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Mavado Weed And Hennessy

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Mavado Weed And Hennessy

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Mavado Weed And Hennessy
  • B.G. F/ Big Tymers Hennessy & XTC
    "B.G. F/ Big Tymers Miscellaneous Hennessy & XTC "...sexual relations with that woman." ("Pour some of that.") Oh, oh, ohh, ohhh, whooo! (Hook ) I've been poppin' XTC Drinkin' Hennessy Is a naked"
  • B.G. Hennessy & Xtc
    "B.G. Checkmate Hennessy & Xtc "...sexual relations with that woman." < "me and my wife, ya know" > ("pour some of that.") Oh, oh, ohh, ohhh, whooo! (hook ) I've been poppin' xtc Drinkin' hennessy Is"
  • Quietdrive Hennessy Vista
    "You know lately I've been thinking about How this complication Hasn't turned around But I Already know That it's hard to try And fight that flow And I haven't been true Every second I know but"
  • De La Soul Weed
    "And you thought ghost weed was only for the thugs? Hey hoe! (what? ) yeaaaaah you hoe! (oh yeah me true true) You can be down too! ***** Yo yo, whatever to that I got this thought shit right here yo,"
  • Big Tymers Hennessy And Xtc
    ""...sexual relations with that woman." "Me and my wife, ya know" ("Pour some of that.") Oh, oh, ohh, ohhh, whooo! (Hook ) I've been poppin' XTC Drinkin' Hennessy Is a naked chick next to me? I've been"
  • 5th Ward Boyz Pussy, Weed And Alcohol
    "(feat. Willie D (of Geto Boys)) Pussy, Pussy--Pussy, Pussy Weed and alcohol it seems to satisfy us all, indeed Don't even trip, half of you bitches like pussy too Love to smoke weed and get high, sip,serve And"
  • Dej Loaf Me U & Hennessy
    "Can we stay home tonight? Try something new tonight. This drink got me feeling right. I'm 'bout to lose my mind. U, me and Hennessy look what you did to me. Fuckin' so crazy, you twirling and spinning"
  • Iggy Azalea Lady Patra (feat. Mavado)
    "No pussyhole can come in our place In our arena, in our establishment And try talk the talk and walk the walk And act like them don't know where we from Like we don't have the biggest in hundred Iggy,"
  • Snoop Lion Lighters Up (ft. Mavado & Popcaan)
    "Put lighters up Get high with me fly with me aint no dividing us East side west side south side north side unified Come on and ride with us /2x We a keep a peace dance pan the scene East side and"
  • Laza Morgan One By One (ft. Mavado)
    "Woooh wooohhh Girl put yuh body on me (Woohhh wooohhh) (Yeahh) Baby girl you look so good tonight, good tonight, good tonight Seeing you dance and the flashin lights, flashin lights, flashin lights Dancefloor"
  • Mr. Vegas Guiness And Weed
    "Intro: Oonu listen to di riddim oonu dance to di riddim Everybody dance and come (FORWARD!!!) Yuh fi drink up yuh Guiness yuh fi smoke up yuh weed Everybody dance and come (FORWARD!!!) Everybody Willie"
  • Master P Weed And Hennesey
    "(feat. C-Murder, Silkk the Shocker) Yeah nigga We gonna feed em weed and Hennesey, get em high together motherfucker Silkk the Shocker (get em high nigga, get em high nigga) Shorties with game (No Limit"
  • Master P Weed And Money
    "-Check this out -You a playa if you got bitches and blunts in your house, right? (right right) -but you a motherfuckin' TRU g, if you get the muffins and she pay for the trees -Understand what I'm"
  • OBI hennessy
    "nie umiem płakać ale ronię łzy czuje ze nie powinno mnie tu być dlatego pije moje hennessy moje hennessy czemu moje sny che tylko milion z którym mogę wyjść alebo jestem sam alebo z toba gramn z toba"
  • kvxzka Hennessy
    "odpalam kolejny raz nowy dokument tekstowy serce mówi jedno drugie rozum, ze coś już boli ubrudzone buty pamiętają tamte nasze drogi to coś, jakby niby czarny obrz ale kolorowy czy te kilometry dzielą"
  • TKM Hennessy
    "Jestem jak puma - często używam czarnego kaptura nikt mnie nie widzi gdy latam po klubach dają mi grochy i dają mi skuna często odmawiam i często przyjmuje potem rozkminiam kto na mnie poluje kto, kto,"
  • Veggie Tales Rumor weed
    "Rumor Weed: Have you heard the one about Alfred?A dangerous robot, I'm told!He's got lasers for eyes, and a microchip brain,His skin is terribly cold.Mr. Nezzer: We've heard the one about AlfredIt's strange"
  • Cypress Hill Weed Man
    "You know, there are times when, you run out of weed There's no one you can call But at last there is one person you can call - Weed Man I've had drop dates with no weed to smoke No roaches, no nothin'"
  • Lake Of Tears Cosmic Weed
    "Running all the time and knowing time is running out And knowing all what time's about Dreaming all those dreams so evil, so evil are the dreams we dream tonight But the man in the moon sits tight, and"
  • BABY BEESH Weed Hand
    "BABY BEESH Smokin Nephew Weed Hand Sometimes da game got me stressin partner i can't lie I roll me a sweet smash off n da ride a whole piece i aint never lied I put my weed hand n da sky I put my weed"

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