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Matt Pond PA Snow Day

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Matt Pond PA Snow Day

  • Snow Day - Matt Pond PA
    "struck brightly by the winter when the snow falls thick and silent i can only hear you breathing i will follow a set of deep tracks other people all stay hidden as the cars rest under snow drifts so"
  • Tickle Cove Pond - Great Big Sea
    "In cuttin and haulin in frost and in snow we're up against troubles that few people know It's only by courage and patience and grit and eatin plain food that we keep ourselves fit The hard and the easy"
  • The Crush - Matt Pond PA
    "Call off the crush It started with my arm Across your chest It was enough There is so much That never goes away There is a crush From how our arms can weigh Deep beneath the sheets I see another arm that"
  • Brooklyn Stars - Matt Pond PA
    "In complete darkness i lose balance i'm getting dressed you're still asleep think you're a fake at not being awake i reach the door your breath has changed i do not stop turn all the locks don't hold your"
  • Eva's Pond - Renaissance
    "When I meet you, rainy day You were so wild, I was afraid Then you said take my hand We'll go to Eva's Pond Sail away Early morning, In Phoenicia We had arrived Only to find many questions there Guard"
  • Bad Idea - Matt Pond PA
    "always up for views the snow fell in for hours covering up the bruise of hostile hesitation shuffle on the phone it's better off to settle down but that's bad idea that's a bad idea being fooled roads"
  • A New Part Of Town - Matt Pond PA
    "the ghost of the ghost barely exists but he knows what he knows and he wants to be sure that you see him he was alive when he slept with the snow now we know that he lies cause he says he wasn't cold he's"
  • Fairlee - Matt Pond PA
    "under the overpass way out in fairlee they were saying i'm convinced the city has its cards a fuel-less fire will always fade keep your hands warm lock all the shutters when the wind returns brought"
  • Stars And Scars - Matt Pond PA
    "stars and scars are shining upon the snow that's hiding what's underneath and rotten should be forgotten though inside it's warmer the cold is good for keeping all the secrets that slept are better off"
  • From Debris - Matt Pond PA
    "Your feet upon the snow dear i knew you could not believe it there was no time to put shoes on you were woken to alarms ring you barely left your blankets to see your neighbors house on fire they were"
  • Sunlight - Matt Pond PA
    "Think I push too hard I think that's what you said So why would I want to stay Oh no See all my mistakes Watch the whole thing coming down Now I could never wait To wake up to alarms Before it gets that"
  • It's Not So Bad At All - Matt Pond PA
    "Graceless, falling slipping in the cold with no one looking, can anybody see the whole of your decency under the snow when you land, when you land know all there is to know splinters trigger pain inside"
  • Lily Two - Matt Pond PA
    "who knows whats right lily you dont have to when you see the moon you trust its light the crickets sing loud lily you can hear it in their voices how youve made them proud at the top of your voice there"
  • Green Pennies - Matt Pond PA
    "it's all about the insides they should be left alone shattering incisions into what is best unshown i'm saving all my pennies green pennies, green pennies it's all about the insides and who is in control to"
  • Night's End - Matt Pond PA
    "the window's down your hair whipped my face adjust the sound those cigarettes will kill you someday not today to reach the river before dark the only thought was how fast you got in the night's end running"
  • Winterlong - Matt Pond PA
    "I waited for you, Winterlong You seem to be where I belong It's all illusion anyway If things should ever turn out wrong And all the love we have is gone It won't be easy on that day Waiting to follow Through"
  • The Summer Is Coming - Matt Pond PA
    "the summer is coming We should all stand clear Of the heat and high water You don't see - but you hear The porch light fives off small lit circles How - you could see nothing Wake up in water You know"
  • Last Light - Matt Pond PA
    "When night comes in and take our light As we turn once again in the dsun We dont have to drift out of sight Bu shadows will fall and run. They will run, they will run, they will run As the day in time"
  • It Is Safe - Matt Pond PA
    "Let's go for a swim out into the waves when the lifeguards leave it's ours for the day let's feel like we're brave let's give it some meaning even if it's shallow even if it is fake it is safe as long"
  • In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Matt Pond PA
    "What a beautiful face I have found in this place That is circling all round the sun What a beautiful dream That could flash on the screen In a blink of an eye and be gone from me Soft and sweet Let me"

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