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Matt Cardle lately

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Matt Cardle lately

  • Matt - Dag Nasty
    "when I look at the life in which I'm sinking naturally I find myself thinking "what am I doing here ?" it's been fun , so much fun doing things I never should have done but I'm not fooling anyone"
  • Lately - Haven
    "Something's still seems hostile here still won't make me proud feels so right, yet wrong again covered by these shrouds cos nobody lately, looks like you do and nobody lately, sounds like you do as I'm"
  • Lately - Ozma
    "lately my world's been coming down and lately i've needed you around lately my love's been on the ground and lately i've needed you around i've always needed you i've pledged my love so true stuck"
  • Lately - Massive Attack
    "Summertime always gives me the blues Thinking about the things we used to do Watching lovers in the park making love so free And now i realize there's only me Lately baby where, where did we go wrong "
  • Lately - Celeste
    "Don't wanna put on pressure when I'm talking to you Don't wanna give you lectures but you just got to move Don't know where we went wrong, hmm But I know hope's gone for me and for you They used to envy"
  • Lately - David Gray
    "That the sky would lift That I'd find my place That I'd see your face in the door And the sun would glint An a time well spent An a time that ain't no more Taste the broken hearts In the vacant"
  • Lately - Atomic Kitten
    "At times he caught my eye Chilling out tonight As we walked on by Mystery in sight Took my breath away And I just can't hide You don't know what you're doing to me boy You don't know how you're moving"
  • Lately - INXS
    "I never knew much Enough was enough The reasons were not always there But the look in your eyes Hides that surprise I would never have counted on this Well lately You look around You're wondering what"
  • Lately - Anita Baker
    "I can't imagine life Without you by my side This is love babe that I'm feeling And I'm hoping that you're feeling the same way Things tend to slip my mind Like how you like to wine and dine, babe With"
  • Lately - Dontae
    "(Oh) (Oh) (Oh, oh whoa) (Oh, oh whoa) (Yeah, yeah, yeah) (Oh) (Oh) (Oh, oh whoa) (Oh, oh whoa) (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) I'm just sittin' back and realizin' All the reasons I made a bad turn She was"
  • Lately - Divine
    "Lately (I've Been Watching You) Been Thinkin 'bout U Baby (And Everything U Do) Just Sittin Away Watching The Days Go By Have U Ever Felt A Breeze Hit Hard, Like The Wind Was Blowing It Apart As"
  • Lately - Soul Asylum
    "In the fog lights There was tear gas floating through the twilight And he wondered what life would be like With a giant screen TV A fridge full of a beer and a conscience that's clean You see, lately She'd"
  • Lately - Charlie Winston
    "Lately, I've been thinking, This could be another soundtrack to your life Seems like you know the script by heart The curtains, haven't opened, But I've been watching everybody play the part Think I'll"
  • Lately - Lisa Scott-Lee
    "Something caught my eye Chilling out tonight as you walked on by Missed a beat inside Took my breath away and I just can't hide You don't know what you're doing to me boy You don't know how you're move"
  • LATELY - Machine Gun Kelly
    "lately, I’ve been having crazy thoughts the way I’m living , shit get crazy dark tell me lately why we petty talk and you know I’m tryna change but it’s very hard life’s been getting to me I just started"
  • Lately - Jon B.
    "Verse 1: Pretty young thing, sexy young girl, I've been thinking about How we use to share one world but that's over now Life without you just ain't life and it's killing me Cause we just walked away,"
  • Lately - Greg Brown
    "We closed that bar and we closed that town.The sun looked different coming up than it did goingdown.That was long ago - do you still love me or do youhate me?I wouldn't know - I haven't seen you lately.We"
  • Lately - Samantha Mumba
    "Lately been thinkin bout you baby Just sittin away watchin the dayz go by Have you ever felt a breeze hit your heart. Like the wind was blowing it apart. Had you spinning like a merry-go-round. Indications"
  • Lately - The Ataris
    "Lately I've been feeling a little bit neglected. When it comes to your ex-boyfriends, well, I guess I'm overprotective. But it's nothing personal I just wanted you to tell me that you care. Lately I've"
  • Lately - Tegan & Sara
    "Don't be so hard on yourself You can't get better 'til you get worse Just send a little smile my way Don't be so hard on yourself You can't get better 'til you get worse Just send a little love my way Don't"

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