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Master P Step To Dis

  • Step To Dis - Master P
    "Whassup man? I think you need to back up off me brah Cause right now, I'm not feelin too good And I have a attitude problem You might push that button to strike that nerve So you need to just go 'head"
  • 1-900 Master P - Master P
    "G ride, homicide, hoo ride 4 deep Thats how we late night creep See in Cali' fools be gettin' their serve on And at the side shows cars got it going on With that candy paint plus that ??? So many"
  • R I P - Master P
    "Rest in peace fool [* Pouring liquor out *] This for all my niggas that ain't here R-I-P to my homies that are dead and gone Rest in peace to my homies that done made it home R-I-P to Danny and Darnelle"
  • Kenny's Dead - Master P - South Park
    "I'm down here in South Park Just put a million dollar reward up for any information on anybody you know who killed Kenny YA HEARD?! Kenny's dead we gotta ride tonight My little homey Kenny died tonight That's"
  • Master - Master
    "In the will of your own mind Sacrifice society And become a better kind Stand back all you preachers Stop looking to the skies We are your Masters We need no disguise Your presidential savior, His bloody"
  • Step - Vampire Weekend
    "Every time I see you in the world You always step to my girl Back, back, way back I used to front like Angkor Wat Mechanicsburg, Anchorage and Dar es Salaam While home in New York was champagne and disco Tapes"
  • Y'all Don't Wanna Step To Dis - Against Me!
    "Four sins past sainthood, It's like I'm dying to forget All the sleepless nights, Lying perfectly alone and still. I can drink 'till victory, I'll drink to the mighty, Drink until I die, Or at least until"
  • P - Kano
    "Some manners dont like me, They try and bad mind me. When Kano comes to town, All i say is mines right, And they use the limelight, When Kano comes around, Some try ta screw me or even sue me, but"
  • Tru Master - Pete Rock
    "(feat. Inspectah Deck & Kurupt) Your highness, live from the bricks, one six Pete Rock bang your head, break the drumsticks Verbal assault, rhymes rippin through the mix Specialist, with the smash hits"
  • Master Breaker - Pushmonkey
    "She ready to burn I feel her on my back and its heating up shop Pumpin' hard on my nitrous when my tranny goes pop I can drive on it hard but when she riding the fence I step upon my brake and then I feel"
  • Station Master - Gordon Lightfoot
    "In the dawn's early light from a long and sleepless night She returned again this morning from her long and restless flight And her red hollow eyes did not show her much surprise As she lay right down"
  • Check Dis - Oxide & Neutrino
    "Oxide And Asher D Check Dis How many ways can a man express this? I wanna get it off my chest, but I breathless, MCs in the game never test this, And if they do then you know it is a death wish, You"
  • 10% Dis - MC Lyte
    "(11 seconds of audio collage at the intro) *mc lyte's voice gradually fades in* Hot damn, hot damn, hot damn, hot damn Hot damn! hot damn hoe, here we go again Suckers steal a beat, when you know they"
  • It's Your Thing (feat. Master P.& Peaches) - Mercedes
    "It's Your Thing Mercedes, (Peaches) talking Hello? (May I speak to Mercedes?) Yeah, this me. (Is JaQuon over there?) Who? (JaQuon) Oh. Verse 1L (Mercedes) Let me tell you about your baby daddy Waking"
  • Master! - Patryk Smolarek
    "don’t tell them I am here I am barely … I … on this world they don’t all care about me … but I can do what you want I can be what you need I can do everything for you but I can do what you want I can"
  • Master Ringo - Frank Zappa
    "Dear PFIQ, Since you printed my question and photo in issue number 29, PFIQ, I have received many letters. I'm glad I'm retired so I have plenty of time to answer all. I finally got rid of the smell"
  • P-P-P-Pow! - Esham
    "Muther f**kers try to play us like we somethin more mysterious But we be doin wicked shit and murderin these super heroes P-P-P-POW with the wicked shit p-p-p-pow Wicked wild wicked wicked wild p-p-p-pow"
  • Step To Me - Tim Dog
    "Step to me if you're ready for a beatdown Swift wit my hands, I don't fuck around I'm laying out MC's in a sec I'll get wreck and break your muthafucking neck Who can step to me from Compton None them"
  • Hush(Ft.Master P, Mystikal) - Mercedes
    "Mystikal talking: Now look baby If I kick it with you like that You can't be runnin your mouth and stuff Cause you know what time it is You know what's happening you gotta keep it on the under nawl"
  • Sleepin' On A Master Plan - Hammer
    "(feat. Tha Dogg Pound) Dah Dah Dah Sleepin on a master plan (Sleepin on a master plan) When ya sleepin, Yet I'm creepin, Ya see (When ya sleepin, I be creepin) Check it out Sleepin on a master"

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