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Matt Pond PA New Fall

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Matt Pond PA New Fall

  • New Fall - Matt Pond PA
    "leaves are reminders the small fallen signpost you are going cold under the bleachers you can't hide forever the air has grown old what you wanted to say has now all blown away frozen the dirt roads the"
  • Pond - Tweenies
    "It's fun to play With your friends everyday, You want to make it last forever But keep in your head What the tweenies said Then we?ll all play safe together Yes! We?ll all play safe together Yes! We'll"
  • New Hampshire - Matt Pond PA
    "i saw a modest dream the kind that cant speak up and lost before its let out in the north we hold our tongues but down here i believe when you pull your hair back its so easy to see this has not been"
  • No More - Matt Pond PA
    "In April Pennsylvania waits for the small months to return In a while or pretty soon Or pretty soon or in a while Either way the time's delayed Haven't seen them in a while They went missing with the"
  • Kc - Matt Pond PA
    "i remember you do you remember me theres no way to the heart better than awkwardly in canada on new years eve you said youd never seen someone bleed like i bleed perhaps i was on the shaking hands the"
  • New Kehoe, Nj - Matt Pond PA
    "the words are made with magnets speaking simple information with the consequences open there is nothing more to hear by the end the car was making noises that made more sense than a signal in plain view exaggerated"
  • A New Part Of Town - Matt Pond PA
    "the ghost of the ghost barely exists but he knows what he knows and he wants to be sure that you see him he was alive when he slept with the snow now we know that he lies cause he says he wasn't cold he's"
  • Athatbasca - Matt Pond PA
    "Athabasca has a hold onto its spring And its rivers never seem to stop going Follow back into past wintertime Back to fall back to those early summer When you find out what has already been found And"
  • Close Map - Matt Pond PA
    "(it's) Tough to close this map There's too much wind in the back It's your new coat - I don't like It's way too cold - the radio plays The sky blue-black tonight You should turn on - your lights Cause"
  • So Much Trouble - Matt Pond PA
    "Did you go to montreal or hide behind the package store you're hanging out with your old friends with them they knew you'd see the end you're in so much trouble can't hide in your covers it's forgetting"
  • It Is Safe - Matt Pond PA
    "Let's go for a swim out into the waves when the lifeguards leave it's ours for the day let's feel like we're brave let's give it some meaning even if it's shallow even if it is fake it is safe as long"
  • Bring On The Ending - Matt Pond PA
    "half of all our lives are spent encouraged by embarrassment we hold our heads and stay asleep and cannot hear in case nobody called follow the prim ones and sit on your hands watch your step dont hardly"
  • The Price Of Spring - Matt Pond PA
    "close up the door of abandoned self-control it's like a show where the maps will all unfold don't tell me why there is a price of spring uncover other things the leaves to lie marked by new growth making"
  • Emblems - Matt Pond PA
    "Stayed up for ages but the clock counts in hours asleep we watch standing let's give up on cowards speaking in fables burns out holes where we stand doors lean towards leaving you know somebody's looking two"
  • Snow Day - Matt Pond PA
    "struck brightly by the winter when the snow falls thick and silent i can only hear you breathing i will follow a set of deep tracks other people all stay hidden as the cars rest under snow drifts so"
  • Lily Two - Matt Pond PA
    "who knows whats right lily you dont have to when you see the moon you trust its light the crickets sing loud lily you can hear it in their voices how youve made them proud at the top of your voice there"
  • Amazing Life - Matt Pond PA
    "Amazing life We've been given I know that you had some troubles I have had some troubles We been wasted We've been complacent We've given in to getting through the days I hear the doves Singing in the"
  • Imperfect - Matt Pond PA
    "The leaves came with a turning twist From leaves upon the floor The heart skips with a crashing fall Leave us always wanting more The pulse picks up inside the dark When the bells break in the woods Our"
  • Fortune Flashlight - Matt Pond PA
    "fortune - point it out with flashlights underneath the tree limb, hoping that the bough breaks all night - set your heart on all night, the dark no longer scares you, girls to fence the green when you"
  • Last Light - Matt Pond PA
    "When night comes in and take our light As we turn once again in the dsun We dont have to drift out of sight Bu shadows will fall and run. They will run, they will run, they will run As the day in time"

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