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Mata drift

  • Drift (ft. Mata) - Białas
    "Lecę sobie autem nie po mieście, tylko nad miastem mam anioła na masce z wytatuowanym diabłem w bagażniku wiozę to czym gardzę kiedy po chodniku jade spierd*lajcie rzygam kiedy patrze na ten bajzel w cumulusa"
  • Drift - Psychotic Waltz
    "slow it down, turn around rain again forever drift on my way lift my soul through the overgrow stone my soul down below serenade the dying cold blind grave, midnight shade death embrace this evening drift"
  • Drift - Luma
    "robie beng jeżdze sobie po tym mieście robiee drift przy kolejnym tu zakręcie (x4) robie beng jeżdze sobie po tym mieście robiee drift przy kolejnym tu zakręcie (x2) robie beng jeżdze sobie po tym"
  • Mata - Mojofly
    "kumusta na nandyan ka pa ba wala na yatang ibang magagawa kundi tumawa nandyan pa ba mga ala-ala ang tanging bagay na naiwan sating dalawa wag nang paikutin ang isa't isa lahat ng bagay ay malinaw na di"
  • Drift - Fear Of God
    "Do you ever think about tommorrow? Do you ever think about yesterday? Do you ever feel sorrow? Over what you've left drift away? Lie alone rotting... Calling out for compassion... For a final act... They'll"
  • Drift - Neve
    "Silver Spirals Around The Sun Constellations Spinning And Dissolving One By One Frequencies Are Out Of Reach The Phosphorescent Halo Of The Universe At Peace I Know That Time Will Pass Us By A Twisted"
  • Drift - Lindi Ortega
    "Every time you drift from me You go further out to sea Every time you drift away from me I don't see you anymore You've been taken by the storm The tide will never bring you back to me But I'll"
  • Drift - Pray For The Soul Of Betty
    "Went traveling down the avenue She wants to feel all right Deprives me of the medicine Then feel the drift in all of life Close your eye's when you see me coming Razor sharp Down the kids that plan To"
  • Drift - Forty Foot Echo
    "I remember when we fell, You took my whole life, my breath away, I remember when we kissed, as you drift into the sun, So take the ride, now you take the fall and, You weigh so shallow, Wait for me, before"
  • Drift - Velvet Belly
    "music : Velvet Belly lyrics : Lucia Van der Drift This room is full of clouds I can feel them Coming up from behind me I am nailed to the ground That is eating my energy We are losing touch I suppose"
  • Drift - Voivod
    "A mistake Through my veins Now I ache I'm in pain A mistake All it takes Now I pray For a change Down fall down below Last call time to go To the other side Dark is the last ride Rotten days Come ahead Memories On"
  • Drift - Common Children
    "Step out on the water I sink down farther I try my best to imagine you Beautiful Head to head in a corner We breathe in the moment I lose myself in your glassy blue Beautiful We wait for our perfection We"
  • Mata Montana - Mata
    "jak byłem mały to się zakochałem nie od braci Grimm tylko na Disney Channel były tam seriale które omijałem byłe jeden taki fajny który non stop oglądałem o takiej pięknej dziewczynie Hannah Montana"
  • Josefa Mata - Cumbia Soledea
    "(Efran Meja) Josefa Mata Con que se peina la luna Josefa Mata Con el peine y la peinilla Josefa Mata Hablando con ella un da Josefa Mata Le dijo que le gustaba Josefa Mata Que con ella se casaba Josefa"
  • Drift Away - The Kinks
    "Drift away, just drift away Sometimes I wish I could just drift away They say there's gonna be a river of blood It's apocalypse now So we're waiting for the flood The ice is gonna melt, the water"
  • Tokyo Drift - Teriyaki Boyz
    "(Chorus) I wonder if we know How they live in Tokyo (!) If youv'e seen it, AND you mean it, Then you know you have to go Fast and furious () (Drift, Drift, Drift) Fast and furious () (Drift, Drift, Drift) (Repeat) (Japanese"
  • Drift On - Butterfly Boucher
    "if the waters cool i might just swim, if the sun shines right i might be here all day. i drift away, in a sunken state i'm busy lappin' it up, i might be here all day. with the tides, and their little"
  • Drift Away - Naked
    "We tied together Twined us into one But knots remember To come undone Slipping gently Setting into sail I tried to steady To no avail And if you walk away Remember me as before And if I go, well know"
  • Drift Away - Spine Caroline's
    "They said you can change the way things are. You came here from very far away, can you change me too? Yeah, you will do what you have to do. Can you make my sky turn blue again? Whoaoa. Blue. So, throw"
  • Drift away - Uncle Kracker
    "Day after day I'm more confused But I look for the light thru the pourin' rain You know that's a game that I hate to lose I'm feelin' the strain Oh Ain't it a shame Oh Gimme the beat boys and free my soul"

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