" (feat. Master P) (Master P) We ain't got no money so me an Silkk gon' hit a crack house for some dope, haha Muthafuckin police ain't give a fuck, niggas robbin"
  • Ghetto Godzilla - Magic
    "Here lizard, lizard... Master P: UUGGGHHHH!!! Me and that nigga Mr. Magic together We motherfucking bigger than life Real niggas and bitches feel this Real Soldiers gon' ride with me Real killers gon'"
  • Ghetto Tears - Silkk The Shocker
    "SILKK THE SHOCKER LYRICS "Ghetto Tears" (feat. Master P) dear God can ya save me if you can't save me, save our babies (we trying to keep it real, so many ghetto tears my people cry life is hard and"
  • Ghetto Fabulous - Ras Kass
    "(feat. Dr Dre & Mack 10) Intro: Ras Kass Once again, we take over cash Ras Kass, Dr. Dre and Mack 10 connected. We ghetto fabulous baby. The best food, drink and pussy that money can buy. Verse One:"
  • Ghetto Fabulous - Dr. Dre
    "Artist: Ras Kass featuring Dr. Dre, Ice-T, Mack 10 I got juice but I can't stop no ocean liner baby! I'm down with you baby, I'm there Man don't miss this it's gonna be FABULOUS ... We ghetto fabulous"
  • R.I.P. Tupac - Master P
    "Artist(Band):Master P (Print the Lyrics) (samples from Tupac albums) Follow me! I see death around the corner (Master P) Ya thought it was over But it's only the beginnig, thug niggas don't die One born"
  • Ghetto D - Master P
    "(*water bubbling*) (*voice in background repeating "make crack like this"*) Imagine substitutin crack for music I mean dope tapes, this is how we would make it (There it is right there) For all you"
  • Tru Master - Pete Rock
    "(feat. Inspectah Deck & Kurupt) Your highness, live from the bricks, one six Pete Rock bang your head, break the drumsticks Verbal assault, rhymes rippin through the mix Specialist, with the smash hits"
  • Master Master - And One
    "master master tell me why you and i fly so high master master what i see is oil for me charity master master gimme more need some war like hundered times before gimme more master master"
  • Gangstas Need Love - Master P
    "-Master P- (talking) Yo, Boo, uh, I know I ain't never told you this before but, uh, I was just trying to get my hustle on. But you know what? I just need you to be there for me, cuz, uh, gangstas need"
  • Ghetto Kid - Kano
    "Im a ghetto kid So why the ghetto shit? I dunno what happend its just what the ghetto did I wear my trousers low Almost near my knees And every where you go you almost always get this beef Cuz im a ghetto"

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