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Maweric ion

  • Ion Square - Bloc Party
    "Ion square, perspex swings I breathe out, you breathe in Permanent midnight Our love, our love How we've come to depend On each other to the end The space between us has disappeared You finish my, you"
  • The Quest(ion) - Eldritch
    "As twilight died Blazing throught a mountain wood I ran away by faith in a burning flame in vain! When you think you know the way To reach the place without a name You just can't wait Scared, in despair A"
  • Those Magnificent Twin Ion Engine Machines - Song Parodies
    "(copyright Steven Cavanagh 1993-2002) Those magnificent Twin Ion Engine machines They blow up-diddly-up-dup, They're shot down-diddly-own-down! They smash into each other, and die in each scene They blow"
  • On The Verge Of Darkening Lights - Eloy
    "warming rays are shadowed by threatning clouds while hissing winds create the oddest sounds linked to the power and speed of a beam. ion is cast to this strange and fake scene forced into isolation struggling"
  • No Guidance Remix - Ayzha Nyree
    "What is this love and war? He now that i love him Got ‘em fucking me raw He know i ain’t with it never did it before He got me all in my feelings Now he got you all in yours It’s like taht He ain’t never"
  • Salvation - Hillsong
    "Sal - vat - ion!Your grace has set me freeDelivered, saved and sanctifiedRedeemed, forgiven, justifiedSal - vat - ion!Your grace has rescued meI've come to put my trust in the LordVerse 2:Salvation!Your"
  • Dominion - Hypocrisy
    "(Yeah Yeah !!!!!) Learning through pain To feed your mind against yourself. To become an exterminate machine. Deciding (on) the freedom of the earth. Read my mind as I read yours. (Do/Did) you see what"
  • Liberation - Village People
    "Liberation (libera-a-a-ation), liberation It's time for liberation, (right now-ow-ow) Liberation (libera-a-a-ation), liberation It's time for liberation Out of our way because we're ready to fly (liberation) And"
  • Reminisce - Bilal
    "(feat. Common, Mos Def) Yo Just when I think that I've forgot you I hear that thug that we used to rock to Just When I think I'm gettin' on without you Somebody Passed and asked me about you Was in"
  • Reminisce - Common
    "Yo Just when I think that I've forgot you I hear that thug that we used to rock to Just When I think I'm gettin' on without you Somebody Passed and asked me about you Was in the back of the cab the other"
  • Portanto De La Lum' - Persone
    "Vi amis knabinojn, ne timis pri amor' La vivon plenuis per via tuta kor' Elektrajn gitarojn kun lata rokmuzik' vi atis, mi scias, vi estis ja amik' Kio okazis al la filo de la nord' u provas vi eskapi"
  • De L' Praa Tempo ?is La Nun' - Persone
    "i lois sub la mar' profunda de l' praa tempo is la nun' Levante sian manon alten i supreniris al la sun' Alvenis i al mia lando en malproksima nord' Kvin tagojn anta somermezo i staris e la pord' Mi legis"
  • Bury Your Head (Acoustic) - Saosin
    "Are you feeling fine? You'll be coming clean tonight And I'll be falling down with you, once again Call me your valentine, but call me once tonight I will then say it's okay The things you've said, I'm"
  • Tu peux crier - Dezil
    "Cest Dezil againPour toutes les filles du dance hall tonightCest Dezil so we go highShake it up yoh, shake it up yohRefrain Sandra leadTu peux crierLes filles se demandentQui sont les 3 DJ qui fait fraka"
  • Something is missing - Newboys
    "Do you know who youre gonna be todayDo you know know what part your gonna playWhen you stare into the mirror yeahEmpty eyes speak more words than I can sayChorusIs somethin missing in your life todaySomethins"
  • Blackheart - Diablo
    "(BLACKHEART I'LL BECOME BLACKHEART BLACKHEART) The pride is surrounding me seducing me holding me Altering my perception of reality What's wrong with me am I drive by the desire of vanity Aggre ion in"
  • Negatron - Voivod
    "High, some positron speeding ion cruising along low, down inward flow magnetosphere negative glow now, what's going on Motive, unclear There's something wrong Yes, hypnotronik Polarity Rising sun No, guide"
  • Bury your head - Saosin
    "Bury your head,Bury your head,I was feeling fine,Youll be coming clean tonight,And Ill be falling down with you once again,Call me your valentine call me once tonight,And I will have said it's okay,The"
  • Black Is The Soul - Korn
    "As it all falls down Do I walk away Or do I stand my ground? Any accept my fate? And there’s the faceless cries That twist my every dream And almost every night I hear the demons sing Why are we going"
  • Sen ?u - Kore
    "Ho, kio suprizo revidi vin tie Kia surprizo revidi vin tie Saluton! Kiel vi fartas? En soleco kion vi faras? Vi malaperis de tie i Restis al mi nur rezignaci' Ho, ne staru turmentita Vi min rigardu tiel"

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