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Mathiew andersen

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Mathiew andersen

  • Andersen - Folkabbestia
    "l'una di notte, tutto va bene La luna una virgola in cielo Che brilla maligna un soffio di luce Su chi non vuole dormire l'ora di chiudere gli occhi alla sera Di prendersi tempo per se C' un bimbo che"
  • Miasteczko Pana Andersena - Wojciech Młynarski
    "Wicher przycicha i się wzmaga, i raz jest mglista, raz promienna, śliczna zimowa Kopenhaga, miasteczko Pana Andersena, poety, który nas podzielił, swe bajki gęsim piórem pisząc, na tych, co już je usłyszeli, i"
  • Coming Home - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Coming Home I'm heading back from years of repressing the thought How was I wrong pretending to be who I'm not Feels like being alone too long, Chasing dreams"
  • Sail Away - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Sail Away Wall of fear surrounds you every night, while you're asleep Pain within won't let you go, won't let you take a deep breath It's everything - a shelter"
  • In My Arms (Acoustic) - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous In My Arms (Acoustic) How can I tell what's on my mind right now, while you'releaving If I could catch you final breath and never stop believing If I could"
  • Never Look Back - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Never Look Back You can break my heart, you can rape my soul Tear my life apart, push me until I'll fall Step by step, day by day, now it's time to break away Never"
  • Changing Skin - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Changing Skin I close my eyes, and let the demons in To clear my mind from the things that I have seen On my knees, Father - please leave the crowd And let"
  • Life - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Life Years of rejections and years of regrets, years of unbearable guilt, Years of creating a dream life could never fulfill Days of forgiveness and days of"
  • Tell Me Why - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Tell Me Why Can't figure out the stuff you're telling me. Whatever, I don't care Is it another way of showing me what hides behind your stare? Whatever drives"
  • Black on Black - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Black on Black Sorrow, you are my friend on a day like this I hope tomorrow will never come to see my tears I feel the heat's getting closer to me Shadows"
  • Crying In The Rain - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Crying In The Rain A black cat moans When he's burning with the fever A stray dog howls When he's lonely in the night A woman goes crazy With the thought"
  • In My Arms - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous In My Arms How can I tell what's on my mind right now, while you're leaving If I could catch you final breath and never stop believing If I could pray this"
  • Piece of My Heart - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Piece of My Heart Everyday, all night long I keep on wondering 'bout what went wrong Was I blessed, was I cursed? It doesn't matter, but what made it burst? Whatever"
  • 1000 Miles Away - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous 1000 Miles Away The echo of "goodbye" got poisoned by the lie: "I'll never let you go" The shadow of your smile is gone, I wonder why But now I'll never know Let"
  • Desperate Times - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Desperate Times Cold. The night is crawling, surrounding every corner of our lives Wait - somebody's waiting for you to close your eyes... Sleep. Whole world's"
  • In The Late Hour - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous In The Late Hour I've been up, I've been down Bigger stuff couln't kick me around So you can drop your illusions and hopes About making me cold I've been"
  • Wings Of Tomorrow - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Wings Of Tomorrow I'm walking the streets of blooming despair and regret Kid in the alley is pressing the gun to his head Is he right, is he wrong, is he weak,"
  • Burning Bridges - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Burning Bridges I told you once, I told you twice That you can't live on compromise - but you won't listen Another time, another place It's like a neverending"
  • Ja - Lale Andersen
    "Morgen frh um neun kommt zurck mein Hein denn es sehnt sein Herz sich nach mir. Ach mein Hein ist kein Kapitn oh nein auch kein Maat und kein Offizier: Alle Mdchen hier sind schn bs mit mir und beneiden"
  • Lili Marleen - Lale Andersen
    "Vor der Kaserne vor dem groen Tor stand eine Laterne und steht sie noch davor so woll'n wir uns da wiedersehn bei der Laterne woll'n wir stehn wie einst Lili Marleen wie einst Lili Marleen. Uns're beiden"

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