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Matt Cardle, Melanie C - Loving You

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Matt Cardle, Melanie C - Loving You

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Matt Cardle, Melanie C - Loving You
  • Matt Cardle Loving You (feat. Melanie C)
    "Leave your door open, I wanna come over The night is only young I wanna get under your body Take you over, come undone But why do we only give it up? Give it up in the dark Cause I can't help thinking It's"
  • Toto Melanie
    "Watching Driving through the night I'm all alone Empty Endless road A thousand miles to go Midnight Five million thoughts Passing in a row Will you Still be waiting there? God only knows I can"
  • Guster Melanie
    "Melanie is smiling at the sky If it were up to me I'd give everything for that Oh... There's so many that claim to know divine Is it stupid to think am i jealous missing that? Would you be? Would you define? Being"
  • Donna Summer Melanie
    "Melanie is sweeta vision on her feetso young so faira bridge of ironstanding tall between two parted spheresshe's a novelty of realitythough she tried so hardmy sweet darling MelanieShe's glad for what"
  • Dag Nasty Matt
    "when I look at the life in which I'm sinking naturally I find myself thinking "what am I doing here ?" it's been fun , so much fun doing things I never should have done but I'm not fooling anyone"
  • Spice Girls Melanie C-Here It Comes Again
    ""Here It Comes Again" Hey, don't you worry, everything's alright you know We're gonna be just fine If the rain crashes down over you I will love you dry There is nobody in this world could ever take me"
  • Supergrass Melanie Davis
    "Melanie Davis stands all alone in her room, Feeling unsteady 'cos when you're alone, you're alone, Do you need someone, I need anyone, Do you need someone, I need everyone, Light up a fire, trying to"
  • Jacks Of All Trades C
    "Blasting the radio screams alone on the floor Drowning the silent sound of His call Empty words flow in the darkness Hell fire in your soul shooting out sparkles The gates were open when the rich man died But"
  • Andy M. Stewart Matt Hyland
    "There was a lord, lived in this town Who had a handsome, lovely daughter. She was courted by a fair young man Who was a servant to her father. But when her parents they came to know They swore theyd send"
  • Australian Idol If (Matt)
    "If a picture paints a thousand words, Then why can't I paint you? The words will never show the you I've come to know. If a face could launch a thousand ships, Then where am I to go? There's no one home"
  • Dogwood Matt aragorn
    "Deep inside I tried to find a purpose for me no surprise I've pushed myself away Sometimes I refuse to think and sometimes I just need a break Leave myself a lone today Sit and drink the air And stop to"
  • Chiodos Ravishing Matt Ruth
    "This melody never seemed quite right Nothing you could ever sing along to eerie rythms Creeping through doors If I close my eyes you won't ever see me count to ten You will never see me You won't ever"
  • Jack Johnson Lullaby - Matt Costa,
    "When you're so lonely lying in bed Night's closed it's eyes but you can't rest your head Everyone's sleeping all through the house You wish you could dream but forgot to somehow Sing this lullaby to yourself Sing"
  • Matt Cardle When You Were My Girl
    "You tell me that you want me You're thinking that you walk back in my life again Saying you need me But I've been hearing stories from mistaken friends When someone said you sold me out You sold me out I"
  • Miguel Bose Voglia Matta
    "C' una stazione In fondo al mio cuore Da dove partono solo quei treni che portano a te Treni bianchi di neve Che non fanno rumore E vanno avanti perch Hanno voglia di te Volo di fuori Sfondando anche"
  • Matt Cardle It's Only Love
    "It's a kick in the head so close your eyes. Some say it's dead, but we're alive, And it has no use anymore. It's a losing game that I won't play, I know full well it isn't here to stay, It has no use anymore. Just"
  • Matt Cardle Anyone Else
    "Get up I’m ready baby, for a little more if you’re feeling it On top go steady baby, are you ready, are you ready, I know you’re not my lady, oh but I don’t care ‘cos I’m feelin’ it I know it’s pretty"
  • Puhdys Melanie
    "Sie war wie alle andren war'n Voll Lebensdurst, doch unerfahr'n. In ihren Augen brannte heiss die Glut, die Glut, die Glut. Wo was los war, war auch sie. Man nannte sie nur Melanie. Sie ging die Wege zwischen"
  • Britney Spears Let Me - Melanie Durant
    "My love, let me be with you Hold back the rhythym for me Boy I had a dream last night and we were on a beach Basking in the paradise the sand beneath our feet Sunshine in my face and I am golden"
  • Spice Girls Melanie B. Word Up
    "Come on, baby Yeah, ey ey Ow Yeah, ey ey All pretty ladies around the world Got a weird thing to show you, so tell all the boys and girls Tell your brother, your sister, and your mama too 'Cause we're"

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